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Episode 36: This is inevitable


 I asked Sui to carry me back to the royal capital to shorten the trip, but once again I had the incident of Aina clinging to me while saying “I’m not scared” and Aleria clinging to me while saying “I’m scared”, flowers in both hands.

 Although there was no numerical decrease in status, I felt that something important and physical strength had decreased.

 Some may envy me, but if you want to try it, you should be careful.

 Immediately after returning to the capital, I headed for the guild.

 It’s late today, so it was closing time.

“Oh, today’s Yuki-sama and the others were late! Did you finally have a hard time?”

“That’s not true. There were a few issues.”

 I took out my guild card.

 Meanwhile, the receptionist suddenly noticed Aina behind me.

“Ah! You brought a new woman! No wonder you were late today!”

“No! Don’t talk like I’m some kind of indiscriminate womanizer!”

 The reason she gave isn’t entirely wrong, though.

“Well, but if you collect all these beautiful girls, you would think so. Who will you bring next?”

“No one! There are a few issues so I’ll have to protect Aina for a while.”

“Let’s go with that for now.”

“… So, I want Aina to take the adventurer exam, but I want her to pass as soon as possible. If possible, by the morning of the day after tomorrow. Can you do it?”

“You’re adding her to your party after all … that aside. I’ll do my best to fulfill Yuki-sama’s request, but if she doesn’t have the ability, she won’t pass.”

“That’s okay. She can clear it normally if it’s as difficult as mine was.”

“That was a special test, but … Okay, we’ll start the magic test tomorrow at noon. This will end quickly, so next we’ll have the practical test, then the final test at night…. It’s pretty hard, but please do your best. “

“That helps. Oh, and Aina will definitely pass it, so I think it’s better to make a guild card now.”

“… If you say so, it would be better to make it. However, again, no matter how much you favor her, that won’t be enough to pass by itself okay? The guild has always been fair and neutral. “

“I know. This is pure advice. I don’t play favorites. Then I’ll bring Aina back tomorrow around noon.”

 Because I can see the numbers in the status, I can’t play favorites.

 The numbers are cruel.

 You can instantly know whether someone is strong or weak.


“Why are you coming with me !?”

 Aleria and I were presently staying at the royal castle to reduce the cost of accommodation.

 However, I was in a room at a certain inn today.

 Yes, this is the room where Aina stays.

“You have to ask Aleria. She was worried about you being alone.”

“Tomorrow is an important exam, so you need to get a good night’s sleep!”

“I understand why Aleria is staying but why is Yuki coming with us!?”

 That’s where I was a little lost.

 Spending a night under the same roof with a woman I just met, some royal girl didn’t seem to care, but it’s natural to be concerned.

 However, there’s a reason for this.

“Aleria seems to be lonely without me. It can’t be helped. Please complain to Aleria.”


 Aina looked stunned and clammed up.

“Well, it was Yuki who rented this room, it’s natural for him to stay.” (Aleria)

“That’s one way of looking at it.” (Yuki)

“Don’t you both start doing weird things?”

“What’s weird?” (Aleria)

“Well, that’s …!”

 For some reason, Aina’s face turned bright red and she became embarrassed.

“I can’t say, it’s embarrassing!”

 Aina glared at me for some reason.

 Oh my god, emotional instability is a bit of a problem when it’s so extreme.

 I hope she settles down quickly.

“Now, I’m going to have dinner and go to bed early. Even though the exam starts at noon, I can’t give my best performance unless I wake up early in the morning.”


Who sleeps in the bed?

 There was a bit of a tussle over who was going to sleep in the bed, but we all went to sleep.

 By the way, it ended up that I slept in the bed and the two girls slept close to each other, which I don’t understand.

 I was able to slowly heal my tiredness in the fluffy bed until morning.

 Thanks to sleeping early yesterday, it’s still around 6 am.

 I need some water ——

 As I was about to get up, supporting myself with my right hand.



 I remember this feeling.

 Damn, did Aleria sneak into the bed again!

 How many times do I have to tell her not to do it without permission before she understands?

 I gently removed my right hand.

 If your right hand doesn’t work, use your left hand.

 It’s simple.

 But ——



 I didn’t remember the feeling this time.

 I feel like I touched it for the first time.

 However, I felt that it was similar to what I touched with my right hand.

 For example, the feel of a hand is a little different from person to person but It’s still the same kind of feeling. It’s that kind of thing.

 ——I guessed everything.

 Fortunately, they aren’t awake.

 If I force myself to get up at a time like this, I’ll end up in trouble again.

 I gathered my wits and came up with a solution.

 Let’s go back to sleep and pretend I didn’t see it.

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  1. I was finally able to return! Thank you, Kay, for helping out!

    Hmm… This Sage, truly is, a wise man. Going back to sleep is definitely the best choice here, that way it’s not his problem any more – it’s theirs when they wake up and realise what they’ve done.

    I’m also surprised that he worked things out so quickly… (but mostly because I’ve been away from this site for too long, most stories here seem to buck the trend when it comes to how common tropes are dealt with)

    Thanks for the chapter.

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