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Chapter 54: Diana seems to be able to use [Telepathy]

Diana, who was hit by Fenrir’s pressure finally woke up.

"Garuru ~?"

"Ah! Aruji! Are you okay? ” {TN: Aruji can mean Lord or master}


"What happened to the monster from before? Is it gone? 』\

Wow, it feels strange! She’s talking in the same way as Fenrir!

"♪ Master, it seems that Diana, like you, has some of the host's memory left ..."

"Again! Didn't the goddess learn her lesson from me? I've been having a hard time because of my host's memories."


"♪ But thanks to that, she can use the skill of [Telepathy] so I think the knowledge of 1400 years when she lived as an ancient dragon is useful. ?\

"1400? Wasn't it a young dragon! No wonder she speaks in an old lady tone"

"♪ It’s said that the life of an ancient dragon is in the millions of years. In 1400, it would be about 14 years old when converted to human age. Also, it seems that Diana was taught the language by an old dwarf. That's why she speaks that way. "

"The life of a dwarf is about 1000 years, right? Did she stay with him for a long time? Did she have a servant contract with him before me? 』\

"♪ No, she helped a dwarf who happened to be attacked by a demon beast on a whim, it seems that she was treated to alcohol and sometimes went to the village where the dwarf lived because she wanted to drink."

"Did Diana's host trouble the dwarven old man"

"♪ No, it seems that he had raised the village and had it when she visited. With an ancient dragon around, the village can gain various benefits. "

"What kind of benefits? 』\

"♪ Monsters can gain sustenance by absorbing the surrounding magic with the magic stones in their bodies. Therefore, a monster does not die from hunger in a place with strong magic. Since the ancient dragon absorbs excess magic just by being present, the excess magic, which is toxic for humans, disappears from the surroundings, and people feel better. Also, if the magic becomes thinner, the monsters will get hungry, so will move away from that place. "

"So it’s like a monster ward ..."

"♪ The other thing is, poison will be removed and plants will grow better, so the crops in the village will be more productive”

"That's a lot of good things. No wonder it was popular in the village.”

"♪ A dragon that attacks and eats people is a threat, but a quiet dragon that brings benefits is worshiped as a god. It’s a dragon faith centered on the god dragon.”

"Huh? But didn’t you say because of the barrier stones from the temple, that monsters with a large magic stone can't get close? 』\

"♪ Yes, that's right. But, though I called it a village, at that time it was a temporary village for ore mining in the middle of a mine, and no temple was built. "

"Is that so? However, Fenrir’s old-fashioned way of speaking was just right, but it feels strange with Diana. "

"♪ Isn't it because the voice itself is young? ?\

"Oh, that's it. I get it now ... "

"Aruji? What's wrong? 』\ (Diana)

"No, nothing. Thank’s you for your concern. But it wasn’t a bad beast, it was the god beast Fenrir."

"What! That was a god beast ... No wonder it was so strong! This mistress was defeated by pressure alone. She probably took it easy on me. "


"I made this child a servant, so please make friends with him Diana."

"You only need me as a servant ..."

"♪ It seems that she’s jealous. Fufufu, she’s big, but she’s cute, isn't it? "

"Don't say that, Diana is the big sister, so be nice to him."

"Hmm, I understand. But this wolf cub ... it's really weak. "

It’s trembling ... Is it cold?

I put it in my clothes and warm it with my body temperature.

It's just riding on the bulge of my stomach ... If your belly is this big, things can ride on it.

The king who had been exchanging calls with someone from a while ago came over.

"Luke, It's a little annoying. Your dad, King Julius, told me to ‘return my son’. Apparently, there's a hidden person in this school as well. . What a fast information network. I have to learn from him .... He was noisy about returning you, so I just hung up ... "

"It's more about wanting an ancient dragon and Fenrir than me, right?"

"'Well, I suppose you're right, but he sent you to this country because he was worried about your future. If the ancient dragon and a Fenrir have become your servants, your position in your own country will be safe. He thought he could only give you a baronetcy, but now you've become Fenrir's master. You will be given a dukedom without complaint. If that's the case, I understand why he wants you to come back as a parent and as a king of a country. But from my point of view, I'd rather not mess with you now.”

"Luke, you won't leave me, right? I don't want that..."

Mifa’s looking at me with a very worried look.

"Mifa, don't worry. I'm not going home now."


I was the last one for Today's "Summoning Ceremony" me, so it was disbanded here.

"Luke, can you give me some time after this?"

It's a natural proposal from King Zeno, but I also want some time.

"Well ... it's about the future right? I'm aware, but though I'm not the school director, I'd like to test drive this guy. Can I do that first?"

"That's right ... Luke, could you take me on that test drive?"

Wow! He’s looking at me like I’m a child. I'm not going to run away, I just want to ride myself ...

"But there's no saddle, so it’s dangerous for an amateur to ride bareback. I can't take you with me cause you might fall off.”

"My first job is dragoon! I also have my own dragon! I graduated from the dragoon school at the top, I've also ridden a dragon bareback so it's fine!"

That’s right, for Mifa’s case, he said he went to the Marquis territory by dragon.

"Okay. Diana, can you put up with giving him a ride?"

"Do you want to put that guy on the back of this mistress ..."

"This person is the king of this country and will be a great help to me in the future."

"It can't be helped if Aruji asks of me..."

"Thank you Diana!"

"Navi, I want to make Diana's saddle, Diana hates hard saddles, so I think buffalo leather is good. It's Diana's favorite food, I want to give it as a snack as well. Are there some nearby? 』\

"♪ Leather, Is it? Certainly, it would be a good material. There’re herds of about 50 to 200 in the wetlands about 30km northwest of here. "

"OK! Let's go there. Guide me to the smallest flock possible. "

"♪ I understand"

"Diana, I don't have a saddle or bridle right now, is that okay?"

"No saddle or bridle, "Bridle?" "Those strings you wear around the face. Just tell me where you're going without those things.”

I cast gravity magic [float] on myself and Zeno and got on Diana's back.

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