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Chapter 10: Prince Kurobuta swears to his fiancée

 Marie El Folktus.

 The daughter of Duke Folktus, the Chancellor of the Kingdom, and Brad’s fiancée.

 Being a prince’s fiancée, her education and family background are beyond reproach, and she even possesses fragile good looks that have earned her the nickname “Fairy Princess” among the nobility and their children.

 But because of that perfection, Brad wasn’t good with her.

 It was similar to his jealousy towards his excellent younger brother Alberto, because the more prominent Marie’s perfection was, the more his own incompetence became apparent, and the louder the voices that said the engagement was disproportionate.

 And because Brad had a proud and arrogant personality, while Marie was calm and had weak emotional expression, it was hard to say that the relationship between the two was good. Being fiancés, they behaved as expected but before they noticed, they had a relationship like that of a fake couple.

Even in the “Final Quest” work, Marie did not appear directly, but when she appeared in the form of hearsay in the conversation between the hero and Alberto, it was revealed that she “gave up on Brat, who had fallen into darkness, and fled to another country”. In fact, it’s easy to imagine that if the story went as it did in the game, it would happen.

 But that’s just the case when it goes according to the game. In the first place, if brad does not fall into the darkness, she wouldn’t give up on me. With that in mind, Brad postponed the restoration of his relationship with Marie even after the memories of his previous life were restored.

 Is this punishment for that?

“Huh, you want you to break off our engagement!?”

 When Marie abruptly broke off the engagement, Brad let out a dumb voice.

 Since we couldn’t really talk on the roof, we moved to a room in the royal palace that was reserved for guests. Brad was facing Marie across a small round table.

 I thought that I would spend a relaxing and elegant time with my fiancée, so I had Rosie serve expensive tea from the south and enjoyed it while relaxing.

(This is a joke right?)

 I felt like I was dipped in cold water.

 Who would have thought that after meeting for the first time in a long while, I would be told to break the engagement at the very beginning? Originally we weren’t very close to each other, so I felt uncomfortable when she said she wanted to talk in private, but I had no idea she wanted to talk about this.

 Marie nodded as if to answer Brad’s inner questions.

 Marie isn’t joking, and isn’t the type who jokes around in the first place. Apparently, she’s serious.

“Why … why are you suddenly bringing this up?”

“I know it’s sudden, but do you really not know?”

 Marie doesn’t move her fairy-like face and asks me indifferently.

“There’s no reason for such a sudden breakup…”

 …… No, there were too many.

 Like this time, I neglected my fiancée Marie, acted arrogantly to the people around me at every turn, and lazily devoured sweets in my room without studying or training. Far from being a royal, I was disqualified as a human being, it’s a miracle that I haven’t had my engagement broken off till now.

 Looking at the cold sweating Brad, Marie takes a small breath in a dismay.

“Currently, your reputation is the worst. I’ve been preparing to be queen since I was a child. On the other hand, you have no awareness of being royalty and haven’t made any effort. You’ve abandoned your duties as part of the royal family, and I’ve run out of patience. “

 Marie’s words were so true that I couldn’t say anything back.

(But why at this timing …?)

In the “Final Quest” work, it’s said that she abandoned Brad after he fell into darkness, so it should be that time that the engagement gets abandoned. If the engagement is abandoned at this timing, the story may be different from the game.

(No way, is it my influence …?)

 I wonder if the world is changing as a result of Brad regaining his memories from his previous life and acting differently from the game.

(But since my memory came back, I’ve been changing for the better, It doesn’t make sense to ask to break the engagement at this time.)

 I couldn’t guess what she was thinking.

 Or is it the pattern where she says that she wants to break off the engagement, but doesn’t actually do so in the end?

“… I’ve already spoken to His Majesty, so don’t worry about that. He said ” His folly was 100% to blame. I don’t have the right to stop you anymore.” That’s why it’s okay to break the engagement, right?”

 But Marie had completely filled in the outer moat and showed no signs of hesitation. If I don’t say anything, she’ll probably just go ahead and break off the engagement.

“Hey … wait a minute. Aren’t you being a bit too hasty?”

“Oh, I’m surprised you stopped me. I thought you didn’t care about me at all, and you seem to have forgotten about our appointment as well.”

 Brad clammed up at the sarcasm, but this was not the time to be dissuaded.

“… I’m sorry I forgot our appointment, but it’s not like I didn’t care. As you can see from this figure, I’m finally reflecting on the fact that I can’t go on like this and I’m in the process of trying to change. Marie…… I wanted you to see me as I grew physically and mentally and became cool, and I didn’t want you to see me in a half-baked state. That’s why I decided to postpone meeting like this. “

 Those words suddenly came out of his mouth, but they were Brad’s true feelings.

 Brad wasn’t good with Marie, but he never hated her. Rather, he had been fond of her since childhood, which is why he felt terribly inferior when compared to her and kept her away by treating her roughly.

 After regaining my memory, one of my great motivations was to become a man suitable for Marie. This time, thinking of meeting her after I had become a more perfect man turned out to be a bad thing, but I can assure you it wasn’t because I didn’t care about her..

 It wasn’t my intention to end my relationship with her in this way. I want to change her mind somehow.

 I’m not sure if my feelings were conveyed even a little, but Marie dropped her gaze.

“… Surely when I met you earlier, I didn’t know who you were at first because your appearance had changed so much. I get the impression that your demeanor has become softer. I think you’re making an effort to change. “

“Then …!”

 But Marie shakes her head.

“I’ve been expecting it many times before, and each time I’ve been disillusioned by you. I can’t trust you so easily, and I’m sure the nobles and people around you don’t either. If you don’t show us results, we won’t be convinced. In order for your Highness to regain your lost honor, you will have to perform some heroic feats. For example, ……, winning the Sword Dance Festival, or something of that magnitude.”

 –Sword dance festival.

 It is a battle tournament that decides the strongest of the school, which is held every year at the Royal Windstar Magic Academy where Brad is enrolled. The winner will be given a great honor along with the title of “Sword saint” by the King. It’s a tournament all the nobles attending the academy dream of winning.

 Certainly, if I can win such a prestigious tournament, I may be able to clear my name.

“But that’s impossible, so let’s just proceed with the annulment.

“You’ll reconsider if I win?”

 But as soon as he heard that, Brad’s eyes lit up.

 Winner of the sword dance festival.

 In the past, this was something that couldn’t be achieved even if the world turned over, even in a dream for the previous Brad. However, it was difficult, but achievable, for Brad, who regained the memories of his previous life.

“Huh? um…… I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve always been the lowest-ranked student in sword and magic classes, haven’t you? I’m not sure if you can even qualify for the preliminaries, let alone win.”

“It’s going to be difficult, but it’s not decided that it can’t be done.”

 Brad laughed invincibly at Marie, who gave a decent view, then knelt down in one fluid motion in front of her.

 And gently takes Marie’s delicate hand like a knight courting a princess,

“I swear to the sword god Balzak … I will definitely win the sword dance festival, so please refrain from breaking this engagement at this time.”

“Oh, huh, …… what?”

 Not minding that Marie looked puzzled and flustered, Brad kissed the back of her white hand.

 It was an embarrassing act that Kurokawa Hayato of the previous life could never do, but he was accustomed to it as Brad, who had performed many rituals as part of the royal family.

 In addition, he lost nearly 20 kilograms, and the scene that would have once looked like a black pig begging for food was now like a scene from a hero’s tale.

  Marie’s cheeks flushed slightly, perhaps thanks to Brad’s growth, but Brad stood up without noticing and with a little lingering emotion.

“Hmm ……, it seems that I have to become stronger no matter what! I can’t stay like this, I have to go training right away!”

 See you soon, Marie! Brad, who was in a rushing state like a gamer who forgets to eat and sleep to play his new game, turned his back on Marie as it was.

“Ah … wait a minute!”

 Marie, who was in a daze, hurriedly called out to him, but Brad couldn’t stop anymore.

 Brad one-sidedly ran out of the room.


(… It’s become troublesome)

 As the carriage drove down the slope from the royal palace that stood tall on a small hill, Marie El Folktas sighed with a twisted expression on her beautiful face.

” Marie-sama, are you fine with this?”

  Remilia, Marie’s exclusive maid, asks with a mysterious look on her face. Marie paused for a few seconds then glanced at the maid.

“Of course, it’s not okay. But Brad one-sidedly said that and went somewhere, so there was nothing I could do about it. Well, there’s no way His Highness could win the Sword Dance Festival, so I guess it won’t make a difference. “

“No, there’s that too but…… I’m just wondering if you shouldn’t have told Brad-sama the real reason you broke off the engagement.”

 When Remilia asked her straight, Marie opened her eyes wide. Then she stiffened for a while and left her mouth agape as if wanting to say something.


 Yes, the reason for the annulment of the engagement this time was not what I told Brad.

 It is true that Brad had abandoned his duties as a prince, but recently he seems to have converted and has a very good reputation. In particular, the measures that he’s promoting with his private funds are gaining support, especially from the poor and commoners, as they are considered to be “personal reforms. Although it’s necessary to wait and see, there’s no longer any reason to break off the engagement because of this.

 So although the real reason for breaking off the engagement was something else, Marie didn’t tell Brad but dared to give him a false reason.

 Marie looked up at the cloudy sky from the carriage window with a melancholic look.

“… I think there are things in the world that are better left unknown, surprisingly more than you think.”

 She muttered those words.

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    Her being a ‘see you next Tuesday’ really depends on this mysterious reason that they author couldn’t just say instead of cliffhangering it. I’m still sticking with my initial hypothesis on that though until proven otherwise. In fact I’m adding to it and saying she’s aiming for his brother.

    Go with the maid, bro. She’s a good girl and doesn’t come with the drama.

  3. Yeah, no, don’t try and give some vague fairy tale reasoning for breaking off the engagement and lying. I bet it’s a shallow and stupid reason. She will learn how narrow minded she is and come to regret it. Can’t wait

  4. “It’s going to be difficult, but it’s not decided that it can’t be done. All I have to do is use my power to make all other possible winner retire earlier due to unexpected accidents!”

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