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Chapter 18: Refugees


When I got out of the carriage and talked to them, they were surprised to see me. Why?

"Hey, Vigna, don't I look like royalty? I'm wearing formal wear today."

“You're right. You do look like a fraud with that smelly smile and your uselessly expensive clothes.”

“You're too harsh! Don’t you know your words can actually hurt?”

“Oh no… it’s not that. It's just hard to believe that a lord-sama would go to the trouble of getting out of his carriage to talk to us.”

When Vigna and I were having our usual light exchange, a person who seems to be their leader speaks in a hurry. The reason why the honorifics are questionable is probably because they haven’t had much exposure to such things. Well, I also don't use it unless I'm doing business or talking to a nobleman. To be honest, I don't care about it either.

"Well, even if you say lord there are only 3 residents in my territory, so there’s no point being pompous. So what happened to you people? What's your name?"


"Oh, my name is Agni… We're looking for a place that will take us in. I was gathering information in the city and heard you were looking for residents, so I took a chance.”

Agni introduced himself and began to explain the situation. After all, they’re refugees. It’s not a proof of that, but he looked thin and bony. Probably, he originally had a strong physique, but he isn’t eating well now. The people behind them were also thin, and the children were also looking tired. 

When I asked them about the details, they told me that they were originally living in a pioneer village in the forest bordering the neighboring country, but they were about to get involved in the war, so they left the village with just their young people. Well, if they were drafted or caught by other countries, they might be turned into slaves. It was the right decision.

“But there are so few people here, isn’t it? A pioneer village needs a certain number of people, right?”

“We had to split up into several groups because a large number of people would be conspicuous and difficult to accommodate. The rest of us have been attacked and killed by the long-term travel, camping and thievery.”

Agni clenched his fists in frustration as he said this. He remembers the people he was unable to protect and feels responsible for them as a leader.

I'm definitely sure my father or brother led the war that caused them to leave the village and I'm no stranger to that. There are people who are in trouble because of those idiots. What kind of king ignores the people. Fuck them!


When I started to feel bad inside. A cute little voice rang out and one of the refugees, a girl, turned red and held her stomach.

It must have been a very tough trip. This girl looks younger than me.

“You must be hungry. Can you handle something sweet? You can have one of these if you want."

I try to smile as kindly as I can and hand the girl the bag of cookies I got as a souvenir from Harrison's. She reached out her hand for a moment and then looked at me as if she was lost.

“Eh… can I take something like this?”

"Oh, don't worry about the others, there's plenty of food in the house. Feel free to eat it."

“Does that mean that you will accept us? That… I'm sorry to say, but we’re ravaged by hunger. We're not going to be in the workforce any time soon, are you sure?"

“Of course, you've heard about me taking people in from the streets. It's not a problem and even if you can't move right away, you have the experience of pioneering. I'm still a novice, so let me hear your stories. It'll help a lot."

"Thank you. You're our savior."

I held out my hand and Agni grabbed it, crying. It hurts from all the pressure, but I manage to keep a smile on my face. I'm not going to add refugees without a plan of course. I've thought this through.

“World Library, disclose his information.

"Yes. I will disclose Agni's information.”





Age: 30 years old

Strengths: Carpenter, Leader

Skills: None

Information: In the pioneer village, he was a carpenter's apprentice and the leader of the same apprentices. He is good at building, responsible and well-liked.


Oh, a carpenter. Bowman can't build a house or anything like that, but he’ll lose that job. Honestly he’s a valuable human resource. His knowledge will be useful in the territory.

The World Library discloses information about everything it touches in this world. And humans are no exception to this rule. We still don't have many people who have experience in pioneering. We need not only labor, but also experienced people. In this sense, refugees are invaluable.

Incidentally, although secretly, I also used it on Edward-san. The reason why I trusted him was because I judged him to be a person worthy of trust using the World Library.

After this, let's give the others a reason to shake hands and gather information. Some of them might even have skills.

"You're up to something. You have a bad expression on your face."

“No, I'm not. I'll show you around the place. Don't worry, we have food.”

I called out to the refugees as I fought off Vigna's poking at me.

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