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4-7 From a fading sky before a shower


The rain continues to fall incessantly, churning up a rough noise and then disappearing.

Through the water dripping down my bangs, I can see Marie standing effortlessly. She’s standing against the silver screen that separates Raphia and Lurain, her body not moving a muscle, not even uttering a sound.

“…… Marie?”

I called out her name in distress, but there was no response. The moment I touched her shoulder, she shivered slightly, as if frightened and then crouched down. Her hands grabbed her clothes as if to take it out on it, but they were weak and her weight was as light as a feather.

“Hey, it’s dangerous. If you get too close—“

Her reply to my warning, was a strained, tearful voice. When I stroked her head, which was rubbing against my chest, she burst into sobs as if she had been weaned.

With her small body on my chest, I looked up at the sky.

Exposed to the cool raindrops, my burning face began to relax. The sensation was strangely comforting and I slowly meditated, listening to the low sound of rain on my cheeks and the occasional hoarse cries.

The rain continued to fall harder, masking Marie’s voice.




A little over a day and a night had passed since we left the fortress. The journey, hidden by a road that deviated from the main road, ended in a dark, dense forest, the end of which was in full view.

A silver curtain pierced the heavens, a magical wall separating Raphia and Lurain. Although it wasn’t as intimidating or magical as the original borderline, the residents of Raphia who saw it clearly for the first time gasped as they looked up at the solemnly standing giant.

Each of them must have had their own thoughts about this inorganic object, the natural disaster that destroyed their country and the wall that contained it. The only thing that was certain was that once they crossed this wall, they would never be able to return to their normal lives.

For Lurain, Raphia is like a villain who got them involved in a dangerous operation. I heard that the border area was devastated by magic and flood damage and there were more than a few victims. There’s no way that they have to welcome the people of Raphia with open arms.

What awaits them may be a future of loving their past, where they lived in small pieces in the basement.

Nevertheless, they chose to leave their hometown. Even if it was the beginning of a difficult life, they would not regret their decision.

“Ladies and gentlemen, beyond that wall is Lurain.”

There was no need to conclude the rest of the speech. The air, which had been buzzing with excitement, tightened in a single breath.

“Hey Sage, want to take a break?”

Paula intervened from the side in a reserved manner.

“A break? I don’t mind, but are we doing it here?”

“Hmm… I just want to prepare myself for a moment.”

“Alright. Let me know when you’re ready.”

She nodded and turned around, rushing over to the crowd of grave looking residents. Paula herself was probably feeling nostalgic, but she was probably thinking of her elders who were feeling more so. As long as Paula is alive and well, they don’t need to worry.

The problem is more like this.

“……How about you Lute?”

The question with faint expectations did not disappoint. She sighed together with Lute, who shook his head silently.

“Honestly, what do you think?”

“It’s hard to say. I think they’ll avoid anything that could cause a ruckus in the community, but that’s just it.”

“You said you didn’t want anything to do with them, no matter how much they were your kind.”

“Even members of the same species can have differences. People do too, don’t they?”

“Yeah. Well, I guess so.”

The dragon that Lute had been so wary of finally did not appear on the road as we drove away the monsters.

The night when I sewed through the gaps in the rain clouds and jumped out of the fortress, even when the rain that had begun to fall just before the camp was blown off with the clouds, the dragons appearance was not lost among the monsters swarming with magic power.

“Is this atrophied line due to your magic power?”

“I’d like to see it atrophy until it dies if possible.”

“Well… if that’s the case, I’d be grateful, but for a dragon, it’s a failure.”

I glanced at the back. I don’t want the content of the discussion to be unnecessarily heard and arouse anxiety.

“Well, will be will be. We can’t stay here. …… What is it?”

“No, I thought dragons were more rationalistic, but you say some appropriate things too.”

“No matter how rationalistic we are, it’s pointless if there’s no information. Dragons, to put it crudely, are just ‘very amazing creatures’.”

The corners of his mouth and eyebrows did not twitch as he spoke in a voice without intonation. The only thing that is broken are the words and that makes the atmosphere that he wears stand out even more.

“Only one thing. Assuming a dragon will appear in the future, avoid fighting if its eyes are not blue and green, if it’s red, avoid it.”

“…… Just out of curiosity, what is the color red?”

“It’s a creature specialized in combat and is said to have disaster grade power in the human world. You can think of it as a different creature than me.”


‘I don’t think it will ever come to human settlements, though.’ From the midst of that, Lute’s words became an unheard soliloquy.

When people say they’re just curious, it’s usually more than just curiousity.

Chris is usually the first to go, so she doesn’t stand out, but Sage is also a fighting fanatic in his own right and even he doesn’t realize it. While Chris focuses on pure study, Sage only wants to test out his magic, so their purposes are somewhat different.

“Sage, that’s enough.”

“Well, let’s go.”

While saying that, the reason why my voice seemed sloppy was probably because I was conscious of the dragon with ‘red eyes’. Only Marie, who was walking shoulder to shoulder with me, noticed the discomfort, but she didn’t say anything aloud.

As we approached the wall of light, the colors in our vision gradually faded. The sparse vegetation disappeared and the dry ground became damp. The depression created by the gentle slope was replaced by a milky white pool of water.

“Lute, Hazel, please.”

I turned around and called out to the two users of barrier magic. Lute looked as unconcerned as ever, Hazel looked as if he was enduring a stomachache and had two expressions on his face which conflicted making it look as though he was two different people. When I put my hand on his slightly shaking shoulder, Hazel looked up, his whole body wilting.

“Can you do it?”

Although the sentence was a question, this was not a question asking for approval or disapproval. It was a confirmation of readiness.

It was just a word and he didn’t open his mouth any further. After a short pause, Hazel’s half-opened lips tightened once.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Although he tends to hide behind Paula, who has a strong sense of humor, Hazel is also an undeniably brave person who has protected people from turbulent days. There are some people who are afraid at the last minute, but it seems it was unrelated to this child.*

“Nii-sama, don’t worry too much.”

Paula came to the fore between me and Hazel.

“If things go wrong, Sage will take care of it. That’s what you should think.”

“Well…… yeah…… I’ll handle it.”

The holy knight of the world who is sometimes allowed to disobey the rules of the king seems to be treated as a convenient person here. however, it’s much easier to be treated like that than for them to be wary.

I don’t know how much of the stiff tension has been released. As the two barrier users closed their eyes, the barriers began to shrink slowly, as if following the backs of the residents who were gathering in droves.

Smaller, stronger. The barriers that had changed their nature were forcing their way through the borderline. It was a gamble, but with no precedent and no one else to use it, there was no way to test it. As I kept my mouth shut and watched, Paula next to me tugged lightly at the edge of my clothes. Her eyes, looking at her brother, showed no sign of anxiety, but she couldn’t hide her nervousness, as her impatient behavior like a little bird had disappeared.

“Hey, do you have any idea what’s going to happen next?”

“Hmm? …… No, not at all. There are things we need to think about, but there are also things we can’t decide on our own from here on out.”

It wasn’t unreasonable, since they had not even decided on the country where they were going to live. Having said that, I have to convince either Fermina or Lurain.

“Honestly, what about knights? Do they have something to eat?”

“If you want to be a knight just so you can eat, the wages are very extravagant. I wouldn’t recommend it, though.”

“Being a holy knight is so cool. What’s wrong with that?”

“I disagree…..”

I was about to say that I often take on heavy work, but stopped myself. It would be too much of a hassle to say it here.

“There’s a saying that a holy knight is a work of appreciation, not a practical object.”

While saying so, Chris came flying down from the sky. She peeked at us from the wall of the barrier and continued to speak.

“A kitchen knife that can cut very well is useful, but if it is used too much, it becomes useless, right? There is a view that a holy knight is a title for the owner of such power, to distinguish between objects that should be appreciated from a distance.”

The sight of her bent over the spherical barrier wall was too cramped, so she and Paula slipped out of the barrier and joined me.

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s easy to handle. I guess that’s why they sent you to his land alone.”

“You’re so sneaky. What’s going on with you and Marie?”

“…… Why does Marie have to come up here?”

Chris, who had been facing Sage, looked away and then quickly faced him again.

“If you say something about one person, you’re talking about something that’s not going well with Marie. Is there something wrong? Do you have any complaints?”

“I’m not in a position to complain. It’s true that she can be a bit bland, but she’s also a good cook, a good listener and can be a bit cute……”

“Do you think it’s a waste for you?”

“…… Well, yeah, I guess so.”

I felt like I’m being put on something and I bite my open lip to repeatedly refute it. When I could not make out Paula’s intention while she grins happily as her words progressed. She suddenly heard a light water noise from behind her.


Before I could turn around, a voice called out to me. I understood the situation, but at the same time I realized that there was no point in understanding.

“…… Oh, how did it go?”

Marie, who had been scouting the Lurain territory with Chris, was standing there with her usual blank expression.

“There wasn’t a single soul in sight.”

As soon as she said it in one word, she closed the distance between us with a straight gaze. It’s not just my imagination, but I definitely feel more intimidated than usual.

“More than that Sage, repeat the previous words you just said…”

The color of her face didn’t change, but the hurried tone of her voice was clearly different from usual.

Following Marie’s voice, you can hear Paula’s screaming voice coming from my back, I suddenly thought of something else.

If I’m going to be embarrassed anyway, why not get Marie involved?

“…… Marie is a good cook and a good listener, is that what you’re saying?”

“You’re missing the “cute” part.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“What? Are you denying it?”

“No. …… Yeah. …… No. ……”

While I repeatedly swallowed the rest of the words, none of them interrupted me. As a result of my plan, I was the only one who blushed. I was even more embarrassed because Paula had played me for a fool. Marie put her hands on her cheeks and stiffened for a while, then suddenly softened her expression and looked back at me.

“Thank you ………. Sage is also cute.”

When I was finished by that bursting smile, I heard an agitated voice from behind me again. When I looked back, I saw that Chris had joined in the excitement this time.

“Thank you very much for the treat. You’ve shown us something good.”

“I didn’t know you were like this too. I thought you’d be more uptight than that.”

“I’ve heard that you have to enjoy other people’s love affairs from a bird’s eye view.”

“…… I don’t know who it is, but someone has been teaching  you something nasty.”

The person who made that comment is probably waiting for our arrival on the other side of this wall. After we get over here and take a breather, I’m going to compile a report and impose on him the formal duties that I don’t enjoy at all.

How much better would it be if all I had to do was wield a sword?

“Hey. Don’t think too much.”

“…… Oh, yeah.”

I don’t know if my expression showed it again. I’m sorry I made Paula feel uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you take a vacation when you’re all done and have some fun? If you’re not going to think about it anyway, it’s healthier to think about something fun.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it.”

In general, Paula was probably right.

However, there are many things that I need to think about even if I don’t use this strategy.

The matter of the dragon, the cleanup of Raphia’s border, the treatment of Paula and the others.

–Will they stay in the human world or return to their homeland.

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