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Chapter 15: Lecture

 While he waited for Faeria, who had gone to her house to pick up the necessary tools to see Takaya's qualities in more detail, Takaya was ushered into the guild's reception area on the first floor.

 Right now, in front of him is Mitta, a guild employee. The dog-eared woman who talked to Roar when he returned to the guild.

"Um ... President? I'm sitting here without any instructions, but what should I do?"

 Suddenly called by Rudra while responding to the reception window, she seemed to be confused when she was placed in front of a boy who looked timid.

"Teach this boy everything about 'skills'. You can even go through the rudimentary stuff."

"Well, I can ... but aren’t you more knowledgable about this sir? Shouldn’t you be the one teaching him?"

"I'm going out to meet someone. I’m the president, I’m busy."

"Then, what about the three idiots?"


"They went with Feria cause they have to carry her luggage."

 This is one-on-one.


 Mitta looked really annoyed. She still had work to do. She wasn’t free.

 It was written on her face, "Why should I do this with no extra pay?”

"You don't have to make such an annoyed face. If all goes well, your current low monthly salary may become about average.”

"Eh? Is that for real! ?? What about the bonus? Will the bonus go up?"

 As soon as it became a story of money, Mitta's tension suddenly increased.

"Maybe it will go up. The summer bonus, which was a small amount, may increase by about one month, no, two months worth."

"Really! Hyahou !!"

 The eyes of everyone in the venue focused on Mitta, who raised her voice and pumped her fist up without worrying about their stares.

"Ah, no, hahahahaha ..."

 Rudra moved his mouth, saying a small "choroi" (easy) as Mitta sat quietly with her cheeks slightly blushing. Takaya, who was observing the series of exchanges from the side, did not miss it.

 As the president, it seems he knows how to raise employee motivation.

"Hmm ... since that's the case, should I get a little motivated?"

 Even as she said this, Mitta had already put on her glasses and started drawing on the white paper provided. She seemed motivated already.

 After seeing this, Rudra moved his mouth again, saying "Choroi", and when he told other staff members that he was going out, he quickly stepped out.

 With that said, it finally really became one-on-one between Takaya and Mitta.

"Let's raise my salary! So it's time to start. But before that, let's introduce ourselves."

 She pointed to the name tag on her uniform.

"I'm Mitta. As you can see, I'm the receptionist of this guild. Sometimes I go out. And let’s see...... Yes, my recent trouble is that my salary is so low sometimes I wonder if dinner will only be the grass that grows around the area. "


 Mitta made a serious confession, but the tone was so bright that it didn't create a heavy atmosphere. However, I think she should be paid a little more for the time being.

"I'm Takaya Nagami. You can call me Takaya like everyone else. Well, after that, recently, my worries ... my worries are..."

 I tried to answer in the same way, but I couldn't find the best answer.

 Or rather, if I think about it, I have too many worries.

 Even though I’m a high school student, I’m still a middle-aged boy, and my sitting height is about below average. After that, I came to this different world.

 After fumbling for a while with my eyes swimming around, the face-to-face Mitta laughed.

"Pufu, you don't have to imitate me that much. Were you trying to suit me?"

 Mitta strokes his head saying, "yosh, yosh” (good good). Meirir often does this, but do I have a talent that attracts slightly older women out of nowhere?

"Well, now that we’re done introducing ourselves let's start right away. By the way, we're really starting from the beginning ..."

 Mitta, who has a serious atmosphere, asks Takaya.

"Hey, Takaya. Do you think we humans can fly in the sky?"

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  1. Grass? What is she, some kind of herbivore? (attempt at a Japanese-novel-influenced joke, here)

    I actually do wonder if her pay is that low, however. Then again, people tend to also increase their spending when they’re making more money. Hmmm…………

    I guess, until I see more, I’ll blame that Company President for her sorry situation. That seems a fairly safe bet.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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