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4-2 Behind the Victory

A festive wind canon was fired and the operation to rescue the residents of Raphia began in both name and reality.

Sage’s magic, which he had unleashed in the hope that it would have the dual effects of demonstrating his power and preemptively attacking, had succeeded for the time being. For better or worse, the atmosphere among the residents, which had been in a state of buoyancy, tightened up as if it were a military action.

Sage, who had been looking away from the aftermath of the magic with a buzz of excitement in his eyes, looked back with satisfaction.

He stayed in that position and stopped moving.


“What’s with the sudden stop? Did you forget something?”

After saying that lightly, Paula observed with eyes that looked like she could see something strange. she also stopped moving and stared at Sage who was in front of her.

“Marie! Chris!”

In a breath, the two of them came running up to Sage. Their expressions told him that there was no need to explain the situation.

“I don’t know, but there’s something there, isn’t there? Is it an enemy?”

I know she’s not aware of it, but when Paula speaks, all the tension is blown away. In this case, I decided to welcome the fact that the atmosphere wouldn’t become heavy.

“I don’t know, but if it can move after being hit by that, it must be pretty strong.”

I didn’t cut any corners. If it was a metal sword or armor, even something a little tougher, it would have caused enough magic damage to lose its original form.

“It would be better to take everyone indoors for now, right?”

Chris was already half-turning around as I said that.

“I’m sorry, but i’d like to take the chance to try out a slash.”

“No. If I don’t die here, there’ll be a next time.”

It was not something that could be said with a smile, but I guess she had come to draw her sword based on the difference in strength. I’ll tell her brother Leo about it when I get back.

“I’m going to go check on the others. I don’t think I’ll be of any use here.”

As soon as she said that, Paula began to give orders in rapid succession with a bouncing gait. In the quiet space where people’s voices had ceased, I glanced at Marie who stood beside her and our gazes met as if we were in agreement. After a beat, both of our expressions relaxed and a faint laugh escaped.

“It all comes down to this, doesn’t it?”

“Well, I’m happy.”

“Happy? Why?”

Right after Paula’s story, I was strangely aware of something.

“We haven’t been able to be together much lately. Don’t you feel relaxed?”

“I feel more at ease. We don’t have to be afraid when with each other.”

“That’s true…… Is it time to go?”

The two sides of the gaze slowly parted and at the same time I turned to face the front. The roar of the shrill beast shook the air.

-It cried out. In other words, the enemy is most likely just a beast.

It is not necessary to take any particular precaution against something that attacks you with a clear intention. Just look at the shape of the enemy, learn its weapons and fighting style and deal with each one carefully. This is because the behavior of an opponent who attacks at will can be figured out by observation.

The problem is, for example, when you are dealing with an opponent who has no substance and whose shape you can’t catch, or when you are dealing with a non-standard opponent whose intentions and emotions are completely imperceptible and whose instincts can’t distinguish between friend and foe. The monster we call “Chaos” that possessed the oni race’s Falmer is the former and a being like Lute that transcends the barriers of life forms is the latter.

But even with such a special opponent, me and Marie…

“? That… Ah…”

“What’s wrong?”

“…I left my sword with Chris.”


The hardest part was that she didn’t say anything to me. It was my fault, but I didn’t want her to turn away without a word.

When I clenched my belly and took a stance of a hand-held empty fist following Marie, a huge dragon appeared through one part of the forest spreading ahead. My body tensed reflexively, but I quickly relaxed. Its huge body covered in scales, its sharp horns and fangs and its wings that beat the wind in the sky. It was undoubtedly one of Lute’s kind.

However, I don’t feel the same pressure as Lute. So I’ll just have to fight it and twist it around.

“Marie, go around and draw them away.”

“Shall we separate?”

“No, he’s probably after me. He won’t be able to catch me.”

“Then I’ll try to distract the target.”

After a brief exchange, Marie somehow plunged headfirst towards the dragon. It was only a matter of time before it was caught off guard and the dragon quickly turned its head away and opened its mouth. The reddish-black flames in the back of his throat were already spreading fire and it was obvious that if I took no action, the scorching flames would attack Marie.

Marie, on the other hand, doesn’t even show any signs of evasion. I’m certain she’s going to literally leave her back to me.

“There’s no magic tool…!”

The magic power released from the palm of my hand while complaining ran through the sky with the force of lightning and shot into the mouth of the dragon as intended. There was an awakening sound like a bell and the opened mouth was filled with ice cubes. The dragon, as expected, was taken aback by this and stopped moving with a snorting groan.

This time, Marie leaped at the dragon, which had been caught off guard and kicked it in the lower jaw with her momentum. The dull sound of his huge body shaking was combined with the pleasant sound of ice breaking.

The dragon’s eyes, small in comparison to his size, narrowed in pain. Still holding back with his paws, he opened his mouth to look at Marie above him. Then a flash of lightning flashed above Marie’s head and with a roar, the lightning fell and was sucked into the dragon’s open mouth.

“Gah …………!”

The dragon screamed inaudibly as it was hit by series of magic in its mouth. Marie’s kick hit his stiff head again. The dragon was slammed into the ground with vibration and finally knelt with one knee.

“I’m going to finish it! Stay away!”


I’ve heard that dragons understand human language, but if you don’t give them time to resist, there won’t be a problem. It’s been a while since I’ve used my full strength in a real battle, but I can’t afford to be lax with my magic.

“The earth, the stars, the providence of nature dwelling in all things. In response to the black magic power, become a variant and manifest.”

The impact of being hit on the head ran around the whole body and the chills exuded with sweat, despite my own magic.

The dragon may have sensed something as well. His eyes were shinning and his wings were fully raised.


The magic that I voiced gravely tightened the air around me. The dragon’s roar was interrupted and its body, wings and all, slammed into the ground, the cracked earth caving in along the outline of its massive body. The rocks were crushed into sand, and the trees spreading out behind the dragon were crushed head-first into a chorus of dozens of strange sounds of screams.

“Ah…… Can It endure it, damn it.”

It’s one of the unavoidable big tricks once you chant it, but now, it’s simply lacking in magic power. It was supposed to have fainted while being restrained, but if I stayed like this, I could get stuck. If this happens, it’s already–*


My thoughts flashed and my body reflexively turned around. Chris, who had applied so much protective magic that her figure became hazy, was standing there, looking like she was about to collapse.

“Chris? Why did you come…?”

The voice that I had raised in an attempt to shout back at her flipped back brilliantly as soon as I saw the beloved sword in Chris’s hand.

“… I’m sorry. Well done.”

The junior who had taken a stand and made up for my blunder was supported by Marie as she was about to fall with a gentle smile on her face.

After casting a protective magic on the two, I fully pulled out the sword. The light flooded out from the exposed blade, as if it had been waiting.

“Dance and Scatter, fireflies!”

The light traced the contours of my body and the tense air of the battlefield was colored with orange lights. As I raised my sword to the dragon’s nose, the lights that had been floating around me stopped moving and swarmed to the tip of my sword in a single breath.

“Crush it!”┘\

Again, the suffocating sensation of my lungs being crushed hit me from above. The stinging ringing in my ears and the heavy bass sound alternated and disappeared making my vision which focused on the dragon, to blur. If I couldn’t finish it off with this, I’ll just be self-destroying. I definitely don’t want that to happen after I made Chris put her body on the line.

My earnest wish was rewarded. The dragon that was crawling on the ground, held down by magic, let out one thin cry that didn’t fit its physique and then stopped moving.

“………… Ah!”

As I squinted at the murky scene of dust and shut off the terrifying magic, I was exhausted. It’s not only my magic and physical strength, but also my mental strength that is worn out to the point where I can clearly recognize it.

“Did you finish it off?”

“No, it’s only a crushing spell, so it’s probably just stunned.”

I sheathed my sword that shone in an unsatisfactory manner and let my weakened limbs collapse to the ground.

“I’m tired. I think I could have done better……”

“It looked like you sealed the deal……”

“I didn’t know what to do. If I cut corners and got beat, I’d look like an idiot.”

“If that happens, I’ll take care of it before you get killed.”

Marie laughed when she said that, but would physical methods really work? Or would she continue to beat the dragon until he became docile?

A chilly scene popped into my brain, so I stopped thinking and sat up.

“Yeah. How’s Chris doing?”

“She’s resting.”

“I knew it. I made her do something rash. ……”

“No, she was saying happily, ‘I was directly exposed to Sage-sama’s magic,’ so I think she’ll be fine.”


Lute appeared out of nowhere and slipped between me and Marie. As it was, he casually walked to the tip of the dragon’s nose and began to observe its lifeless face. There was a little bit of pressure that could not be expressed on the usual iron face that I looked back at.

“Good job. I’ll take it from here.”

As Lute placed his hand over the dragon’s mouth and began to speak some unfamiliar words, a pale light began to seep out from his body. The light traveled down his palm and stroked the dragon’s head, then covered his entire body as if tracing it.

When the dragon’s form was completely obscured, Lute, who had been chanting with his eyes closed, slowly looked up. In response to the interrupted words, the dazzling light that had been shining so brightly lost its color and disappeared as if it were melting, swallowing the dragon’s body.

A cool sound echoed in the tranquil space where only the traces of the fierce battle remained. Lute carelessly picked it up from the ground which had been crushed and deformed by the dragon.

“Blue, huh? That’s about it, I guess.”

“What’s that…..?”

As I’ve heard, I had a clue from the magical power that drifts.

“It’s a treasure that makes a dragon a dragon. It’ll not return to its original form, so don’t worry.”

“It’s not poisonous to humans, is it?”


When I received it and held it out smiling, my fingertips which I intended to put power into sank. It’s not about how it looks, it’s simply that it’s incredibly heavy. When I managed to lift it up and look at it, I saw a bright blue liquid slowly moving on the other side of the clear candy-colored surface.

“Please accept it. It’s the core of the dragon’s magic power, so it can be used as a magic tool. It’s your rightful reward for defeating the dragon.

“No, it would interfere with my magic…..”

Normally, I’d jump at it when I heard it’s a magic tool, but now the situation is a bit different. When it comes to wearing something that gives off such magic power, it’s possible that my magic power will be disturbed, let alone become stronger.

Also, I simply don’t have a container that can withstand this weight. If I dropped it on the ground, it would keep sinking forever.

“If you’d like me to keep it for you, I can do that… It’s only a short walk from here and you can pick it up on the other side of the border.”

“Can you do that? To be honest, I don’t know what to do with it, so I’d appreciate it.”

“Then we’ll do it that way.”


Immediately after handing the gem to Lute, Paula’s voice came from behind. The call, which was close to a scream continued to speak without waiting for my response.

“Come here! My brother is down!”

“……? Huh!?”

At this point, one wing of the barrier is lost. I let go of the gem and ran towards her, as if I couldn’t believe the crises.

Paula followed suit and Lute left alone looked at Sage as if he was absent-minded. In the end, Sage’s back melted away behind the open gate and he looked down at the gem as if suddenly remembering.

“You’ve been defeated, haven’t you?”

“….What? do you want to say that you could’ve done a good job on your own?”

Lute raised his face again. When he noticed that there were no signs of living things in the surrounding area, the corner of his mouth spread thinly with an eerie smile.

“Fufu, I won’t say that. It was a good opportunity to see his strength firsthand.”

The voice that spoke to the gem in his palm had a lustrous emotion to it, as if he was excited about something. The blue color of the gem stirred loudly in the light that spilled through the gap in the sky.

“I don’t know if this is a good opportunity, but I’m sure he’ll know about it someday.”

“So, how do you feel about putting your body on the line?”

“I don’t know. He had no intention of killing me. Even if you did the same thing over and over again, it wouldn’t make any difference what information you get.”

“That’s right… certainly, a knight burns his life for the predicament of others.”

“True. I’ve heard that it’s such a profession. ……?”

The voice in the gem was confused as if left behind by Lute who was thinking alone. After a while, Lute, who was shaken by the wind blowing through, smiled lightly and looked back.

“Then… is it okay to prepare the predicament of others for him…?”

“What are you thinking ……?”

“Well, Fufu, fufufufu…… ahahahahaha……!”

Lute, gesturing ostentatiously as if possessed, continued to laugh like a madman as the wind blew. Eventually, the wind stopped and he suddenly stopped moving and left slowly.

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