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Chapter 26: surprise attack

“How’s the battle situation, Galatea?”

“So far, so good. There is only one spot where the earthen wall was damaged by magic. We may need some help there.”

“One spot, Neil and the others seem to have shot the wizard as planned. I’ll have to praise them when they’re done.”

The battle began and we were positioned in the center of the village. Galatea, who could see into the distance, reported the battle situation and Vigna’s magic was raised into the air to give instructions.

The other side’s plan seemed to be to surround the area on all sides, have the wizards destroy the earthen walls from a distance and then attack at once, but that was naive.

The information I had passed on to Silva must have caught them off guard, thinking that our only unknown weapon was a handgun for melee combat and they seemed to be surprised by our rifle attacks, which had a longer range than magic. It’s pretty obvious when they’re firing magic. They must have made a good target.

But now our hand was exposed. The real battle begins here.

“What do you think will come next? According to Silva’s information, Kyle’s bodyguards only have a small number of men……”

“I think they’re going to give up on destroying the walls with magic. They’ll probably concentrate on the empty mud walls, so we’ll aim for those and snipe them with our rifles and if we get into close combat, we’ll have a melee. I think we should use the same strategy we used when we defeated the goblins. It’s time for us to go into battle.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I’ll ask you to escort me then. Both of you. If we take Kyle alive, we’ll win.”

Both of them nodded at my words.

In addition to the Azul merchants, Kyle, who is proud and wants to take matters into his own hands, is sure to appear on the battlefield due to his personality. If we can catch him and send him back to the Azul chamber of commerce, we will win. He may cut off his subordinates, but he won’t cut off Kyle, who is royalty.

Now that the situation has reached a stalemate, I’ll ask Galatea to keep an eye on the surroundings and we’ll make our move. Just when I was thinking that Galatea glared at the sky.

“Master, we’re in trouble. From the sky……”

“That’s…. the adventurer from last time, isn’t it? I can’t believe he still  has so many……”

“I knew it……”

I clucked my tongue as I looked at the sky. There are a number of wyverns and large fire dragons in the sky. Although no one seems to have noticed.

“Master, one of the wyverns has a person on it that looks like you. I think that might be Prince Kyle.”

“Appearing from the sky, you’re a showoff as usual…..”

I’m not sure what my emotions were when I heard Galatea’s words, but they were slightly heightened. I wonder if it’s a distorted vengeance to look down on my brother or the elation that the time of the decisive battle has finally come…

Or maybe it’s the anticipation of being able to overwhelm a powerful monster dragon and powerful wizard soldiers with the weapons we’ve developed…….

I’m getting belligerent. Is the blood rushing to my head? Or maybe it’s the blood of my battle-crazed father that’s flowing through my veins. But that’s not it, is it? The path I’m on is different from my father’s and brothers’.

“Vigna… looks like I’m getting weird being hit by the air of the battlefield can you cool my head off? Go easy on me, because if you hit me with all your might, I’ll probably die.”

“Huh? That’s okay.”

As she said this, her hand moved to stroke my head. She stroked my head in a loving, protective way, which confused me. What are you doing?

“Don’t worry….. if you really go off the rails, I’ll make sure to stop you.”

“Thank you, Vigna…. It’s probably a wyvern attack from the sky. Give the signal.”

With my words, a fireball was shot into the sky as a signal to switch to an anti-aircraft strategy.

My friends trust me. I was able to calm down a bit because I realized that once again. That’s right. My first priority should be the safety of my people. The dragons would be in range of the rifles by now. I had thought of a countermeasure to the wyvern’s surprise attack, just in case, but it seems I was right.

“Let’s go! Let’s go get Kyle Vermillion.”

And so we headed towards the center of the battle. A surprise attack from above is certainly troublesome, but we have comrades with rifles, Vigna and Galatea. Can I lose?

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