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Episode 40: I’m not lucky, it’s as planned


“Where did you go yesterday?”

 On the way to the guild with Aina and Aleria.

 Aina, who doesn’t know my circumstances, asked me a question.

 I could honestly tell her that I was working for the kingdom, but we’re outside …… and I don’t know who’s listening. It would be safer to keep it under wraps for now.

“Well, just here and there”

“A Brothel?”

“Don’t be silly! Of course not!”

“Well, I wonder. Don’t men sometimes secretly enjoy themselves then come back and act all innocent?”

“Yuki, is that so !? I won’t forgive you!” (Aleria)

“I’m not that kind of guy! Yesterday, I had a lot of …… things going on. I was busy and didn’t have time for that.”

“Yes, of course you were busy.”

“You’re definitely misunderstanding!?”

“Yuki is ecchi …” (Aleria)

” Aleria, you understand right!?”

 At least I explained to Aleria where and what I was going to do, so she should know that that’s not the case.

 But she’s being corrupted by Aina …

 Well, I’m glad we’ve become friends close enough to have such a conversation.

 Arriving at the guild while still under the suspicion of Aina.

“Oh, you’re here! Right away, let’s take a look at some recommended E-rank quests….”

 As soon as we came in, the receptionist brought in a few quests.

 We were being treated as VIPs before I knew it.

 It’s true that I would normally be grateful to receive all the recommended quests, but today the situation is a bit special.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Thank you, but today I got a slightly different request.”

“A different request?”

“It will take time if we raise her rank the usual way. I want to have Aina take the promotion test and reach C rank by the end of today.”

“A promotion exam, is it? There’s no such mechanism in the guild … Oh! Please wait a moment!”

 The receptionist hurriedly returned to check the manual placed under the counter.

 It’s not surprising since the same thing happened yesterday.

 We headed towards the counter.

 The receptionist who finished confirming things raised her head.

“The rules were changed today, and it seems that now adventurers are allowed as an exception to skip ranks by taking a promotion test because it’s disadvantageous for them to start at rank E when they clearly have more ability. Wow, this is tremendous timing. I’m surprised by Yuki-sama’s luck … “

“That’s great. What kind of exam is it?”

 I replied innocently, but I’m the one who encouraged the guild to change the rules, and I’m also the one who conveniently sent the request to do so. Yesterday’s statement was for this.

 It’s a pretty roundabout route to get Aina to accept my request via the kingdom and the guild.

“You’re supposed to attack a bandit’s hideout and capture everyone–but it’s a bit too difficult for a new adventurer to take on from the start…”

“Okay. We’ll take it.  If she completes the quest, she’ll immediately become a C rank, right?”

“That’s right. Since that’s the case … We’ll need two or more supervisors, so I’ll look for them now.”

“Me and Aleria should be fine right?”

“Well …”

 The receptionist checks the revised manual again based to confirm the regulations.

“Oh, if there are high-ranking adventurers in the party, it seems they can act as the supervisors! Since being in the same environment as usual they won’t be strangely nervous …!”

 It’s a rule that was too convenient for us, but it makes sense, and it will continue to be used in the future. So it’s not an abuse of authority. It’s barely safe… probably.

 I mean, it was written by Regulus, not me, and it was the guild that changed the rules in the first, we just gave an opinion.

 I turned to Aina, while lining up excuses that no one was asking for.

“I said we would accept it, but it’s you who decides what to do in the end. What should we do?”

“Is this test equivalent to a C rank quest?” (Aina)

“That’s right. There are about five thieves, and you should think about it like dealing with five C-rank monsters at the same time.” (Yuki)

“Then it seems okay. I’ll do it.”

“I thought you would say that. We’ll take it.” (Yuki)

 If she had refused, I would have had to use the bathroom or some other painful excuse to go and capture them alone.

“Um, Yuki-sama”

“What is it?”

“How did you know there are about 5 bandits …? I shouldn’t have said that …”

“Eh …? Well, it’s just rough intuition. You see, in an ordinary bandits’ hideout there are usually about five or so!”

 It was only natural for him to know because he was the person who made the request, but he seems to have uttered information that he shouldn’t know by mistake before he knew it.

“Intuition, is it? It’s said that the intuition of top adventurers is usually sharp, but …”

 The suspicious look from the receptionist became stronger.

 She probably didn’t find out that I’m working in the dark as the top of the kingdom, but she might have noticed that I knew a bit about it beforehand.

“Well, rather than that, the fact that the quest has been received means time is of the essence! Let’s go!”

 I forcibly accepted the quest and we departed.

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