Chapter 20 part 2

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Chapter 20- Heroic Faction, Royalist Faction And the Neutral Faction. (Part 2)

The story is actually not a ridiculous one at all.

The main characters in the legend of the seven heroes are the second coming of the heroes who defeated the Demon King. As the story progresses and their exploits become more widely known both at home and abroad, they are called by the loudest voices.

“Roughly, it’s the Six Greats now. It’s already been more than a hundred years since the bloodline of the brave Loren was destroyed. Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to the heroes to call them the Second Coming?”

The Hero who came out of Roy’s mouth, Loren, was the man who dealt the coup de grace to the Demon King.

His ability is the best among the seven heroes.

However, it’s said that those who drew his blood were crushed.

The reason for this is that those who descended from him were not blessed with children.

This became more and more pronounced with each passing generation and at last they perished without having produced a single legitimate child.

In the present day, it’s said that this was the curse of the demon king.

“But father, it might mean that the blood of hero was secretly inherited.”

“…… Ren?”

“—- Six legitimate children born at about the same time. If those people are the reincarnation of the seven heroes, then there must also be those who have the blood of the hero Loren! This is no coincidence! It’s all the will of the god Elfen! I’m telling you that it’s no wonder that there are heroic nobles who think and act like that—-“

Actually, it is.

Ren added these last words in his mind.

This story is the main story in the legend of the Seven Heroes.

Because by now, the boy who draws the blood of Loren, the hero of the Legend of the Seven Heroes, would be living in a village in the countryside.

“I’m surprised, Roy-sama. This active movement of the heroes’ faction is just as Ren-dono predicted. There are more than a few among them who think just as you have said.”

“Ren, you’re really smart.”

“Yeah, he is. I’m really excited about the future.”

“Dad, Mom. This is not the time for compliments.”

Ren, embarrassed by the praise and concerned about the troublesome situation that was actually beginning to arise, said with a sigh.

Ren secretly furrowed his brow.

(Hmmm …… I didn’t realize how troublesome it would be if the position changed.)

In the Legend of the Seven Heroes, the heroes face many difficulties within the Leomel Empire.

In doing so, there were skirmishes with the Royalists and neutrals.

To be honest, there were times when the nobles of these two factions made comments that were unsettling and behaved in a manner that was unacceptable to them.

(Viscount Givens …… a bit troublesome)

But now it’s different.

Unlike the game days, this time I didn’t think I would feel bad towards the heroic nobility, on the contrary.

“—- Anyway.”

Suddenly, Ren muttered quietly.

“What’s wrong, Ren?” 

“No…… I was just curious……. The story you just told us is only about the time when legitimate children were born into the heroes’ families and it’s strange that it’s now causing such a fuss…….”

The knights were silent once more when they saw Ren beginning to think about it.

Then, a few minutes later.

The silence that had come to the room was dispelled by Ren, who had brought it to them.


When he turned to look at Ren’s powerful eyes, Roy was slightly overwhelmed.

“Do you remember how long ago it was that you defeated a D-rank demon?”

“Ah! I think it was about a year before you were born, so it was …… about eight years ago now!”

“……so maybe the influence of factional strife has been around since then.”

The knight was surprised for a moment, then immediately says with a look of admiration for Ren.

“You’re truly intelligent, Ren-dono. His Lordship had the same expectation. Perhaps Viscount Givens has been targeting this area since then.”

“So do you think that the Thief Wolfen is related to this?”

It was easy to think this way.

As Roy said, the Thief wolfen was an unusual situation.

“I’m told so. Apparently —-“

“I guess this is just a case of being impatient with the Baron Clausel family given the fact that they have been given a territory in the suburbs of the imperial capital.”


While the knight was surprised, Roy and Mireille were also surprised only Ren was calm.

(According to Weiss, it was only last year that the Clausel family acquired their new estate.)

This made the heroic faction wary of the Clausel family.

They probably feared that the Clausel family, with Saint Lithia, might switch sides from the neutralist faction to the royalist faction after the emperor had given them a territory.

Baron Clausel is also an excellent nobleman, so he may not have been able to tolerate the rise to power of the royalists.

(Let us recapitulate. Eight years before the first uproar —-)

It coincided with the time when the Hero faction was energized by the influence of a legitimate son born to all the seven great barons, and the factional strife was ignited.

(And this second time —-)

The Clausel family acquired a territory in the suburbs of the imperial capital.

Furthermore, the influence of Saint Lithia is inevitably involved.

Also, Baron Clausel is a talented nobleman, and it would be best if they could bring the entire Clausel family into their side.

And Viscount Givens couldn’t be ignored.

There’s currently no evidence that he has done anything.

However, considering the fact that he had behaved in such a strong manner so soon after the Thief Wolfen incident, it was hard to believe that he had nothing to do with it.

(Or, what are we going to do if he targets our village?….. Oh, Weiss told me it was the lord’s duty to protect his territory.)

The forces to be dispatched to the territory are at the discretion of the lord.

However, I have heard that if he makes a mistake in his judgment repeatedly, he may be punished.

Based on this story, there’s no possibility that the Clausel family will be punished for the great damage caused to Ren’s village and neighboring villages.

(So, if Viscount Givens….. or the Heroic Faction were to make Baron Clausel suffer that punishment…… then, after all, are they going to bring the Clausel family into the Heroic Faction.)

For example, Viscount Givens might defend Baron Clausel when he’s about to be impeached and then bring him into the Heroic Faction by ingratiating himself with him.

That would surely be a half-intimidating exchange.

Or it could be to crush the Clausel family and gain their territory for the faction.

(This is assuming that Viscount Givens has something to do with the two disturbances.)

This is only a prediction because there’s no evidence.

In any case, it remained a matter of strong caution.

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