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3-4 After the Battle

The figure of the knight was just about to be hidden by the outline of the monster.

Just before the knight, who finally understood everything, was about to give up his resistance.


Suddenly, there was a scream from the monster that made you want to cover your ears.

A flash of light ran through in a thread and the monster’s severed arm fell to the ground while holding the knight’s body. Several knights who had moved as if they were bullets forcefully pulled off the thick fingers that were as long as a person’s torso and scooped up the body of the trapped knight.

Chris stood in front of them. She flicked her arm like a whip to shake off the blood on her sword.

“Those of you who can deploy protective magic should continue to do your best. The rest of you, assist me.”

At the end of the sentence, the earth shuddered in the pit of my stomach. Several monsters of the same type were approaching, surrounding the knights who lost their voice and snuggled together. The majority of the knights had given up halfway through the situation inside the narrow space covered by the protective magic. Even the best of the best in the human world would be reduced to prey in the face of these monsters. They were beginning to understand that.

That decision was generally correct. However, predators turning into prey is also a common occurrence in the natural environment.

The bodies of the monsters trembled slightly. They let out meaningless moans and their bodies, which were many times larger than a human’s, softly floated up into the sky. When Chris saw this, she let out a light breath and put her sword away.

“…..Everyone, it’s okay. Please break the spell.”

With a dry sound, the multiple layers of protective magic were lifted. The tension that had been building up was broken and the knights supported their weak bodies with their sword sheaths.

“I’m surprised. How can something like this invade the human world?”

With an orange light on the tip of his sword, Leon projected the figures of the monsters flying into the darkness.

Two slender legs and a huge upper body that didn’t match the legs. Four arms that seemed to have been planted half forcibly were scratching the sky without power where their heads should be.

The majority of monsters, depending on their origins, tend to resemble the appearance of known creatures. However, the monsters shrieking in front of us did not look like living things, no matter how I looked at it.

“Hmm… it doesn’t seem to be just a thing.”

Everyone’s eyes focused on the armored swordsman who neutralized the monsters. He raised his sword, shaking the joints of his armor as if to show it to a crowd of examinees.

“Chris, are we done?”

“Oh, can you just drop one of them off here?”

“Just one. I understand.”

I think I’m acting like a demon king, even if it’s just in my language, but I wonder if I’m revealing anything suspicious.

While becoming anxious, I stab my sword into the ground to show how to use magic like that.

“”Devilishness, Devilishness …”

As I ruminate on the words I can’t possibly say out loud, I make a high-pitched snap of my fingers.


With Leon in the lead, the voices of admiration from the knights rose. The body of one of the monsters began to descend and slowly it got grounded in a bipedal position.

“…… Now, you over there.”

Chris held out her palm and nominated the knight, who was still clutching his broken sword.

“Why did your sword break while my sword could pierce the monster, even though they were slashed in the same way?”

If he could understand and practice it, he’d have become a holy knight by now. I couldn’t say that, so I wait for his answer.

“I think the reason is that the speed of the magic attached to the sword could not keep up with the speed of the sword.”

Chris nodded in satisfaction at the knight’s clear assertion. She slowly pulled out the sword she had just put away and held it in the middle position with one hand.

“Attacks using magic power are powerful, but the most important thing in magic sword fighting is to balance the movements of the body. Since you seem to be better at swordsmanship…..”

At that time, Chris made her fingertips dance. A fireball flickered out from the tip of it and stopped right in front of Chris. After a pause, Chris’s sword sliced through the sky to cut the fireball in two. The sword, which should have been just a white blade before she swung it, instantly turned into a flaming blade that turned scarlet and flickered shimmering around her.

“If you keep magic attached to the target point of the sword like this, you can create a beautiful magic sword.”

In their spare time, holy knights serve as an instructors to the knights. Perhaps she’s used to teaching swordsmanship and magic, but this energy and vivacity is very natural. Coupled with the high level of the technique itself, many knights longed for this teaching.

“…… I see. Thank you for your guidance.”

“Yes. Then let’s start practicing right away.”


“Magic King, please lift the spell that binds this monster.”

I take it back. The problem is that she has too much energy to act.

While unsheathing her sword, she began to talk insanely as if it was natural.

“Chris, you can’t just suddenly…….”

“if anything happens, I’ll interfere. Now that we have a difficult enemy, we should try to gain some experience!”

“Well, that may be true, but ……?”

“Of course, I respect your wishes, but I don’t want to be left hanging.”

Since she has no malicious intent, she has a pretty good personality. Upon receiving her protruding sword, the knight smiled fearlessly, as if he had made up his mind or just given up.

“Well, you too.”

She pressed her sword against the almost eaten knight and gently tapped him on the shoulder, which was shaking with agitation.

“It’s okay. Your strength is more than up to the task, even against these monsters.”

“…… Alright.”

Watching the two knights hold their swords, Sage unbinds the magic that covers the monster’s body. The transparent protective wall shattered and disappeared and the monster became free again.

It must have realized that it could move after a couple of quick twitches. As if it were a matter of course, it charged at the two knights standing directly in front of it with the wind in its face.

They jumped left and right to dodge the four arms that were coming at them and one of them turned around and leaped at it to slash at it from the side. The moment the reacting monster twisted itself, a fireball exploded on its back.


The power of the attack was not unexpected, but the impact of the explosion as if pushing from behind was enough to attract attention. The monster didn’t show any noticeable reaction, but if it had emotions, it’d be angry.

“You wouldn’t want to experience that, right?”

“It’s totally harassing.”

Perhaps he saw a win. The knight approaching from the front accelerates with momentum and pretended to swing up his sword. The knight jumped up just before crossing with the monster.

One of the knights swung his sword over the monster’s head, following his movements and looking up in the sky. A fireball that exploded behind him pushed the knight’s body and instantly erased the gap between him and the monster.


Chris and Sage unexpectedly shouted together in admiration.

Before the monster could swing its arm, the flaming blade touched the defenseless body. After a moment of resistance, the sword sliced through the target as if it had been sucked in. The monster’s whole body trembled slightly as if in defiance, but a flash of the rigid sword and a follow-up attack by the other knight who was closing in behind stopped it from moving this time.

After confirming the results of the battle, the two knights wiped away the blood from their swords and held them up to each other with their thumbs in praise of their victory.

Happily, I looked sideways at Chris, who clapped her hands and laughed.

“You look like you were sure they’d win.”

“No, I wasn’t. There are no absolutes in battles, just …….”

Chris smiled at the knights who walked up to her and concluded the broken sentence.

“The feeling of having confronted and overcome a wall that once blocked you will always help you.”

“That’s right.”

The two knights tightened their expressions, but they couldn’t hide their elation inside.

Although It’s rarely seen in magic, but there are times when the mental state of a person goes beyond logic and surpasses the zenith of their ability. These knights were in that state right now and their whole bodies were filled with a confident fighting spirit, as if they had no chance of being defeated by that monster.

“You can use that sword as it is. It’ll help you in your fight tomorrow.”

“But then, you yourself—“

The knight swallowed the rest of his words as if he was stunned, with his sight widened by the bangs that jumped up vigorously. Chris smiled a chilly smile as she let wind magic dance in her palm.

“… Pardon me.”

With a pressure beyond words, Chris’s magic blocked out any rebuttal. What kind of words could he say after this? I felt a little pity for the knight, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Wait, Chris.”

I took off the twin swords that Falmer had entrusted to me from their armor clasps and held them out to her. She swept her gaze repeatedly and busily between my face and the swords and then let out a small gasp as if she remembered.

“What’s wrong? It’s your sword.”

“My …… sword ……?”

Chris received the sword, regardless of her rather dull tone. She inserted the scabbard into her waist and drew the white blade, as if it were a familiar and beloved item.

It was the first demonstration of the second generation of Hitenryu, the Oni Falmer’s most powerful work yet. The scarlet dragon in Chris’s right hand had a deep scarlet blade that looked as if it had been fused with the red crystal that represented its name, while its partner’s blue dragon was dark blue, like a starless night.

Both of them are not as good as my magic tool, my beloved sword, the ‘Dull Colored Firefly’, but if you look at them, you can clearly see that they have magic power that cannot be hidden. Of course, I don’t need to mention the pure quality of the sword, which is a unique work of art in the world.


Under the starry sky, Chris, who would be the master of the sword, was speechless as if she had lost her mind, while the sword shone proudly on her. Suddenly, tears began to well up in her expressionless eyes, which had been fixed on the sword.

“Thank you very much. I promise you that I’ll do my best to live up to this sword.”

“…… Oh, I’m counting on you.”

Suddenly, I noticed some knights behind Chris, who had raised her head after shedding tears, looking at her restlessly. Chris noticed their gazes and turned around, but at the same time, a voice came from the knights first.

“Um, Demon King, is it okay if we call you that ……?”

“That’s what Chris calls me.”

“Are you stronger than her Highness, Christia?”

With puppy-dog eyes, he said something outrageous. There was no way i could say something that would lower the status of a holy knight in a place where examinees were aiming to become holy knights, so I looked to Chris for help. That decision was immediately rewarded in the exact opposite direction.

“Of course! He’s like a sword master to me!”

For some reason, Chris herself began to boast. Although I had feared that she would answer honestly because of her personality, I hoped that she would stop saying answers that were opposite from desired.

“I see… you’re strong, aren’t you?”.

“Yes, when it comes to magic, there’s no need to compare skills. Right, Demon King.”

This knight must be a relative of Chris, because he rejoiced with her. She’s the type of person who can’t listen to what others say in the face of an exciting situation. She seems to be in a state of excitement, as if her mental age has dropped somewhat.

“Hey, Chris, …….”

Chris turned around briskly and shone her brilliant eyes at me. She began to talk about her favorite things and her eyes were full of unquestioning faith in them. I guess she was no longer in a state of mind to be persuaded.

“Fufufu, hahaha……!” (Sage)

—-I wonder what I was doing at the time, when I thought about it later. As a matter of fact, she was accustomed to calling me the Demon King and begging me to behave like that and I lost my judgement because I was struck by the energy of her persuasion.

It’s embarrassing to remember. I flapped my cloak vigorously and thrust my lightning magic at the captive monsters as a preposition. In the midst of the tremendous sound and impact, I proudly held my sword up again, my whole body depicted in the lightning flash.

“Don’t be surprised, little human children! At the edge of the uncivilized land, I rule over a territory of ten thousand miles with the reason of the world…”

I really was out of my mind.

“I am the Demon King!”

Like a villain in a play, I made a grand gesture against the backdrop of lightning. It seems that I thought that if I manipulated a large-scale magic and slaughtered a huge monster in one go, I could manage to fit in the role.

“…… Huh.”

Five seconds later, as if through a ripple of sound and light, Leon erupted.

“Well…… Even the strong need to be charming…….”

General Lefilia, who was probably following me, was also holding her mouth and shaking her shoulders. Starting with that, some people looked away and smiled wryly, others looked dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do and Chris and the others had eyes that shone with admiration rather than awe. Each reaction brought my actor’s mind, which had gone in a strange direction, back to reality.

Later, the knights who participated in the test spread the name of the “Demon King” who appeared from the other world, along with that gesture, to the human world.

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