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20. Fels VS Mia

The merchant from the carriage approaches to plead with Fels.

Fels wanted to go after Nigris, but she knew that he wouldn’t be beaten by someone of that caliber.

She just wanted to kill that man named Azel.

“Um, can you fight Miss …? I beg you! Protect me! No matter how much money you want!”

“… Then, please hide. Don’t get involved.”

“Ah, Yes!”

Fels is the only one left. She’s facing the wizard Mia.

Mia is sighing, looking as if to say, “Let’s get this over with!”

“You’re a slave, aren’t you? Sorry, you have to be a slave to Nigris. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it?”

“… No, I’m proud.”

“I see. A slave who’s been too soaked in slavery to get rid of it, you’re one of those huh.”

“You shouldn’t say anything more, I’ve decided not to kill anyone but that man.”

“Huh? If you have a stupid master, even the dog will be stupid. Apparently you’re a swordfighter. Do you know the strength of magic?”

Unlike for swordsmen, magic requires talent.

What’s more, you don’t need chanting or magic circles. You can use it just by imagining it in your brain and releasing it.

It’s a powerful attack from long range, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the natural enemy for swordfighters.

“That’s right, I’m a swordfighter. But magic at your level won’t hinder me in any way.

Few people can handle the swordsmanship that they have devised.

It takes considerable talent. If it isn’t Florence, Fels is second to none.

“Stupid slave. Then die early.”

Mia’s specialty is wind.

A wind blade is emitted from the tip of her cane and flies straight at Fels.

The sword is drawn and a slash flies.

Mia was astonished with a look that said she didn’t know what happened.

Fels blonde hair shone beautifully as it swayed in the wind.

“Uh, that’s impossible …? Could it be …, a magic swordsman?”

Normally, humans can’t be given two talents from heaven.

Therefore, the profession of magic swordsman was considered to be one that required high dexterity.

However, it was the perfect profession for Fels, whose talents were outstanding in all areas.

──── Dogoooon

A sound like thunder rumbles, the earth shook.

Fels holds her head and mutters, “Again?”

“What … is this sound!”

“Arisa-san was told to restrain her power, but she must have given up with all her might.”

“Ah, so refreshing”

While wiping her cheeks that were soiled by the explosion, Arisa walked over with a big smile on her face.

Arisa, who was facing two opponents, got tired of the fight and showed her strength to kill their fighting spirits.

“Huh? My party members … what happened to them !?”

“They ran away when I shot my magic. I didn’t even aim at them you know. It was really funny how they ran away shaking their hips.”


Mia tries to shoot her magic at Arisa. However, Fels moved faster than that.

“If you move, I’ll cut you. You’re not a child, so I won’t show any mercy.”

Mia threw her cane to the ground and raised her hands as the tip of the sword pointed at her neck.

Perhaps she didn’t understand her position, Mia threw a tantrum.

“… Wha, What is this! You’re just a slave … And you’re just a Nino!”

She lined up dirty words and desperately cursed at them, but they didn’t seem to get angry.

“This is nothing”

“That’s right”

They won’t get angry unless she spoke badly about Nigris.

They were mild-mannered from the beginning, but they would change their expressions at once at the insult of one man.

Only Nigris can stop them then.

“Why are you so strong … you guys are crazy!”

“I don’t want to hear that from you …”

“Fels. It’s useless to say anything, these guys are idiots. They don’t understand anything.”

“……I’m sorry”

She shook her pointed ears and closed her mouth.

21. The receptionist apologizes

We arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild and turned in the two main members of Silver Wings.

The other two had run away. Either way, they have a mole life waiting for them. They can’t escape to the slums and have no choice but to leave the kingdom.

“We caught them attacking a merchant’s carriage. I want to ask you to take them into custody.”

At first, the people around me didn’t seem to believe it, but the adventurers around were surprised to see those who were tied up.

“Huh!? Aren’t they a D-rank party !?”

“What!? The S rank party, Silver wings have been defeated !?”

“Hey, she’s a Nino! Ninos are known to be incompetent and crazy, what’s going on!”

The merchant who was carrying the goods on the wagon acted as a witness and explained the situation.

Later, guards came and we handed them over.

I was taken to a guest room in the guild and settled down.

I was a little worried.

I thought we might be dismissed because they couldn’t believe it, with me and Arisa.

Then, a receptionist who used to treat us coldly came out.

This person is the one who ignored me even when I complained that I wasn’t getting paid.

When I couldn’t predict what she was going to say, she bent down deeply and bowed her head.

“Thank you for catching the S rank party silver wings this time.”

I hadn’t expected to be bowed to, so I was at a loss for words.

“And on behalf of the Adventurer’s Guild, I’m sorry for everything until now.”

“Oh, well, raise your head.”

The merchant man was stunned.

And no wonder. On behalf of the Adventurer’s Guild.

You don’t have to be an adventurer to understand how big those words are.

The guild, which is a huge power, admitted that it was wrong. It’s not something that would normally happen.

“I deeply apologize for overlooking the bad deeds that Silver Wings have done so far and despising Ms. Arisa for being a Nino. I will more than double the rewards that have been denied previously.”

“Seriously? Yay! Let’s go eat Nigris. It’s a feast.”

“Keep quiet for now, …….”

Read the air, the air!

When the receptionist finally looked up, she continued with a look of extreme regret on her face.

If she was acting, she didn’t need to bow.

“I used to believe all adventurer’s achievements and their rumors and thought it was the right thing to do, But the murder by the Silver Wings party showed me that I was wrong. … If I didn’t make a mistake, he wouldn’t have lost his life in vain. “

“… It’s not your fault. It’s a crime committed by the Azels.”

“No, you also prevented this carriage attack incident. If it weren’t for you and your party, the damage would’ve been much worse. Thank you very much.”

She bows her head again.

It seems she was more responsible than I expected.

She’s been thinking a lot.

“… What about the Azel and Mia?”

“They will fall into slavery. And not just any slaves, they’ll be exclusive to the guild, so they’ll be treated worse than ordinary slaves.”

“I see”

I’m not familiar with it, but I heard that they would do monster subjugation, collection of medicinal herbs, and other tasks as free work. It seems there are no breaks other than sleeping time.

Does this mean I no longer have to look at his face?

That’s refreshing.

But somehow I have a bad feeling.

It’s probably unfounded.

“By not listening to Nigris I undermined the equality of the guild. When I consulted with the guild master, I was told to show my sincerity by resigning.”

“……I see”

“I don’t think that will dispel your distrust of the guild. Please, let me regain some of the trust that’s been lost because of me.”

…… Even if I was told that,

It’s undeniable that there’s some dissatisfaction and distrust towards the Adventurer’s Guild.

This person discriminated against us and didn’t listen to us. But she’s trying to change.

Well, I guess that means there are people like her.

Then Fels spoke to me.


“What is it?”

“If you like, why don’t you hire this person in the slums?”

“the slums?”

“Yes. Being a receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild can only be done by a very talented person.”

“Oh yeah……”

Since Fels says so, why don’t I check it out?

Use appraisal.


[Race] Human

Lisa 29 years old ♀ Condition: Anxiety


Small magic power

Swordfighter D / D

Magic D / D

Dexterity S / S

Loyalty 10

…… Ouf.

Isn’t dexterity S crazy?

Other stats are low, but dexterity is quite important.

I wonder if she’s a person who can do anything related to desk work.

“… Well, Lisa. If you want to quit the Adventurer’s Guild, I have a recommended place to work.”


22. Mediation of excellent human resources

“Um… isn’t this the place where the empress of the slums is!?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Could it be I’m going to be publicly executed? If it makes you feel any better Nigris-san…”.


Oh yeah. Is this like hell for people who don’t live in the slums?

Florence is also rumored to be ruthless, villainous, and devious, but that’s just a rumor to show off her dignity.

“I told you I had a good job for you.”

“Well, then you want me to work like a slave.”

Hmmm, it’s different, but I don’t think I can resolve her misunderstanding no matter what I say.

Well, will it fade over time?


“Nigris-sama. I will admit that this mistress does not discriminate against talented people and that I pay based on performance. But…… Why is it a girl !? “

“There it is!”

Arisa shouts without thinking.

I know what she means, but if there’s a place where talented people can help, there’s no way I won’t introduce them.

“There a lot of work going on behind the scenes? That’s why I’ve been looking for someone who’s highly dexterous with my appraisal skill.”

“… That eye is sometimes troublesome. People with high dexterity are useful for sewing and making things. I want to create a production line in the slums.”

Florence, who controls the slums, is very capable.

She has a solid understanding of what is important.

Also, I think the reason why the residents of the slums don’t grow up well is that there’s no place to educate them.

If the adults are poor, the children will be poor. The adults have their hands full just trying to make ends meet.

“That’s why I’m here. This is Lisa. She’s a very capable person with an “S” for dexterity. She’s probably good at teaching, so you can get her to sew or even teach a school.”

In fact, Lisa was the best at her job as a receptionist.

It’s not just me who knows of the amazing work she did at the Adventurer’s Guild reception for over a decade.

” School, Is it… I see. Lisa, I’ll hire you. You can thank Nigris-sama for that.”

“Yes …”

Florence shouldn’t treat her badly.

She’s unexpectedly kind.

“By the way, Nigris-sama. It seems that the silver wings were aiming for this mistress, does that mean you were protecting me?”

“Well, I guess in a roundabout way?”

?With a zukyun sound effect, Florence wilts.

?Why zukyun? {TN: Kyun generally indicates a heart throb so I guess it has to do with that}

“Oh, yeah. I heard that Florence’ murder was commissioned by a great nobleman.”(Nigris)

“What? A great noble … then it’s as I thought …”

I wanted her to tell me if she knows something but I also didn’t want to get into trouble by asking too much.

Florence, with her shoulders relaxed, stands in front of Lisa.

“Well, follow me. You’re too pretty to be dressed like that”

Lisa is taken by Florence.

…… The same is true about when I allocated human resources, but aren’t the slums gradually getting richer?

I’m a little worried about the future.

“Nigris ~. Why did you bring the person named Lisa~? Love at first sight?” (Arisa)

“Of course not. It wasn’t my idea, it was Fels’.” (Nigris)

“No, no … I thought It would be better this way.” (Fels)

“Why?” (Arisa)

Fels looked at me and shook her ears as if she wanted me to explain instead.

“… Lisa apologized on behalf of the Adventurer’s Guild. This should buy a lot of resentment from them.”

Adventurers can work because they are under the patronage of the Adventurer’s Guild.

The Adventurer’s Guild must never bow. I broke that rule.

I won’t tell Arisa, but Lisa isn’t the one I’m really pissed off at.

…… If they really wanted to apologize, the Guild Master should have come out. He unilaterally pushed it all on Lisa and charged her with the sin.

I quickly realized that the guild wasn’t going to apologize.

“What awaited Lisa, who quit the guild, would have been a terrible bashing and a dark future.”

Well, they would have put pressure on her and made her unable to work anyway.

Knowing that Lisa apologized.

I can’t abandon such a person.

“Every man fails, but you shouldn’t forsake those who admit it and try to move forward.”

“Oh, I see. That’s smart.”

Arisa is convinced and claps her hands. As soon as she saw that the case was solved, she grumbled and walked off to go eat.

She’s as energetic as ever.

“Um, Nigris-sama……?”

Fels walks up to me, biting her lower lip and flushing slightly.

Her elf ears twitched and her upturned eyes looked very cute.


Do you want me to praise you?

“You did a great job with Lisa. You didn’t kill any of the Silver Wings. That’s great.”


When I stroked her head, she twitched her ears rapidly and was delighted.

  I don’t want anyone to be unhappy anymore.

I want at least those within my reach to have a happy ending.

23. Popular people in the slums

I had a day off for the first time in a while.

The outside is sunny and the wind is comfortable.

Yesterday, as Lisa said, I received a bounty and an apology from the guild.

Approximately 1000 gold in quantity.

It’s a lot of money that an average worker earns in a lifetime.

I no longer have to work.

But I like adventuring, and I’m sure I’ll remain a little active as an adventurer.

While I was relaxing in the mansion, Fels in a maid outfit brought me a drink.

I should be familiar with it, but the cuteness is still the same.

I keep thinking she’s cute at every turn, I feel like a doting parent.

” Nigris-sama, I brought you some tea and sweets.”

“Hmm? Oh, thank you.”

I slept while reading a book in one hand, but got up to drink tea.

It had a sweet scent. It’s not a cookie.

“Is it a rare sweet?”

“Yes. It seems that macarons are limited to 5 sweets a day in the royal capital. I wanted Nigris-sama to try them, so I spent a little money on them.”

Hmm. I didn’t give money to her with that intention, I want her to use it for herself. Well, I can’t complain if she bought it thinking of me.

Anyway, macaron, what a strange name.

Colorful and beautiful, but small.

“… Sweet”

It was very delicious.

I feel that if we mass-produce this and sell it, we could be rich. However, limiting the number to 5 per day means that the materials and processes to make it are very difficult.

Fels was staring at the macarons.

“You want to eat, I don’t mind”

“Ah, it’s bad manners to eat while standing up.”

Hmm, that’s true.

There’s only one chair, and I’m sitting on it.

…… Well, it’s fine.

“Then sit on my lap”

“Eh !?”

She seemed surprised and blushed while her ears twitched.

Is it something that makes her embarrassed?

I’ve got a steel mentality.

I know that Fels has a mental age of twelve.

“Excuse me …”

Fels sits nervously.

Her soft buttocks could be felt through the thin fabric.

Unlike Florence, a clean scent spilled into my nostrils.

Once the macaron was in her mouth, Fels let her cheeks flush in extreme indulgement.

“Oihi …” {TN:delish}

I turned my face away.

That face is bad! Bad in many ways!

“I’m sorry …! I had a sloppy face.”

“No, no … it’s okay”

The more I thought about not being conscious of it, the more I was which was embarrassing.

Suddenly, I felt someone’s eyes on me.

Arisa had arrived before I knew it and was smiling at me through the doorway.

“You two seem to be getting along well~”

“Arisa, say something if you’re here …”

She comes into the room with large luggage.

What’s with the luggage?

“That’s fine. I’m going to live here anyway.


“There’s plenty of room, and I have money from the guild. Besides, even if I stay at an inn, the people in the royal capital will kick me out, saying, “We don’t have any rooms to rent to Nino people”. It’s really unbelievable. But the people in the slums are kind and don’t discriminate, so I want to live here.”

Certainly, there’s still room left.

On the contrary, there are some places that haven’t even been cleaned yet.

“I’m good with it”

I’m not against Arisa’s residence, but rather in favor of it.

It’ll be easy to get in touch with her.

And she’s a friend.

“Ah, but Fels, you don’t like it that much, do you~? Ehh~?” (Arisa)

“Huh! It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that I’d no longer be alone with Nigris-sama. ……”

“It’s okay. I’m lazy, so I won’t disturb you.”

Arisa laughed, lifted her luggage, and left the room.

It’s good to have more people and more noise.

It’s too big and a little quiet.

The more crowded the better.

“Fels, let’s go”

“Huh? Where are we going?

“Shopping. Arisa’s going to live here. Won’t we need more food and stuff?”

“Well, that’s right …! Just the two of us, right?”

“Arisa still has to unpack.”

With her back to me, Fels did a hidden guts pose.

Why is she so happy about shopping … Oh, come to think of it, Arisa is there when we’re doing quests.

It’s been a while since we went out alone.


There was a lot of house building going on in the slums to accommodate the residents who are now gradually increasing.

Everyone should have lived in a battered house, but what happened?

Well, when I was about to leave the slums and head for the capital, I was called out.

A carpenter?

“Ah! You’re Nigris-san right!”

“Uh, yeah …”

He grabbed my hand and shook it with vigor.

Who is this? I don’t remember shaking hands like this before.

“Thanks to your appraisal, I was removed from being a guard! I wasn’t originally good at fighting, I love making things like this! You said I was dexterous, so I was assigned to a job I like! “

“Oh, oh … you’re Florence’ subordinate?”

“Thank you very much!”

We shake hands more than necessary.

…… Why are you so grateful?

It’s just an ordinary appraisal and advice.

I just took it for granted.

People saw the commotion and came in droves.

“You’re Nigris-san!? Thank you for healing my husband’s injuries caused by the silver wings. These are vegetables we picked at home. You can have them if you want! “

Food and tools are handed over one after another.

“I’m paid to do this so I feel guilty when people treat me well like this.”

“These are the people that Nigris-sama helped. You should accept their thanks.”

Fels smiled behind me and was proud.

A little embarrassed, I frowned slightly.

Then, this time, the hem of my shirt was pulled by a little girl.

“Hey, can you use your appraisal skills and your magic to heal injuries?”

“Yes, but is anyone hurt?”

“No. Maybe onii-san cured my dad ~!”

“Your dad?”

“Yui! You can’t just run off like that!”

There was a man pushing frantically through the crowd.

I’ve seen that man before.

“You … you’re the thief caught by Fels”

The day Fels subdued the Red Wolf. There was a man who stole in the city. He had an injured arm and I healed him going with the flow.

Has he atoned for his crimes?

Does he live in the slums?

“You’re the brother who healed my arm …?”

“You got out. How’s your injury, are you active as an adventurer again?”

I was curious about his recent situation and asked questions, but instead of answering them, the man fell down on his knees.

The people around me fell silent.

“Thank you for healing my injury at that time! I have to thank you. I’m so sorry about that time!”

Everyone knew about the man.

I healed an injury that no one could cure.

“Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of thanks and apologies. You don’t have to thank me.”

“I can’t accept that … I was able to resume as an adventurer thanks to your help! Really … how can I ever repay you … !!”

He must be very old, but he was rubbing his head on the ground in public with large tears streaming down his face.

I’m sure it was quite painful.

I’m sure this man knows no life other than being an adventurer. Therefore, not being able to use his arm, which was his lifeline, he had no choice but to steal.

To save his daughter.

The people here were smiling as if they knew about the man’s injury.

“Okay, then help me clean the mansion once in a while. It’s too big and I don’t have enough hands.”

“Oh … that’s a small price to pay!”

Since then, the number of people continued to increase, and we’ve become unable to move.

“Onii-chan! Thank you for helping my dad!”

The girl named Yui waved her hands as she was taken home by her dad.

I thought this was the decisive difference between me and Azel.

I don’t want to live a life of self-indulgence. I want to be with everyone, with my friends.

I feel that is correct.

“… We got all the food before we could buy it.”

“We also got some other tools we need…”

The unexpected turn of events brought a wry smile to our faces.

24. Summoning the Black Dragon

  There was a man who was imprisoned and put in a slave collar.

The man’s name is Azel. 

Mia, who was his companion, was sold off as a slave whore and survived in a harsh environment while leaking sobs. 

As a man, however, Azel was not used in that way, but as an experimental subject for a drug that was being developed.

Perhaps because of this, his skin is dark and his complexion is pure white. Some of his fingers had begun to rot, and he no longer looked like a living person.

The shackles were always tied in the prison, and he couldn’t even move. 

An old man stands in front of Azel with a squeaking noise. 

There was also a large, all-black man beside him.

“Pathetic…… you don’t look like the leader of a party that has climbed to the S rank. Azel-kun.”

“… You dam… who are… this me … you …” 

Two of the powerhouses that run the country behind the scenes are in front of the fallen Azel. For some reason, this old man, a great noble, wanted to see him. 

The guild master couldn’t refuse and was here as an attendant.

For the guild master who doesn’t want to take on trouble or be responsible for any issues, this is a bad situation. 

“I asked you to kill the empress of the slums.”

“…… heh, great noble-sama…… the quest…… I can still …….” 

“Know your place, you criminal! Because of you, I’ve lost a subordinate and the guild’s trust in me has fallen to the ground! Do you understand that this is a crime you can’t atone for even if you die!”?

He dares to say it’s not his fault that he lost a talented subordinate and blames Azel. 

“Don’t yell, Guild Master. My ears aren’t too far away?”

” I’m sorry …” 

If a great nobleman is put in a bad mood, even the guild master wouldn’t be safe. 

“… I haven’t killed … yet …”

“No matter how much you say it, the evidence is conclusive. You killed a new adventurer!”

He is enraged by Azel, who can no longer escape death.

The old man called a great noble smiled deeply when he saw how strong Azel’s ego was.

“Hmm, it was the correct decision to ask you, who is short-tempered and has childish thoughts.” 

He had no beard and a hood deeply covered his face, but he had an elegant voice that made everyone assume he was a man of high rank. 

“Guildmaster, give us a moment.

“Yes, but…”

“It’s okay. No matter what happens. I’ll take responsibility for it.”

“……I understand” 

The air between the two remaining was terribly eerie.? 

“I don’t intend to stay too long, either. Let’s make this quick.”

Reaching out for Azel, who was behind the cage, the corners of his mouth deepened and his eyes flickered.

“You know I like you, right? So I’ve come to give you a chance.”


“It’s a chance to get out of here and live as you like. Don’t you like it?” 

Azel’s answer was decided.

In the depths of his heart. A deep-seated hatred continued to burn. 

“This is a summoning stone carved with magic circles. Ah, do people now call it an ancient weapon? I’m sorry, my memory has become vague with age.” 

It was a clear black stone with a hexagram engraved on it.

He laughed and threw the black stone into the prison. 

“It’s a lost technology among the people, and it has some interesting properties.” 

The magic circle engraved on the black stone began to shine mysteriously.

“I’ll tell you a little bit. Magic is originally something you use for yourself. But then some idiots said, ‘May it be used for everyone’s benefit’. So they created a degraded version of magic, the magic you know.” 

The current magic is effective when used “for everyone”.

However, with this lost technology and magic circle, if you use it “for yourself”, it will be very effective. 

The words of the great nobleman, who was happily explaining, did not enter into Azel’s mind. 

He was fascinated by the mysterious glowing stone.

“So, this summoning stone is like armor. It doesn’t even move unless you use it as a medium. If you use it for yourself instead of for others, it will make you stronger. It’s like it’s made for you “

“For me”

“Ah, you’re the main character” 

An idiot isn’t cured even when he dies.

Even though Nigris knew this, he kept him alive. 

“What is your selfishness? What do you want to do? Who do you want to kill?”

“… Kill , I’ll kill him… I’ll kill … Nigrisssss !!”

“Hold that rage. That will make you stronger.” 

A black liquid gradually overflowed from the black stone like a muddy stream. Azel, who was being swallowed up by it, did not seem to be suffering but was simply laughing with eyes full of madness.

“Because you’re special. Please erase the slums as soon as possible. I’m counting on you, Azel-kun.”  

It was about two hours later.

Using the power given by the great noble, Azel attacked the slums.

And caused serious damage.

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