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Chapter 162: The Mercenary's Perspective

The assassins sent by the Marquise Vandyne numbered thirty-five in all.

Not only those from the assassination guild, but also mercenaries like myself, adventurers, and vagabonds, all of whom had been hastily rounded up.

The plan was to attack the inn tomorrow night and kill everyone, including witnesses, but since the target had moved to a new location and the guards were down to three, we decided to take a chance and attack in the cover of darkness.

The area was so dark that it would be completely dark by the time of the raid.

The other party had apparently moved to a house with a good view of the surrounding area, which was almost empty, so we could attack without worrying about witnesses.

The target woman is said to be only 15 years old, so the profit margin is small, but the reward is good.

Besides, it's such a dirty job.

I'm sure my employer will continue to use this as a story to extort me in the future.


In the distance, I saw a house with a light in it.

It looks like the house with the target.

I thought, "Maybe it's time to scatter around and surround the target house," but no one said anything.

It was at that moment.

For a moment, I thought I heard a sound that cut through the atmosphere.





The man next to me fell with a short cry, and the men behind me fell in succession.

If you look closely in the darkness, you can see an arrow piercing deeply into the right shoulder of the man in the back.

That is to say, one arrow had pierced through three men and seriously wounded a fourth.

The next moment, before I could confirm it, several more men are mortally wounded by a single arrow and scream in the same way.

"Such a powerful and accurate arrow in such darkness! Scatter, or you'll be a good target!"

I warn the people around me, astonished.

At that moment, another few victims are already on their way with a single arrow.

"Take cover in the shadow of the guys with a shield!"

It's an open area with no hiding spots.

Those with shields had no choice but to block the arrows flying from the darkness.

I stepped forward with my shield at the ready.

Then, the lights of thehouse in the distance went out and it was completely dark.


The next moment, a white light appeared from beyond the darkness.

"illumination magic? Target that one, we're going to attack too!"

The commander was angered by the fact that I had given an order while ignoring the chain of command.

"You don't give orders without my say-so! I'm in command..."

The commander shouted as he hid behind a soldier holding a shield.

A dark light approached at high speed and penetrated the soldier holding the shield, along with the shield, and an arrow pierced through the commander's chest.

"An arrow of light granted to an arrow! The guards have magic buffs watch out!"

The power of the light arrow that pierced through the shield scared the others.

When the huddled hobos saw this, they screamed and ran away.

However, the five assassins from the assassination guild were not intimidated, but saw their immediate target as an escort who would fire a bow and arrow, and they scattered to the left and right, closing in.

I ran to catch up with them, but as expected of the assassins from the assassination guild, they were too fast for me to catch up.

The next moment, I couldn't see the assassin who was running in front of me.

The assassin running in front of me touched an invisible wall, screamed like he had been hit by lightning, and stopped moving, paralyzed and smoking.

A trap by warding magic?

While he was surprised by the higher magic and stopped in his tracks, the other assassins were not frightened and stepped out.


The reason is that once a trap by warding magic is activated, it disappears.

But one more touched an invisible wall and was engulfed in flames.

A double trap!

This made the assassins stop in their tracks.

Then, another arrow flew out, and one of the assassins fell to the ground with a short cry.

The two remaining assassins readied their shortbows and fired arrows at the tips of the flying arrows to keep the enemy in check.

I caught up with the halted assassin and stepped into the trap, not fearing the trap, passing it as I went.

Nothing happened.

"There are only two traps in the barrier!"

It was the moment I told those following me.

With a roar by my face, two arrows sliced through the air and shot through the two assassins.

I hurriedly readied my shield and closed in on the guard who fired the arrows.

I caught sight of the fearsome foe in the darkness, ......

A child!?

I stopped in my tracks in surprise, and at that moment, an arrow was released from the bow held by the child.

I saw the arrow close in on me, and it was the last image of my life.


Tauro was approached by a hodgepodge of assassins.

They fired arrows of light, which made them more visible in the darkness, and the enemy rushed to Tauro like insects to light.

Then, the two Kingsguard guards separated from Aeris and joined the fray.

"You're amazing! Leave the enemy to us two and shoot arrows without worrying about them!"

The Kingsguard said as he dodged through the arrows and cut down the approaching enemies.

The battle was going well; the five assassins from the assassination guild had been defeated, but the rest of the enemies were also up in arms, and the battle was going back and forth.

Tauro, who had been shooting arrows, pulled out his small sword to fight back as the enemy began to get too close.

Gradually, they began to be pushed back by the enemy, who had the advantage in numbers.

Someone said,

"The target is inside the house."

And that was when

With a neigh of horses and the sound of their hooves, a troop of cavalrymen appeared.

It was the Kingsguard, led by Count Conowen.

The enemy realized that the situation had changed drastically, but before they could flee, they were surrounded in a flash and surrendered

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