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Chapter 32: Hometown

I told them I was going to reinforce Dwell and the meeting ended with some reports from Noah. I'm sure it wasn't my imagination that Bowman looked grim during that time.

Should I visit him in a little while?..... Or should I just leave him alone? ....I can't quite imagine how Bowman is feeling right now, since my hometown, King's Landing, was hell for me.

“But you know.... Bowman is like a parent to me.....”

I look at the battered hoe made with Bowman on the shelf. It's all dirty, but this is where Asgard began. So I'm willing to help if he's suffering.

While I’m pondering, a knock on the door rings out.

"May I have a word with you, Grace-sama?"

"Yes, you can."

When I answered, Noah came in with a beautiful posture and a bow. In her hand she holds what appears to be a large amount of material.


When I looked at her curiously, she spread it out on my desk.

“I've been acting as head of the territory for a while and I've come to tell you what I've noticed and to suggest what I can do to help. I'm enjoying the feeling of being useful in this way.”

“You're very enthusiastic about that Golem race, aren't you? I remember when I came back, you did something like that too.”

“Yes! That's it. Fortunately, I'm good at making golems! And the golem made from the mithril alloy invented in Asgard is very suitable, so I can make an amazing golem. I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of that and create a specialty or something."

“You mean the golems...... can they be moved by someone other than you, Noah?”

“Yes, with some training, anyone with magic power would be able to move it. If the golem race becomes famous, our territory will become better known and we may even get orders for golems. That way, I thought, it could become an industry."

Noah speaks her thoughts with excitement. There are still a lot of issues to be addressed to make it happen, but I'm glad that she's willing to give me her opinion like this. Besides, now she’s really enjoying talking about Golems, completely different from when she first came to Asgard.

I was so happy to see her that I smiled and she blushed shyly.

“I'm sorry, I must have gotten carried away......I'd be happy if you could look over the details in the material there.”

“Oh, no. Tell me more. I just think you’ve changed...... because when you first came to Asgard, you hid your love of golems. And you care about Asgard. That makes me happy."

"That's...... thanks to you Grace-sama."

She looks straight at me when she says this. Then she opens her mouth with a different kind of passionate expression than before.

“Grace-sama, you recognized this power that was said to be unnecessary for a nobles daughter...... and told me to make use of this power in Asgard, didn't you? So I like Asgard where I can freely use my power ...... to do what I want. For me, this is my second home."

Saying this, she beamed a little shyly.

But it's a second home...... and she seems to have been well-liked in her parents' home, so she might understand feelings that I don't.

I willingly ask her.

"Noah, you love your hometown right?...... How would you feel if your parents' territory or Asgard were razed to the ground unreasonably?"

"I care for my golems...... so I don't want to use it too much as an instrument of war..... but then I would fight them with everything I could."


As she said this, she looked as grim as if she were a different person than she had been earlier. I could tell by her reaction how much the idea of home meant to her.

It's easy to say...... the royal city was not a very good place for me. But Asgard is different. If this place were to be raided, I would......


"Sorry, for making you hear something unpleasant.”

“No, don't worry about it. But it is unusual for you to ask such a thing Grace-sama. Is something wrong?”

“I'll tell you later. I just remembered something I have to do. I'm going to Bowman's."

I put Noah off and got up from my seat. Bowman looked grim at the meeting. I thought I should leave him alone for a while, but no.....

We should be together when times are tough. Because I don't think I'd be able to stay alone very well if Asgard was about to be destroyed.

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