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Chapter 19: Saving Lives, Throwing Away Lives

“Master, I heard that everyone has settled down by now. What are you doing?”

After that, I had everyone feast on potato-based food and had them stay in a single room. It's hard to relax with me as the lord there.

However, it's not good if something happens, so Vigna is watching them. Vigna is quite kind to those who are weak or have no hostile intentions. I was working, thinking that she should be more kind to me.

“Oh, I was compiling information on the refugees who came today. I'm done now. I think they're ready to talk to us. I also want to introduce Galatea to them."

I chuckled as I remembered what had just happened. When I served them potatoes, they all thanked me and started eating them. They must have been starving.

I thought about what to do when some of them were too weak to eat solid food, but Galatea was able to grind them up or make them into soup. As expected, her housekeeping is perfect.

“Thank you for your concern Master. But If I were to suddenly appear, everyone would be surprised.”

“About that, can I call myself Souzi’s successor at that time? I'll be able to explain about Galatea and my inventions here and convince them and that will give me a better foil.”


“Of course master, that's fine. In fact, I can't think of anyone else but you who would claim to be my father’s successor."

I was afraid to say it, but I was surprised by the unexpectedly strong reply. I don’t know if my face was funny or not, but Galatea laughed and connected her words with a bit of embarrassment.

“You’re amazing master. You’re trying to create something new by combining my father's knowledge of other worlds and your knowledge of this one. you’ve also started to raise the level of industry in our world, which my father had given up on. By doing so, eventually, the world around us will grow without you having to take care of it. That is something my father couldn’t accomplish."

"No, that's really too much praise. We're still in the trial and error stage of things."

“It is true that there are things that master lacks. You have a sweet and gentle side. But that’s why I’m here. So I’d like to ask you, what will you do when one of the refugees doesn't work hard or is rebellious?"

Galatea asks me straight away with a smile on her face. I hadn't expected her to ask me that. She's always been so positive about me. Maybe something had happened to Souzi when he was ruling the country and she was troubled. I'm sure she’s a bit worried. But I'm not. I'm royalty, I've already thought of that.

“Oh, I'll banish such a person in my name and possibly execute him. Of course, I’ll listen to the situation and judge as objectively as possible. What I want to create is a bustling city where everyone is smiling. Anyone who destroys everyone's smile is an enemy. Is that a radical answer Galatea?"

It’s true, the ideal is to lead everyone but I'm only human. I'm not omniscient. There are things I can do and things I can't do. And there are good people and bad people. I can't afford to help my own enemies or even the bad guys. So I used the World Library to see if there was anyone with harmful intentions.

"No, I understand. Master. If you’re prepared to do so, I think there will be no problem accepting refugees. As expected of you."

She then smiled in satisfaction.

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  1. Lecora Alzuras

    Souzi being an otherworlder (or reincarnator) must have held onto trying to be peaceful (depending on if he’s from our modern world where violence isn’t common depending on where you live).

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