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8. Preface to the full-scale war

 When Nigris healed Altera.

 The great nobleman Erad was interacting with a crow in his mansion.

 This crow is a wild bird used by Erad and is useful for gathering information.

“Hoh, so Nigris’ heal makes it as if it never happened?”

 He came to learn of Nigris’s healing ability.

 He had planted a reconnaissance magic circle deep inside Altera, deep enough that it could not be affected. A depth that the collapse skill could never reach. That is her heart.

 Thanks to that, he was able to know the existence of the healing that makes “what was” “not” without being noticed by Nigris.

 This is a very interesting magic.

 He reached the origin of magic without any skills?

“This is amazing! No wonder he beat Azel-kun!”

 This was the first time in a while he was so excited and he couldn’t help speaking in a high voice.

 Then his eyes met the crow’s eyes and he regains his composure.

“Don’t look with such cold eyes. Even I can get excited, right?”

 Behind his easy-going attitude, he has a human-like fervor.

 He sat in the chair he was accustomed to sitting on.

“It seems that Holy knights leader Jeanne has also arrived. It was the right idea to play with Altera-chan’s memory.”

 At that time, during the few minutes that Jeanne was attending the meeting, Altera’s memories had been tampered with.

 The memories of Jeanne and the Holy Church were completely removed and she was released in the forest near the slums. He took advantage of Nigris’ personality, who is quick to help any poor child, and watched him heal Altera.

“My magic circles are convenient after all.”

 He activates a hexagram formation in his palm.

 As if guided by the magical glow, the crow flies to Erad’s shoulder.

“To manipulate people and play with their hearts. How perfect.”

 He also grasped the essence of Nigris’ magic which was an uncertain factor.

 He had an excellent harvest.

 I’m not bad, you know?

 Jeanne, who turned hostility towards me, is bad.

 I just get rid of all the obstacles.

 Besides, the final adjustment of this body will be finished soon.

“I’ve achieved my purpose, but let’s see what else they can do.”

  The corners of his mouth deepened in eerie amusement.

“It’s ironic that your desire to help others will put your own people in danger.”

 And Jeanne and Altera.

 The ending of these two people has been decided.

“They’re all stupid. They don’t even realize that living for someone is a wasteful act similar to strangling yourself.”

 Erad laughs and keeps observing.

 His true body is almost ready.


 It was the center of the slums.

 This is where Nigris and Azel fought.

“… What are you doing in this mistress’ territory?”

 With the holy sword on her waist, a terrible murderous intent attacks the surroundings.

 Florence, who lost her usual sweetness, reminds her subordinates why she is feared.

 She’s just weird when she’s with Nigris.

 She must be more ruthless than anyone else, but she is also prepared to give up her life for the sake of the slums.

 It’s her awareness of being the lord.

“Head …!”

“Calm down., they haven’t pulled out their swords. It seems that they don’t want to involve the inhabitants.”(Florence)

 Apparently, they didn’t come to take control of the slums.

 The Holy Church was a skill-based force.

 Skill is the goddess’s revelation given to the chosen ones.

 Hence, Altera was allowed to live. However, that was on the condition that Jeanne kept her under her protection.

“My sister should be here.”

“Hmm, you’re sister? I don’t have that kind of information.”

“No need to lie. I’m just here to get her back.”

“There’s no such person here. Leave, it’s not your place to be here.”

 Nigris and others appear in this situation where neither side will give an inch.


“Hah … Fels’s rice is waiting for me.”

“… Altera !!”

 Jeanne shouts the name of her sister, who she finally finds.

 However, she hides behind Nigris.

“… Altera, we’re going home.”

“What’s this all of a sudden?” (Nigris)

 Florence looks relieved.

 If they don’t have to fight here, it’s better that way.

 I don’t know why she’s with Nigris though.

“… Who is that onee-san?”

9. 《Sacred Knight Jeanne》

“Huh, it’s me Altera! Did you forget your own sister …?”

“I don’t know …! Who are you!”

 I felt uncomfortable being between Jeanne in front of me and Altera, who grabbed my clothes tightly.

 Hm… sister?

 It’s true that she’s still quite young, and I can understand if I’m told that she’s her sister.

“Wait, Altera seems to have lost her memory.”

“What did you say?”

“She remembers her name and skills, but otherwise everything is a bit blurry.”

“… I can’t believe it. And who are you?”

“I’m Nigris, a healer.”

“Nigris …? I’ve heard that name somewhere”

 It’s no wonder she’s skeptical.

 But from my point of view, there’s no evidence that Jeanne is her sister.

 I can’t just hand her over.

 And that sword sitting on her waist.

 What is it? Its atmosphere is strangely different from others.

 This is no ordinary person.

 Florence seemed to know, and had a very heavy expression.

  To make Florence, who has an S rank swordsmanship, break out in a cold sweat…

 Fels also seemed very cautious.

 I was curious and tried to appraise her.


[Race] Human

 Jeanne 19 years old ♀ Condition: Alert

During magical power

Swordfighter SS / SS

Magic C / C

Dexterity B / B

Loyalty 0

 【The chosen one】

 Owner of the holy sword, Arondite.

 ……Are you serious

 Her swordsmanship reached the level of SS at the age of 19?

 …… There are some real geniuses in the world.

 Fels is the only one with swordsmanship aptitude SS here. But even she hasn’t set foot in that area. It’s a bad idea to get into a fight.

 …… No one can win. No, I might be able to win if I fought, but I’m not sure what the circumstances are.

 I want to avoid fighting if possible.

 And the holy sword.

 I don’t know the details, but it seems dangerous.

“Since I helped her, I have to take responsibility. I can’t give her to you so easily.”

“Thank you for your help, Nigris-san, but from here on, it’s the business of the Holy Church.”

“… do you want to go Altera?”

“No, I hate this… I don’t know her!”

“What did that old fox do … it’s okay. I’ll do something about it, so let’s go home.”

“Go away! You’ll bully me and call me a curse like everyone else!”

“You’re wasting our time … no, come quickly.”

 Her voice gradually becomes more frightening.

 Yeah…… It’s scary.

 If it was intimidation from an ordinary person, it won’t be so scary.

 However, the intimidation of someone who’s reached a swordsmanship level of SS is reminiscent of death.

  I could only give a wry smile as the people around me receded.

 This girl is clumsy.

 What she should do is just smile honestly.

 Thanks to this, I think Jeanne may be a serious person.

 She was really worried, she really wanted to protect her, so was feeling angry, naturally as a sister.

“… Altera, sure that woman is scary, but I don’t think she’s your enemy.”


“Those are the eyes of someone who’s worried about their family.”

 It’s hard to see with the burning aura around her, but you can see it in her eyes.

  They’re the eyes of someone who loves her family.

 Arisa interrupted me saying “Huh …”.

“Nigris sometimes you say weird things. No matter how you look at it, she’s a villain.”

“I agree with Arisa. That’s a little … too dangerous.” (Fels)

 Weird is disrespectful.

 Well, even if she’s not, it’s Altera who decides.

“No, I don’t want to ……. I like it here.”

“Altera!! You can’t afford to be selfish!”

“You don’t need to yell. I’m responsible for her so I’ll take good care of her.” (Nigris)

“Don’t say irresponsible things! I hate people like you who claim good intentions! Even though they have no power …!”

 Don’t be so blunt.

 Are you pissed off because Altera rejected you?

“I have the power. I can heal Altera’s collapse..”

“What …? You can’t possibly believe that!”

“Altera, can you remove your gloves?”


“Stop stupid! That hand is already!”

 A beautiful girl’s hand came out of the removed gloves.

 Still, it’s starting to darken a little … The collapse happens quickly.

“… Ah, Altera … that hand”

“It’s because I healed it…”

 Jeanne was trying to reach out.

 It’s the beautiful hand of her sister. Of course she’ll want to touch it.

“‘…… I see. There was such a person in the slums? If only I had known a little earlier.”

 This should be a little convincing.

 The collapse won’t be stopped if she takes Altera home.

 I can stop it.

 I hope she can trust that I’m not an enemy.

“That’s why ────”

“Watch out, it’s the adherent dragon!”

“Why are you coming back again!”

 A nearby soldier notices and shouts.

 By the way, I forgot that I left him in the mansion.

 Seeming a little angry, the adherent dragon landed behind me.


“Are you angry? Sorry … I forgot.”

 ……I feel bad.

 Should I give him some meat later?

“… The adherent dragon?”

 Jeanne points her finger and confirms.

 I nodded.

“… By the way, I heard that there’s a great healer in the slums. He’s called the shadow ruler who tamed a dragon and saved the inhabitants …”

“No, it’s a complete lie.”

  Jeanne clenched her fists and turned her head.

 What do you mean, “tamed a dragon”? It just follows me on its own

 The rest is just normal appraisal and healing.

“… I see, Nigris-san, you were the ruler of the shadows?”

“That’s just what the people around me say! I don’t know anything about it!!”

“… I have to get rid of you.”

“I’m telling you it’s different”

 Another one who doesn’t listen to people.

 …… Her killing intent increased.

” Nigris-sama! Please stand back. Her atmosphere has changed.”

“I know. Altera, get back.”


“Dragon-san!?” ( Altera)

 The adherent dragon grabbed Altera and flapped its wings.

 Well, if it’s in the sky, she won’t be able to do anything.

“… I’m sorry. I’m grateful to you for healing my sister’s hand, but I’m the leader of the holy knights.”

“Is that related to the reason you pulled out your sword?”

” The slums are a potential threat to the three major powers in this country. You are considered the most dangerous of them all, and the council has decided to kill you.”

 …… Don’t decide my death on your own.

 The blade that Jeanne pulled out was dazzling.

“I understand that this is one-sided and unreasonable, so at least I’ll bury you with this holy sword “Arondite “.”

 I broke out in a cold sweat.

 That sword … It has a magic circle engraved on it.

 But it’s a little different from the previous magic circle. It had a more complex shape than the six-pointed star.


 Is it a nine-pointed star instead of a six-pointed star?

 Holy sword [Arondite]

It has been regarded as a hope to cut down devils and light up the night.

 It is one of the seven swords of the Holy Church.

 And it’s a sword with a magic circle engraved on it.

10. Gain credit

Heavy clothed layered heal.

 ──── She’s coming.

 However, Jeanne stopped in her tracks.

 Florence was the first to take the initiative.

 A merciless swordfight occurs.

 Three strikes in one blink. This is a battle of those with Swordsmanship aptitude S rank or higher.

 However, she’s overwhelmed by her sword and ability.


“Ku …! I held her back as much as I could!”

“… I won’t say it’s cowardly. I’m the one who said I didn’t want to fight in the first place.” (Jeanne)

 I immediately deploy a full healing.

 It’s impossible to win, no matter how much Jeanne can do, if I also provide support at the same time

“Whole healing magic ……? This is such a high density magic and requires such delicate technique. No ordinary wizard can do it, that’s amazing.”

“It’s annoying that you can afford to be fascinated.”

“I’m here too!”

 Fels kicked the ground and flashed past her. But she’s easily blocked.

“… If you don’t want to be cut down, stay back.”

“… Does this mean I can’t even reach her !?”

 She bit her lower lip in frustration.

 Her swordsmanship aptitude hasn’t risen from A yet.

 Besides, this opponent is a heavy load for just two people.

 As I was thinking about this, Arisa comes forward and says in a lively voice.

“Okay, my turn!”

 I tapped Arisa, who stuck her tongue out and rolled up her sleeves.

 This girl, she only wants to shoot fireballs.

“Think about the damage you’ll do”

“Eh!? But I want a turn!”

“No fireballs allowed!

“Mmm! Next time we get a job, you’ll let me shoot right?”


 Arisa, who has the highest firepower, may cause collateral damage. If the two who have the most sword aptitude and the ones we can usually count on can’t reach her, then I’ll have to do it myself.

 Arisa stands down obediently.

“Healer Nigris. I want you to know.”


“Why is this sword called a holy sword?”

 She pointed the tip at me then stabbed it into the ground.

 Into the ground? What is she trying to do?

“This magic engraving absorbs magic. I’m sorry but I’ll be taking your magic.”

 Sorry, but I don’t know much about magic circles.

 The healing magic that had been deployed shattered. 

…… Doesn’t my healing magic break a lot these days?

 Well, it’s not magic for combat in the first place. It’s no surprise.

 Anyway, what does she want to do by absorbing my magic? Does she convert it into her own magic power?

“The absorbed magic swells several times and gathers in Arondite to become a single point of light.”

 The light from Arondite that absorbed the magic is even stronger than before.

 …… It seems a little dangerous.

 Heavy clothed layered heal

 I make it even harder for insurance.

 Jeanne pulled Arondite out of the ground and swings the sword at him.

“Arondite, Sword of Glory”

 A flash of light struck me in an instant.


 I take a defensive posture with no time to think and block the attack.

 If I avoid it, the building will be damaged.

 I don’t want to waste everyone’s efforts that went into fixing it.

 I notice a strange sound coming from my ears.

 That’s a nasty sound! Do I have to use a third one?

 If I try to use a third one, my body will creak and I won’t be able to move my joints.

 Then I’ll just be like a wooden figure.

 Piki …… Paki …….

 Heavy clothed healing is beginning to collapse.

 Can I bear it until it breaks …?

 The light suddenly burst and my blocked view returns.

 All that remained was the image of Jeanne quietly lowering the tip of her holy sword.

“… Why didn’t you avoid it?”

“I didn’t want the houses everyone worked on to be destroyed again. Rather, listen to me.”

“…… I’ll listen, if only for a moment.

 Finally willing to listen, Jeanne relaxed her sword.

 Seeing that, Florence and Fels also felt relieved.

“I haven’t thought about doing anything against the kingdom. Even if the slums become rich, we will never threaten the three major powers.”

“Can you guarantee it?”


 When I called her name, she looked like she was surprised, then smiled lightly and nodded.

“If Nigris says so, this mistress will obey.”

“That’s how it is.”

“……I see”

 She closed her eyes and turned around for a few seconds.

 This girl is a lot more beautiful than I thought.

 With such good looks, there was no way any man would leave her alone, but with her strength and hard expression, I can understand why men won’t come close.

 Then, her face softened a little.

“Altera’s skills cannot be stopped by anyone. She has been allowed to live because she is under the Holy Church.”

“So you’ve come to reclaim her?”

“The Holy Church hasn’t noticed yet. If it’s found that she’s missing, Altera will be killed.”

 I could understand Jeanne’s feelings.

 Rather than asking a stranger, she’d rather rely on herself to save her life.

 It’s not strange to try to get her back even if it means killing.

“I understand your strength and your kindness. I can only speak with my sword.”

“You’re a really clumsy person.”

“I’ve been cold to Altera in order to keep her alive.”

 ……I see.

 I could easily imagine it.

 For Jeanne, it’s easy to kill Altera.

 But there is a need to gain trust first. The Holy Church will not allow Jeanne to stay by her side unless she treats Altera more coldly than anyone else.

 She’s a person before being a knight. And they’re sisters.

“If we part in this form, it can’t be helped.”

 …… Don’t say that with such a pained face.

 Jeanne bowed deeply to me.

“When I saw the healing of her collapsed hand, I thought you were amazing.”

“… I know it’s impossible to trust me but at least I won’t kill Altera, like the Holy Church.” (Nigris)

“… You’re really a great guy. It’s normal to be scared of me.”

 I felt like the real Jeanne came out.

 I don’t know how much the collapse will affect, but I’ll help as much as my healing makes possible.

“… Please tell me when Altera’s memory comes back. I’ll be back.”

“Wait. Stay here and stay by Altera’s side for a little while.”

“I’ll make Altera unhappy.”

“So you’re going back?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll come occasionally.”

“This mistress hopes that if you come, you do so a little more quietly.”

 That’s true.

 Every time Jeanne comes, it’s going to be a big commotion.

“Healer Nigris. Please take care of Altera.”

 I was told that and couldn’t reply immediately.

 Jeanne should be with her, is what I was thinking.

 However, Altera in the sky was scared of Jeanne.

 …… There’s no doubt that she should keep her distance.

 But this feels sad.

11. Those who cannot choose

  That night.

 Footsteps echo in the mansion of the great aristocrat Erad.

 When she came to the room with a terrace, Jeanne pulled out the holy sword.

 Erad applauds Jeanne as if he were expecting her.

“You’re here! It was a wonderful sisterly love. And Nigris was strong, wasn’t he?”

“… Erad. You led Altera to that place.”

“… that old story? I’m not interested anymore, do I have to listen?”

 Erad faced Jeanne looking fed up.

 Jeanne lied to Nigris.

 In order to settle everything by herself, she is challenging Erad alone. She was confident that she would win, but most of all, she felt responsible.

 Altera’s memory was erased and she was sent to the slums because she aimed at Erad.

“Well, I knew you would leave Altera to him.”

“What does that mean?”

“What do you think this is?”

 Erad flashed a piece of paper towards Jeanne. There was a formal death sentence to Altera from the Holy Church.

“You! What does this mean!”

“What’s wrong? She was kept alive because she was under your watch. I’m not my fault you know? She couldn’t be taken back from the slums right?”

“…! Why would you do that? What’s the point!”

“The point? Truth is, there’s no meaning. It just sounds interesting.”

“Interesting …? What’s interesting about deceiving and manipulating people!”

 Jeanne could not hide her displeasure at Erad who kept on smiling.

“You have two options left. Will you kill Altera and stay in the Holy Church? Or will you break the orders of the Holy Church and hide in the slums as a rebel? I’m curious, which one will you choose? Or will you die without a choice? “

 There’s no doubt that both were cruel roads.

 If the Holy Church really comes to kill Altera, Jeanne alone can’t compete.

 There are at least seven holy swords in this world. If even two holy sword wielders gather, even Nigris will lose.

“… I don’t choose either of them.”


“I choose the path to kill you and make Altera happy with this holy sword.”

 Jeanne was determined. When she saw Altera’s beautiful hands, she thought,

 ’I think Altera can be happy if she’s near this man named Nigris.’

 She wanted to entrust that man with something she couldn’t do.

“…… Hmmm, you’re stupid.”

“I didn’t like that smirk. No matter what magic circle you use, my holy sword will cut through it. I won’t hear you beg for your life.”

“Deployment open”

 As he said that, countless small magic circles were deployed in the room, and Jeanne was surrounded.

“Do you think I don’t know the effect of your Holy Sword?”

“So, you can’t take any measures! Don’t think you’ll die easily!”

 The magic circle that should be an obstacle is cut in two and disappears

 Jeanne swings down the holy sword at close range with a light far stronger than when she attacked Nigris.

“Arondite, Sword of Glory!! “

 Light shines in the darkness.

 As expected, even the whimsical Erad should despair ──── laughing?


 Para … Para … the rubble falls.

“Aah … my mansion is half destroyed.”

 That was troublesome.

 I have to say it was unexpected that I had to release my full power at that moment.

“But it looks like you didn’t notice my reversal magic circle.”

 It’s not a matter of quick thinking, but Erad was aiming for that from the beginning.

 The only way to beat the Holy Sword is with the Holy Sword.

 So he reversed the attack.

 Jeanne was defeated.

He stood in front of Jeanne, who was buried in rubble, with bright red blood spreading.

“Your sword won’t reach me.”

 The bloody odor rides on the wind, and the chilly wind felt comfortable.

“I won’t kill you, because your love for your sister is still useful.”

 A crow was flying in the night sky.

“Healer Nigris. I wonder what you’ll look like when you lose your friends.”

 Seeing his newly created magic circle, he laughs with a devious smile.

It was a magic circle specialized to deal with Nigris.

 It was inscribed with the words Nigris・ Magic・Law・Perfect・Nothingness・Transformation.

12. Guild Master Request 


 We were at the adventurer’s guild that day.

 After a long time, Arisa had wanted to unleash her magic, so we decided to make some money while we were there. 

 And Florence had been concentrating on investigating the great nobles for a while now, there was no movement at the moment.

 It’s been a few days since Jeanne left.

 Altera is a normal girl if she wears her gloves, and she’s also stable, so we left her in the slums. But I limited the quests I can accept to places relatively close to the slums so that if something happens, I can go back immediately. 

 Is the best place the forest with the adherent dragon? It’s close to the slums. 

 I call out to a receptionist with a short hairstyle. 

“Oh, that’s no good nya, please take this one.” 

 The quest that I originally intended to receive is withdrawn, and a new quest form is handed over.

 I was surprised at the client. 

“… It’s a direct request to us?” 

 An S rank monster. It was a quest to kill a Hydra.

 It was supposed to have been hibernating in a cave in the forest the adherent dragon lives, but for some reason, it had woken up and was rampaging through the forest.

 Defeating a hydra, huh? With my healing magic, I should be able to pull it off. We can afford it. 

  If they’re asking us, who are currently D-ranked, to do an S-ranked quest, does that mean they know who we are to some extent? 

“A quest from the new guild master. Should I accept it?”

“… What is” Nya “?” (Fels)

“Nya is Nya Nyan”

“You’re noisy. aren’t those cat ears fake?”

“They’re not fake nya! These are real nya!”

“… I’m getting angry.”


 Fels, I understand, but please calm down.

 Hmm, a new guildmaster. The previous guildmaster was rotten, but what kind of person is he? 

 I have a bad feeling about this direct request.

 I don’t think we should accept 

“You can’t refuse it nyan”


“The former receptionist. You guys pulled out Risha-senpai nyan. That’s why the current guild master is angry nyan.”

“……Are you serious” 

 Certainly I was the one who pulled out Risha.

 Because I thought she was insanely talented.

 …… I want to get along with the new Guild Master if possible. 

“If you succeed in this quest you’ll be forgiven nyan.”

“Can I believe that?”

“Yes. That person is very protective of this kind of thing. “

“……Is that so” 

 Hmm. Should I believe it once, even though I’ve never met him?

 Perhaps he’s connected to the great aristocrat Erad. We should be able to approach him and get some information.

 Either way, let’s be vigilant. 

“OK. We’ll take the quest.”

“I thought you would nya! By the way, it’s a lie that you don’t have the right to refuse nyan, cause we don’t have that right nya!” 

 …… The cat ears moved.

 No way are they really the real thing?


 It’s already rare to see a beastman, but I’ve never one as a receptionist in the adventurer’s guild.


“Hey, you’re in the way.

“Hmm … oh my bad”


 There was an adventurer lined up behind me.

 I wanted to ask a few more questions, even though I was done with the request process.


 He looks like a young adventurer with his party members behind him.


“What do you mean, “get out of the way”? Can’t you guys wait a minute?”

“Huh, a Nino! get away from me, disgusting.”!

“Huh? I don’t live my life to be made fun of by a brat like you!” 

 Arisa was enraged.

 It seems her resistance has become weaker, probably because she hasn’t been discriminated against recently. 

 I also became a little irritated, but this is the wrong place. If we stand out negatively, we’ll leave a bad impression. 

“You look like small fry. We’re B rank, but what about you?”

“… D rank”

“See, small fry.” 

 We’re being laughed at.

 …… It’s a familiar sight, I’d just forgotten. 

 Ranks are almost like a hierarchy system among adventurers. I don’t like it but I understand his attitude.

“We’re going to go to the adherent dragon’s forest, and we’re going to quickly defeat the A-rank monster Behemoth, and get promoted to A-rank. That’s why small fry like you are in the way.”

“……Is that so”

“If you understand, move” 

 Fels had a bitter smile. For those who know their abilities, It’s no wonder that they look so childish. 

 However, Arisa’s anger did not subside. 

“We’re going Arisa”

“Let go of me, Nigris! I have to hit him, at least one shot!”

“No, let’s go release your magic.”

“… Hmm, you think I’d be happy with that?”

  We headed to the adherent dragon’s forest to fulfill our request. 

 On leaving, I heard the conversation from the reception desk behind me. 

“No, no! You can’t take it nya!”

“It’s okay, we can handle it!”

“No, it’s no good!” 

 …… I’m a bit worried.




“Fireball !! Ahahaha! I’m a genius after all!” 

 She’s happy.

 She was shooting a fireball at an injured Behemoth we met along the way.

 A wounded monster is terrifying. It’s many times more spirited than normal.

 …… The guys from earlier should have been the ones to beat it, but it met and attacked us, so we had no choice. Don’t resent us. 

“I’ve improved my skills, right?”

“Ohh, You’re starting to learn how to adjust magic.”

“Hmmm, praise Arisa-san ~”


 Magic aptitude SS is no joke.

 Although the power should be adjusted, the firepower is still higher than when it was S rank. But the range was smaller. 

” Nigris-sama, this time, our  main aim is to defeat the Hydra right.”

“It seems it usually stays in the depths of the forest, but it’s been coming out recently.”

“There’s no sign of it …”

“It can’t be helped. Let’s search slowly while hunting monsters like this.”

“Ahahaha! Fireball!”


 …… Should I tell her to stop?

 Monsters will probably run away because we’re rampaging too much.


 After strolling through the forest for a while, we reunited with the party we met in the Adventurer’s Guild earlier.


“Oh, those brats from earlier.” (Arisa)

“It’s the bottom D rank party from earlier. What are you doing?”

“What are we doing? We’re doing a quest.”

“Huh? Then don’t do it today. There seems to be an injured behemoth. If you meet it, you’ll die.”

“Oh that, I just beat it.” (Arisa) 

 The difficulty of subduing an A-rank Behemoth is quite high. I can tell by appraisal that it’s too much for them to handle.

 Is their average B? … Their potential is also about B and there’s no room for further growth.

 I know they want to go up, but if they don’t know their limits, they’ll die someday.


“Hey, this Nino is lying, right?”

“It’s not a lie. We certainly defeated it.” (Nigris)

“……You idiots, people are trying to give you advice and even small fries like you think you can deal with them.”

 They mocked me, but I didn’t think anything of it.

 They continued to dive deep into the forest.

 …… We haven’t seen the target yet.

 But we’re likely to clash again if we go to the same place.


 Should we stop here?


“Aaah, I’m really angry!” (Arisa)

“It can’t be helped. We’re actually D rank.”

“Why aren’t you angry !?”

“They didn’t insult Nigris-sama …”

“We were all insulted, Nigris was also included.”

“… Shall I slash them next time we meet?”

“I’ll unleash my fireballs.”


Please, don’t talk about such things behind my back.

 I’m dumbfounded by their reasoning.

 It’s best to leave them alone. It’s useless to deal with the other party.


 A few minutes have passed since then. 

“Well, there’s no Hydra.” (Nigris)

“That’s right. We’ve already looked around almost everywhere.” (Fels)

“There’s only the place where those idiots went left.” (Arisa)

“… Should we go over there?”


 I wish we wouldn’t meet if possible.

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