Going to another world on your own! ~A story that begins with a not-so-sweet upbringing

Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Consideration and Search  Tauro, who was advancing through the 86th level of the dungeon, known as “the labyrinth within a labyrinth,” was looking for the silhouette of a person he had captured with his “presence detection”. “Beyond this wall, I think.”  When he went down the passageway, he found himself moving away, and …

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Chapter 294

Chapter 294: The Monster of the Labyrinth  If the information from the Dragon People and the “Voice of the World” are correct, this “storm” is a formless, 86-leveled “realm guardian” that visits several times every few hundred years. It has the terrifying ability to rob you of your vision, direction, the sensation of touching the …

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Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Continued – 86  The 86th floor, where Tauro wandered, was literally a state of flux, with zero visibility, and he could hardly feel where he was walking.  Tauro, who had entered the 86th level with Tsugumi and his escort team, thought the threat of a “labyrinth within a labyrinth” and, in addition, of …

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Chapter 292

Chapter 292: 86 After returning to the village of the Dragon People, Tauro continues to spend his days doing the supply group’s transportation quests. The rest of the time, he was busy working on the opening of the curry store, and also trying to find ways to utilize the technology of the Dragon People’s Village …

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Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Time for Four Tauro, Aeris, Ragune, and Ankh were limited to the Marquis Van Dyne’s mansion, but the four of them spent time together recounting the past events in their own words and confirming them with each other. “─ ─ And you know what? Thanks to the equipment Tauro prepared for us, we’ve …

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Chapter 290

Chapter 290: The Dragon People in the Royal Capital While Tauro and the other four members of the former “Black Golden Wings” were enjoying their first reunion in a long time at the residence of the Marquis Van Dyne, the dragon people and the three new members of the “ Black golden wings”, Malak, a …

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Chapter 289

Chapter 289 – The Adoption Story (3) At the royal residence of the Marquise Van Dyne, Aeris’s parents’ home, Tauro briefly met with his friends for the first time in a long time, and they decided to discuss the adoption. “I would like you to know a lot of things about Count Graunewald, but I’ve …

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Chapter 288

Chapter 288: The Adoption Story (2) Tauro, who was told about the adoption, the next day, Ragune came to pick him up using the “dimensional corridor” in the morning, he immediately flew to the royal capital, which was connected by “spatial transfer,” and arrived at the residence of Marquis Van Dyne. In front of him …

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Chapter 287

Chapter 287: The Adoption Story (1) At Drago and Ragune’s mansion, Tauro was listening and eating with them, but he could not understand Ragune’s  explanation, and his hands became completely still. “Are you in the royal capital for the sake of adopting me into a noble family?” Tauro interpreted that from Ragune’s explanation and asked …

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Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Many Things …… Around the time that Tauro’s adoption was being discussed again in the royal capital── The person himself, Tauro, was busy with his daily dungeon pick-up and drop-off quests, opening a curry shop, and selling magical tools made by Giro Sugar, his alias, in the village of the Dragon People. As …

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