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Volume 2 Giant Subjugation

Chapter 9: The Black Pig Prince Becomes Chubby

“Oh … Your Highness, are you going for a journey?”

 One morning, Brad was walking through the royal palace with a large travel bag, and Butler Abas called out in a casual tone.

“Oh, just a little in the mountains!”

“Oh, that’s good, that’s good! Your Highness is becoming more and more intelligent and active these days, this old man is overjoyed!”

 ”Well then take care!” , Brad raises one hand to respond to Abas then walks to the dragon pen with a bouncing gait.

“Good morning, Your Highness!”

“Brad-sama, you seem to be in a good mood!”

“Today you’re looking as dignified as ever!”

 He passes by maids, butlers, civil servants, knights, and many others, and each time he is greeted with a deep bow and a cheerful voice. He smiles as much as he can at each of them and replies with a witty remark.

(… I couldn’t imagine this happening before my memory returned)

 Brad feels progress and is proud.

 It’s already been two weeks since he regained his memory of his previous life, and a week after fighting his brother Alberto in the courtyard.

 His efforts in greeting and paying attention to others during those two weeks had paid off, and the rumor that he and Alberto had fought to a draw spread among the servants, giving him a good reputation among the people in the palace.

 At first, they were all a bit surprised by the sudden gentleness of Brad, but as Brad persevered and continued to be kind to them, they began to treat him normally in the past few days.

 To be honest, I’m grateful, considering I’ve done a lot of bad deeds. Well, even though I say bad deeds, because I had the deterrence of the king who is my father, when I think about it, it only ended up in the selfish category.

“… Ah, It’s Brad-sama”

“Isn’t he a little cool these days?”

“I know right! He’s changed. “

 Brad falls into a good mood, listening to the secret talk between the maids.

(……Is it possible that I look decent now?)

 I didn’t really notice because I was just practicing with Glace to get stronger, but now, two weeks later, my weight, which reached the 100 kilogram mark when I regained my memory, had dropped to almost 80 kilograms.

 When I checked the mirror again, I didn’t have the impression that I was fat anymore, partly because I’m originally tall. It’s just like a giant with a good physique. However, when I look at the bottom of my chin and my belly, I still feel that it’s puffy, so I think I’m totally “chubby”.

 Anyway, I’ve lost weight, and my lack of exercise and proper nutrition were resolved, and the daily care of my skin has improved so my skin, which used to be greasy and covered with pimples, has improved.

 I feel that my change from a dirty fat to a beautiful chubby also had an effect on the better reaction from my surroundings.

As I was moving my legs while thinking about that, I found myself at the dragon pen on the roof of the royal palace.


(…… Well, the real show is about to begin)

 When it comes to the relationships around him, Brad feels like he’s steadily increasing his allies and moving away from the death end, but the most important thing is simply “strength.”

 The death end cannot be avoided unless I have enough power to defeat the four demon generals.

 So Brad was going to ride a dragon from the dragon house and go to the labyrinth in Sky Mountain, commonly known as the “Mountain Range in the Sky”, where he would train as a mountain hermit.

If I follow my knowledge of “Final Quest”, I should be able to run the path to the strongest more efficiently than any known method.

 For that reason, for the past two weeks, I have been desperately preparing the minimum level and equipment, and learning the skill taught by Glace.

“Let’s go, partner! Let’s go become the strongest!”

 Brad mounts his beloved dragon, the Ice Dragon Gilgard, to fly to sky mountain. But just before he did.

“B-  Brad-sama, please wait desu~!”

 The familiar voice of a girl reaches my ears.

 It was Rosie, my exclusive maid, who rushed over.

 Brad had no choice but to come down from Gilgard’s back once more.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s not what’s wrong desu! Suddenly leaving only a letter and staying in the mountain … I don’t understand why desu! At least it’s not something the prince of a country does, and I’m happy you’re motivated to do all sorts of things, but I’ll be troubled if you don’t consult with me more in advance desu! “

 Rosie puffs her cheeks.

 I see, she’s right.

 When I thought about it, I couldn’t stand still and acted immediately, so the report was barely made and I ended up only leaving a letter. After all, no matter what kind of organization you’re in, you have to make sure that you report promptly.

 Even so, he thought that her angry figure was still cute like a rabbit, and stroked her head.

“Why … why are you stroking des!?”

 Rosie was clearly embarrassed, and her cheeks turned red.

“Well, I just thought you were cute”

“C c c… cute !?”

 When I thought that her face was so red it was about to steam, Rosie broke down and froze like a stone statue.

 And after being stiff for a while–

“Praising me randomly like that, It’s unforgivable desu ~ ♡”

 She looked down and said this as if she were shy.

 …… It doesn’t look like she’s really angry.

(Hmm, good. My maid is still cute today.)

 Brad was prone to teasing Rosie on a regular basis because she’s petite and looks childish, and her emotional reactions are so interesting.

 Teasing is only possible when there’s mutual trust, and if she doesn’t like it, I’ll stop immediately, but as of now, she doesn’t seem to mind it, and it makes me feel relaxed, so I guess it’s okay. Maybe.

“Well, I’m off!”

 Anyway, my maid’s mood was taken care of, and I thought I should go training immediately, so I tried to mount Gilgard again.

“No, please wait, desu! Not now desu! Tomorrow…… No, at least until afternoon!”

 Rosie, who had come to her senses, hurriedly stopped me.

 Normally she scolds me for being selfish but forgives me in the end, but what’s happening today?


“Why… did you forget!? Marie-sama will be in the royal palace today, so I’ve been reminding you not to forget desu!”

 Brad was shocked when he heard that.

 I was just thinking about getting stronger and wasn’t really listening, but I feel like I might have been told that.

“… Was the appointment with Marie today?”

“Today desu! I mean, she’s already–“

 Rosie was still speaking when…

“-Oh, Brad-sama you’re terrible.”

 It was like the song of a little bird-a girl’s voice, which was a combination of cute and transparency, quietly echoed on the roof of the royal palace.

 Looking back, I found a beautiful young lady with a quiet atmosphere.

“I was wondering what you were doing taking a leave of absence, but I never thought you would forget your promise to me, your fiancée.”

 The girl, like a fairy with golden hair, was Marie El Folktus, the daughter of the Duke and Brad’s fiancée.

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