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3-10 A Knight’s Domain

“By ‘he’, do you mean me?”

The voice that came out slowly and calmly dominated the air.

I shifted my gaze to check the castle gate, but it was still not open. Marie and Chris must have sensed something, too, because they kicked the dirt and retreated, their faces showing signs of being wary of Lute, who seemed to have suddenly appeared.

“Where did you come from? That’s a bad hobby. ……”

“I’m sorry. The gate opened without magic, so I came out to patrol just in case.”

Please pardon me, Lute went on to say.

“I want to say hello to all three of them again. I heard that they’re the representative knights of the human world.”

As I imagined the rest of his happy words, the content of the request flickered in my mind. When she heard the word “knight,” Chris looked at Sage as if she wanted to say something.

“I’m sorry ……but a knight’s strength is not for taking the life of the person he points his sword at. I don’t know what’s in it for you, but–“

“Don’t be so hard on us. As I said, we have our own circumstances…..”

Lute probably just imitates the figure of a person. His face, which didn’t look good, suddenly stiffened and stuck.

“How about this? Whether the dragon comes out or not, when we reach the border safely, I’ll answer all the questions I can.”

“…… anything?”

“Yes. Yes, you can ask me about the Dragon People. If I don’t end up in the middle of a battle, that is.”


While repeating the same sentence with an ecstatic expression on my face, my thoughts were actually spinning at full speed.

I want to flip it over. I know I’m being played for a fool, but I still couldn’t say I wasn’t interested. I was already thinking about the outcome, wondering what I should ask or inquire, while wavering in my reply.

“Sage-sama ……!”

Chris, who shouted out, seemed to be in the same state of mind. She didn’t show the slightest sign of hiding it and her whole body was squirming as she gazed at me with a heated gaze. Marie was the only one who was watching what was going on with her usual attitude.

“Marie, are you okay?”

“I don’t care either way. If you end up facing an opponent, you’ll need to deal with it no matter how you feel.”

“…… Sure, that’s right.”

I stopped thinking because I didn’t have too much information about the request and the unexpected reward flickers In front of me.

You’re right, if you ask me. In order to complete the evacuation of the people, the dust in front of me must be shaken off.

Whether it’s a monster, a person, or a dragon.

“All right, I’ll take your request. But if chasing a dragon that has escaped hinders the evacuation, I’ll not pursue it too deeply. Is that okay?”

Lute nodded his head in agreement.

“Well, I don’t want to get ahead of the reward, but I want to hear about you and Hazel. At the very least, let me know your strength and what magic you’re good at.”

It’s a dragon claimed to be omniscient, but what will happen when it fights the same dragon?

It seems that the result won’t be very pleasant, but the fact that he’s so defeated is probably the reason why he was waiting for help deep inside the ruined country.

“Neither he nor my big brother can fight. The two of them are working together to keep that fortress protected against magic. They’ll be keeping a barrier over us on the road together.”

“It’s tough to maintain a large barrier alone. I apologize.”

“So that’s how it is. You don’t have a replacement, so it can’t be helped. ……”

While saying that, I glanced at Chris. When Chris noticed my gaze, she looked up in a dashing manner, but shook her head helplessly.

“I’m sorry, but my barrier magic is not yet…… practical.”

“Barrier magic is special. Well, there’s no need to remember that.”

“I don’t need it to live a normal life, you know.”

If you call flying magic the best of wind magic, then barrier magic is the heresy of protective magic.

The basic form of protective magic is to create a sphere around the magician or target and fill it with magic power. In proportion to the amount of magic filled and the size of the sphere, it protects you from hostile magic. It’s no different from protecting yourself from a sword by locking yourself in an iron sphere.

In contrast, barrier magic has strict restrictions. First of all, it cannot be granted to others and the magician must remain in the center of the barrier.

And since the inside is not filled with magic, it’s very vulnerable to single point attacks. As some books say, “If protective magic is a sphere of water, barrier magic is a sphere of glass,” once it is broken, it’s over and the barrier is completely powerless until you finish chanting again.

“If you just listen to the story, it seems to be uselessly lengthy….”

Without any prior knowledge of the subject, you’ll probably be confused and raise your eyebrows like Marie just did.

“That’s right. You might believe me when I say that the magic was born for us now.”


When I dared not give an answer, Marie began to think seriously about something.

It was only a short time after she sank into contemplation and she soon opened her mouth with a mysterious expression.

“Does the barrier magic prevent the people inside from touching the magical power?”

Chris, who had been keeping her mouth shut happily, clapped her hands in a small way.

“That’s pretty much it. Protective magic fills the inside with magic, so the people inside are exposed to the magic of the wielder no matter what. But there’s no such thing with barrier magic.”

“Can’t you fly in the sky with the barrier? Just to the border……”

In place of words, Marie made a gesture as if she were throwing a stone.

It’s a behavior that it seems will cause serious disorientation, but in this case, it’s really difficult to react because it’s really possible to carry out.

“It would be easier if you could, but it’s no good. It seems to take so much strength and concentration to maintain the barrier that you can’t even run while maintaining it.”

“Is it because of physical interference? I’d like to see that, even if it’s just flying with the barrier.”

“If there’s an impact as the entire barrier flies, wouldn’t the barrier break first ……?”

“Umm …… to be honest, I don’t see the attack of my people (fellow dragons) as that dangerous.”

Lute clung to his mouth as he could see the story being derailed.

“If anything, I’m more wary of the monsters that’ll be attacking us at all hours. If you hadn’t been here, we would’ve had to leave the fighting all the way to the border to Paula.”

“If we hadn’t received any help for a few more days, I would’ve gone with that plan. Well, it was going to fail.”

It’s a two-day walk to the safe zone. There is only one combatant. They can’t get any food. There are many people to take with them. It was what you call a desperate situation.

“Even if we make it to Lurain, there’ll be problems after that.”

A little while ago, Lurain had gotten burned when they reached out to the border, but the circumstances were quite different from those of Raphia.

In the case of Lurain, the damage caused by the demolition of the borderline by Raphia’s hand was able to be controlled, but in the case of Raphia, they advocated the demolition of the borderline while hiding their selfish true intentions of “not producing any holy knights from their own country” under the pretense of “free investigation of the land,” and when they found out that Lurain and Fermina didn’t agree, they unilaterally broke the alliance and took advantage of the chaos of the declaration of war to forcibly touch the borderline.

Looking back, the forceful modification of the Holy Knight qualification test, the blackmail and the acquisition of related places and the trajectory to the destruction of the nation are exactly the end of the villain in the creation of poetic justice. But in reality, it was involved in a tragedy. If you look at the villain, there’s no room for consideration from the tip of the hair to the tip of the toes.

That’s why Paula didn’t ask Lurain for help.

“I didn’t think I should go and say ‘I’m a survivor of Raphia, please help me’. The people might kill me before the monsters do.”

“That’s why you were so cautious when you first met us, wasn’t it?”

“Not that I was wary… but I knew there would be people who would want to retaliate against us, so I prepared myself.”

Perhaps she’s speaking with the feeling like her hair will be pulled backwards. Paula’s voice, which has a cheerful tone and is even noisy, doesn’t have the usual courage.

“What about Sage? are …… you going to help us…….”

“Hmm… hey Chris…….!”


I called out Chris’s name in a deliberately brusque manner, and after a short delay, she answered loudly.

“According to the rules, do I have the authority to give direct orders to you?”

In the framework of the state of Fermina, of course Chris was a higher-ranking person.

However, if we look at it from the supra-legal framework of a holy knight, the situation should be somewhat different.

“Yes, I don’t see any reason why you can’t.”

“Well then, If something is said after the successful completion of the mission, please pretend that you were ordered to do so by me.”


“Eh? Wait a minute, what’s that?”

Before Chris could give a concrete response, Paula reflexively raised her voice. I retract my previous statement.

“Paula. What would you do if you saw an injured person on the street?”

“……? I would call out to them and do what I could, usually.”


“Why? Because I think it’s the right thing to do……”

Sage, who had been facing Paula with a blank expression on his face, suddenly gave her a nasty smile.

“You’re right. I also want to help the people here. That’s why I’m doing it.”

As if drained of her venom, Paula stilled with her mouth hanging open.

“International laws and inter-alliance treaties are not something to talk about and solve here. I’m a knight and I just do my job and the rest of the story is the territory of great people who love difficult stories.”

I held out a freshly cooked fish in front of Paula, who was still trying to say something.

If she picks it up in her hand, the conversation is over. I’m sure she understands that, so she makes a pained expression, but takes it and sighs.

“Don’t worry about me. Originally, our base is on the other side of the border, so I don’t really care if I dislike it there, it’s just that I don’t know how to get your flying magic into shape within a week. That’s more serious.”

“…… I understand. I can’t compete with that, really.”

Paula sat back down and resumed eating, seeming to have finally given up.

First and foremost, Paula had to complete her training and evacuate the residents as soon as possible. The details and legal issues should not put lives at risk.

….. Sage’s thoughts at this time were perfectly normal.

It was his usual way of dealing with requests in his homeland, focusing only on the achievement of the goal and sometimes using a bit of force to find the shortest and most efficient process.

In fact, the specific actions taken against the people of Raphia in this case were not discernible in the legends of the written rules of the time and were merely an afterthought or a minor concern.

–If there was a problem, it was afterwards.

Sage hadn’t realized it yet. It’s not clear if it was because he had used his real name so naturally that he didn’t have to hide his identity, or if it was because he had stopped thinking about it too soon, thinking, “There’s nothing we can do about it’.

He was defending Chris against Fermina and Lurain in the name of orders.

In other words, he was taking off the cover of the Demon King and exposing the name of the Holy Knight Sage Luxuria in front of the public.

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