Episode 38

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Episode 38: There seems to be a nonstandard adventurer

“So when are you likely to find a replacement?”

“It was rejected by most C-rank and B-rank adventurers in the royal capital …”

“Does this happen often?”

“No, it’s very rare.”

“That’s a strange coincidence …”

 The adventurer requested should have never met Aina before.

 So it’s not that she was turned down because it was her.

 Maybe they couldn’t make it because of the schedule.

“When I told them she exceeded the upper limit in the magic test, they seemed to suspect that it was the second coming of Yuki-sama …”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s a famous story in the royal capital how Yuki-sama completely won against His Majesty Regulus.”

“So you’re saying it may be my fault that you can’t find a partner for Aina’s practical test?”

“It’s decisive, not ‘may’.”

 I didn’t think I’d be the one to cause Aina trouble …….

 Does that mean that Regulus was strong by the capital’s standard?

 Conversely, adventurers other than Regulus are weaker than that.

“Regulus …, is busy.”

 I thought about asking Regulus to cooperate with Aina’s practical test, but he’s too busy for that.

 It would be nice if there was someone who was an adventurer equal to or better than Regulus and had a rank of C or higher.

 Huh? Wait.

“Can’t I be the opponent?”

“You mean Yuki-sama will act as her examiner?”

“That’s right”

“I see … Please wait a moment.”

 The receptionist left us and went to check the manual.

 Certainly, it’s a rule that only adventurers of C rank or higher can take charge of the practical test.

 I’m C rank and I’m stronger than Regulus.

 It seems the conditions are met.

 The receptionist who finished the confirmation is back.

“In principle, relatives should not be in charge, but since Yuki-sama’s case, regulations have been added, and it seems the judgment of the referee will be taken into consideration!”

“Oh, that’s good.”

 It’s quite flexible.

“But please keep your personal feelings out of it, just like any other examiner!”

“I know. I don’t think that’s necessary.”

 She can defeat C-rank monsters easily, if she does it seriously, she won’t fall.

 Well, Aina can’t beat me without some tweaking, so I guess I’ll take that into consideration.

 It’s a rare case for an aspiring adventurer to beat the active adventurer even in normal times.

“Okay, then do we start right now?”

“Yes, please”

 The test started after I and Aina were about 5 meters away from each other and the receptionist (referee) signaled me.

“Anytime is fine” (Yuki)

“I don’t stand a chance!” (Aina)

 I’m just doing it as usual, but it looks like there’s no chance.

 Of course, neither “barrier magic” nor “god’s blessing” is being used.

 However, the test would not proceed as it is, so I raised both hands.

“This creates an opening. Come on.”

“… Then here I come!”

 Aina shoots a steel arrow.

 Arrows are fired in quick succession, reaching ten consecutive shots.


“It’s like it’s stopped”

 I muttered with a voice only I could hear and drew my sword.

 I accurately grasp the trajectory of each one and block it with my sword.


 The tattered arrows fell at my feet.

“This is too out of standard !? Muri! Absolutely impossible!” {TN: Muri means impossible}

“It can’t be helped. As a little handicap … How about this?”

 I used “God’s blessing” on Aina.

 I don’t know if it’s safe on the trial basis, but It should be since you can bring your own weapons and robes.

“Somehow I’m overflowing with power …”

“Okay, come.”


 Aina put three arrows on her bow and drew them all at once.

 She does it ten times in a row.

 A total of thirty consecutive hits.

 But ——

“It’s stronger than Regulus …. but still a long way off.”

 He swung his sword wide and generated wind.

 The direction of the wind was adjusted to deflect the incoming arrows.

 The arrows that were approaching at a tremendous speed suddenly lost momentum started floating in the air, and …


 Fell in my hand in a bundle.

“I received it. Nice supply.”




 For some reason, the three other than me stiffened and sighed.

“The test is over —“

 Immediately after that, the receptionist announced the end of the exam.

“Could it be, Aina didn’t pass….”

“Aina passed! These days, except for one non-standard person, it can be said that she has the best results! The other is not a human being, so you can ignore him!”

“I’m glad … I don’t feel like I passed though.”

 It seems that Aina has passed the practical exam.

 Anyway, who is this non-standard adventurer aspirant who exceeds Aina?

 I want to meet you once.

 If you’re not human, maybe you’re a demon?

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  1. Thank for the chap

  2. Thanks for the chapter I finally caught up. Lol they don’t see him as a human anymore

  3. Heh… Well, Aina is going to need to start to consider Yuki just the same as the rest of the guild… a non-human war monster. I’m sure her self esteem will improve once she does that, since there’d be no point in comparing her own strength to his.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Catching to his level is like racing a F1 using a kid’s tricycle~

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