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Chapter 27: Kyle Vermillion

"Wow, dragons are pretty comfortable to ride.”

I ride my wyvern and look at the enemy from the sky. Most of the troops that surrounded the area seem to have been repelled. I guess that means there are weapons we don't know about.

It seems that man turned out to be a traitor. Then that means all the information he sent was a lie.

To be honest, I was thinking about that possibility. So with the help of the adventurer, I didn’t reveal the most important strategy of surprise attack from the sky. For an opponent who can't use magic, a surprise attack from the sky is nothing but fearsome and for a monster with hard scales like a wyvern, an arrow is not that much of a threat.

This war, we're going to win. There aren’t many people who can fight magic and dragons and if you can't use magic, you're out of luck.

“I'm going into a dive! Don’t let go and don't get knocked off!”

With a word from the adventurer on the fire dragon, the wyverns all began to plummet at once. But then I thought I saw something glow. At the same time seeing the ring finger of my right hand glowing, I cast a spell.

"Spirit of the wind, protect me.”


A wind boundary is set up in front of me and the black thing that must have been flying there stops. This is… a small piece of iron.... What is this? Are they shooting something like this? It would have been dangerous without the ring that I had which grants the magic of danger detection.

I'm not going to lie, I can't believe it, but I think this is Grace's new weapon. The other wyverns were screaming as they were pierced through the scales by this lump of iron. The wyvern's scales can’t withstand being hit by such a thing flying at high speed. The letter said that there was a flying tool for close range, but I guess this is the real deal.

And that wasn't the only thing I didn't expect. There were a few wyverns that managed to avoid the attacks of their opponents and still managed to descend to the ground, but their breath was blocked by a strange metal shield that seemed to be mixed with mithril and the dragons that plunged into the buildings suffered from being tangled in thin metal ropes like spider webs and fell straight down. And it seems that a stone statue resembling Grace in the center of the village is also releasing a lump of iron from the nose, taking out soldiers and wyverns.

What a joke! The ground was just a picture of hell. But… the battle situation can change with one wizard.

“You guys!! I don’t know when the attack will come. Create a barrier of wind! And do this for the obstacles! King of the wind, tear everything apart with that breath!!”


My magic slices through the thin metal web, freeing the wyvern. And ...didn't cut through the metal shield? Did it just prevent my magic? My magic, my sacred magic? By just a normal human?

“Hahahaha, it’s more than I expected! Grace!”

I couldn't help but giggle. Because they're not heroes, they're just people. What a wonderful technology ...... to get such a power to resist ...... dragons.

And if I take that technology, I'll never lose to my brother again. If I win this battle, capture Grace alive, then use this knowledge and the Azul chamber of commerce’s financial power, I will be much closer to becoming king.

But as I smile at the bright future, I'm interrupted by a dry sound.

“What the heck, the rifle didn't work.......”

“Fufu, is that the true identity of the new weapon… I think that weapon is good. Show me.”

He must have been convinced of his victory by the complete surprise attack. A boy with something like a metal cylinder stares at me with a stunned expression.

Certainly, this could not have been prevented had it not been for me. I sweat coldly while watching the lump of iron released at a shorter distance than before, which was stopped by the wind barrier.

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t work on me. If you want to live, you have to surrender and tell me more about the weapon. “

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to betray Grace-sama.”

“Well then, The breath of the flame god, become an arrow and shoot my enemy.”

The arrow of fire that appeared with my chant blows the boy in front of me away. Certainly the strange metal shield prevented it from hitting him so it probably didn't kill him, it was just the impact from when the shield caught the attack, exploded and blew him away. He was bleeding from the head.

“It’s a bit of a shock that my fire arrow can be easily blocked by a shield, even though I’ve taken care not to kill you.”

I picked up the shield, which was not even scratched and muttered to myself. However, although it was sturdy, it was also unreasonably light. I think there's some mithril in it, but what the hell is it made of?



"Last warning. If you change your mind and tell me something, I'll spare your life.”

“There's nothing to say.... not just Grace-sama ...... I won’t be able to face Vigna-san, who has taught me so much.....”

“Vigna ......Vigna! that’s right! It’s a small village. It wouldn’t be strange if you knew her! If I torment you, Vigna will come to me.”

When I heard the name of the person I've been obsessing over for so long, I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement in my heart. I've never forgotten the way that woman hurt my pride. The humiliation of that time has made me train harder in magic...... And I have acquired a magic skill that is second to none.

It's time for me to finally get over my humiliation.

“I'm going to defeat her with magic and take her alive. Then I'm going to dress her up in a maid's uniform and make her say "nyah" when she looks at me with a humiliated expression on her face. Hahahaha!"

It seems I have a God after all. I can't help but laugh as I imagine the look of frustration on Vigna's face as she is captured by me.

And ...... the timing is just right, strategically speaking. If I capture this guy and lure Vigna out, the fire dragon will overrun this village in the meantime. I’ve won this war.

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