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Chapter 2: Benefits

"You killed me right?"

"Whatever do you mean?"

I'm surprised she tries to deceive me here.

It's exactly the same as the voice I heard, so I can't be deceived.

"Because! You never die!"

She confessed while looking at me with white eyes. It's okay to confess, but that excuse is too terrible.

"Why were you trying to kill me !?"

"People's lifespan is fixed and today is the end of your lifespan!"


"So unreasonable ..."

Is it okay for this to happen? No way is it okay ...

"Usually they die the first time or the second time, so why don’t you die even after a dozen times !!"

"I don't care!!"

And shouldn't I be the one upset

"And why can you just look at me!"


Certainly, if you look at her, you can say that her blonde long hair is beautiful and cute, and her figure is the golden ratio.

"People who come here start by admiring the beauty of me, the goddess!"

"I have a cute little sister who's much prettier than you!"

"Huh !?"

And I value what’s inside more than the appearance. No matter how good the girl looks, there’s no way I can like one whose contents are as dirty as a gutter.

"Wow, wow, what's inside me, dirty as a gutter ...?"

Oh, you can read my heart. And you read that. I'm sorry ...

"Hahaha ... hahaha ..."

Apparently, she's broken. Even though my lifetime was decided, she did kill me, so please forgive this much revenge.

Let's leave her alone until she heals.

"Haha ... haha"

"Hmm? You’re back?"

The eyes that looked distant finally came back.

"I'm not strange originally !!"


"Yes, yes. So what about the reincarnation?"

"Oh! I forgot!"

Is this really a goddess ...? Is this goddess okay?

"By the way, you were completely lucky to be selected as a reincarnator! Be thankful!"

That was good, but I don’t want to be told by this goddess.

"Chi! I'll let you choose one skill!"

"Only one skill?"

"Usually I don't give any? I think it was a little bad this time, so I'll give you one? Say thank you!"

This goddess ... I stopped thinking cause I thought it would be a bad idea to think bad words when she could read my heart.

"Then, please give me a robbery skill that robs others of their skills."

"It's boring since everyone is wants it. No."


What is this goddess saying? I thought but stopped thinking. However, she seems to have read it and is glaring at me.

"Then skills or creative skills to create"

"That's no good"


"Then gacha skills"

"I'm tired of it cause it's been increasing recently!"


"Manipulating gravity or space ..."

"There are too many! No!"


"By the way, it's no good to have an appraisal or item box."

Is she willing to give me skills or not?

No ... no ... no. What should I do…

"If you can't think of anything in 10 minutes, I'll have you go without anything."

"Huh !?"

"Ah! But what you were able to do in your lifetime remains as a skill, so your skills won’t be 0. Because It’s you, you can get crisis detection, isn't it? It's quite rare "

Rather than that, I'm busy thinking about skills. If I can't think of one, I won't get one, it's too domineering.


"No good"


"No good"


"No good"


"No, and the meaning hasn't changed much since a while ago!"


This goddess doesn't seem to be very smart, so I thought she would be fooled by this, but she isn't that stupid, I'm sure no one has the skill to pay homage ...

"Then collect"

"Too rough. No."

"Skill collection"

"No good"

"Status collection"

"No good"

"Item collection"

"No good"

It's becoming more like a tournament to say what skills this girl likes. What would she actually like?

"Capacity collection"

"No good"

"[Title] Collection"

"It sounds a little interesting. In detail."

It’s difficult to suddenly present on the fly! This sloppy goddess ...

"Are there titles?"

"There are!"

"How many?"

"Almost infinite?"

"What’s the effect?"

"Some are pretty good."

There is only about 1 minute left, so I have to decide here!

"[Title] Collection is to relax the conditions for acquiring titles and abolish the limited conditions."

"Abolition of limited conditions?"

"For example, to be able to get the ones limited to beast men."

"What's that!? That's Interesting! Accepted!"

"I just want a skill to hide the status cause it's bad if I have a limited title."

"OK, OK!"

Oh! It seems that I can get a skill by making a request.

"Okay! Okay! Is there anything else you want me to do?"

"If possible, I'm happy to be the third son somewhere I can fight monsters like a Margrave territory if possible."


"It's better if I don't have a fiance"

"I won't know cause it happens after you’re born."

That's right ... I didn't care about it that much, but I thought any wish would pass in her current state, but that’s not the case.

"Then go!"

"Eh? Already !?"

"You can see your status if you think about it."

"Eh !? Hey!"

"Goodbye !!"

That being said, I was immediately reincarnated.

"It might be nice if he's a little despised ..."

Leaving a god whose nature is a little bit twisted ...

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    1. To be fair Kazuma’s decision was evidently self destructive: yes he managed to put Aqua in her place, but he also double shot himself in the foot, staying powerless while also having to deal with Aqua’s bullshit on a daily basis. Originally I was gonna say he should have been the bigger person and just become a cliche isekai mc, but if you really think about it the fantasy world was bizarre from the start and Kazuma was a problematic person, he might be happier as an adventuring troublemaker in a party of misfits than he would be as a “normal hero”

      1. Well Kazuma did get stronger throughout the LN’s not even the kingdom Knights are a match for him, but he’s not OP, since his skillset is all over the place. he just uses the skills he got masterfully to beat others.

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