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Chapter 33

I knock on the door to the workshop where Bowman is working. After a few moments of silence, a reply comes back.

“You’re interrupting me.”

“I don’t usually bother to knock, so I hope I can come in without permission.”

When I entered the room, Bowman was drawing a blueprint of something. I looked at it and saw a huge gun barrel with the amount of gunpowder written on it.

Is he quickly making the weapon I asked him to make, or is it a desire for revenge against the monsters that are …… ravaging his hometown? If so, I’m……

“Bowman, you don’t have to make that …… if it’s hard for you.”

“What are you talking about…… you gave the order…..”

“But you know, you don’t like making weapons to begin with, right? So now that your hometown is being ravaged, you don’t have to make weapons out of a desire for revenge. Now you even asked Noah to gather people who can use magic. So ……”

This may be selfish of me, but I wanted inventing to be fun for Bowman. I didn’t want it to be a tool for revenge.

When he heard my appeal, he smiled his usual broad smile.

“You really think too much. Thank you for the concern. I’m not making weapons for revenge, but because you’re going to Dwell to protect my hometown. You can rest assured. Although I’m a bit nervous because my hometown is in trouble.”

He looks me in the eye, smiles and shows me the blueprint.

“This is the power you’ll need to protect my hometown. It’s probably mineral ants that have been in the mithril mines.”

“Mineral ants….. I read about them in a book a long time ago…… They must have been monsters peculiar to Dwell.”

I use the ‘World Library’ to search and get the information in my brain.


Mineral ants

These are ants that live by feeding on minerals. Individuals’ abilities change depending on the minerals they eat. Since the body of a mineral ant itself contains magic power, the mineral ant itself becomes a mineral that contains precious magic power and is a useful material for making weapons and armor.


The information entered my brain like a page from a dictionary. It said that the strength of the mineral ant changes depending on the mineral……

“Aren’t mineral ants in mithril mines pretty bad? Mithril is hard and has magic resistance, right?”

“Yes…… but in the past, when I was there, there were not so many. I made excellent tools from mineral ants. Dwarves and humans coexist in the city. Humans used to bring liquor to our mines.”

Bowman looked into the distance. Perhaps he was remembering Dwell when he was there. It was my father who broke his peace. He had invaded Dwell, taken the mines and some of the engineer dwarves to King’s Landing.

And …… one of them was Bowman. I wonder if he really wanted to stay in Dwell forever? If so, I’d……

“What are you looking so glum about? I’m Bowman of Asgard now. And I don’t regret coming here. In King’s Landing I was forced to make weapons, but my skills have improved and I have met you.”


“That’s right. When you save Dwell, why don’t you let me show you around? I’d like to show you my hometown someday.”

“Oh sure. I look forward to it.”

I smile at Bowman and he smiles back, a little embarrassed.

“Then, let’s talk about the invention. I’m going to have to think about the equipment we’re going to use in the mine. And since we’re here, I’ll invite Noel to join us.”

And so we began making plans on how to protect Dwell.

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