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Chapter 19: The Receptionist’s Matchmaking Story

A few days have passed since the emergency quest to defeat the goblins.

Tauro chose his quest as usual and took it to the receptionist.

He found a different male employee at the reception desk where Nei was usually stationed.


“Oh, thank you for your hard work, Tauro-kun. Nei-san left the desk earlier for an emergency.”

“An emergency?”

“Between you and me, I heard that her parents came in unexpectedly. They said it was an arranged marriage.”

The receptionist murmured close to Tauro’s ear.


“It’s a big deal, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. There are many adventurers who want Nei-san.”

Yes, Nei is very popular among adventurers, partly because she is beautiful, but also because she has a cheerful personality and always has a smile on her face.

Nei has been very kind to Tauro, but the other adventurers weren’t jealous and look upon her favorably.

She was seen as a kind woman who saved a child from starving to death and has been taking care of him ever since. Tauro, who was saved by her, is still small and doesn’t pretend to be smart.

A nearby adventurer overheard the exchange between the male staff member and Tauro.

“Wait a minute! Is what you just said true?”

A loud voice echoed in the guild.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s going on?”


The guild became noisy.

“Listen up everyone, I heard that Nei-san has received a proposal for a blind date. “


The guild was in an uproar.

“My Nei-san!”

“She’s not for you! She’s everyone’s!

“Damn it! I’m retiring as an adventurer, you bastard!”

“Don’t be hasty! Let’s hope this blind date doesn’t work out!”

The adults began to cry.

To be honest, Tauro was surprised to see this scene, but he guessed that’s how much people liked Nei.


He decided to watch them warmly.

“Satou, have you heard anything?”

A young adventurer turned to Tauro, drawing the attention of the other adventurers.

“No, I haven’t heard anything…”


The sighs of the adventurers echoed in the guild.

“Huh… What are you being treated like that by Nei-san for. You’re useless.”

It’s a terrible oversight.

It seemed that he couldn’t keep a warm eye over this.

“Okay, Satou. You’re going to follow Nei-san today and report back to us.”

“No, I can’t do that, I’ve already applied for a quest.”

Tauro looked at the male officer as if to ask for help.

When the man noticed his gaze.

“I haven’t finished the paperwork for this quest yet, so it’s okay.”

With a big smile on his face, he gave him a good sign.

Do your job, Marco-san!

While still questioning Marco’s ability to do his job, Tauro was asked by the adventurers to follow Nei.

However, if he did that, Nei would definitely be angry with him when she found out.

Tauro felt that way, so he decided to ask Nei directly, who was having dinner with her parents at a restaurant run by the Adventurer’s Guild next door.

“What’s wrong, Tauro-kun? A blind date? Oh, mother, you said something strange and it got misunderstood.”

Nei said to her mother with a laugh.

“Tauro, my parents came out from the countryside to see me and do some sightseeing. I was surprised that they didn’t tell me, but then my mom joked that if I didn’t have a boyfriend, I should go on an arranged marriage. Someone must have misunderstood that.”

Marco’s quick thinking!

Again Tauro questioned the competence of Marco, the guild employee.

“I’m sorry about that, but I just couldn’t help but notice that she’s never had a boy story to tell so I’m just anxious.”

Nei’s mother said with a laugh.

“If you’re worried about her, kid. When you grow up, will you take my daughter as your wife?”

Her father laughed and joked at this exchange.

“Now, father, don’t embarrass Tauro-kun.” 

This is a family with a lot of smiles on their faces, and it shows that they have a good relationship.

Speaking of which, Tauro wondered how his parents were doing in his previous life.

He wondered if they were still shocked by his unexplained death at the top-notch university he had the chance to attend….

Looking back, he felt envious of the smiling parents and their child in front of him, thinking of all the trouble he had caused his own parents.

After greeting Nei and her parents, Tauro left the store, feeling a bit sad.

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  1. If I ever got isekai’d, I want a way to be able to visit.

    Could be like:

    Death March (though the hurdle seems high).
    I was caught up in a Hero Summoning (most likely to happen to me but not sure I wouldn’t be the MC).
    Reincarnated as a Slime (I’d probably be closer to this scenario).

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