Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Reincarnation

TL Note: Someone told me my POVs are sometimes hard to follow so I tried something new for the unclear POVs, please comment if you think this way is better.

“Isn’t he a beautiful boy?”


“Look! Zero replied !!”

“That is so Madam”

Has it been a couple of months since I was born? That’s right. Immediately after I was born, I didn’t have time to think about things cause of the repeated eating, sleeping, and crying, but now I’m pretty calm. And I was relieved that I could understand the language. It’s hard to learn a language from scratch.
And I have one thing to say to that god …

“Sophie is also a nice and quiet girl ~”

I never heard about being twins!! 
I thought there was a child of the same age next to me. But when I listened to the conversations, I realized she’s my sister! I seem to be the older brother because I was born first from the conversation.
There’s a reason why I didn’t realize she was my sister at first glance.

“I’m home! Papa’s back!”

“Dear! Don’t approach these kids looking like that!! Take a bath quickly!”

“Oh! I’m sorry … Zero! Sophie! I’ll be back soon!”

A slightly refreshing handsome father with crimson-colored hair and eyes came back, and a beautiful mother with beautiful emerald green hair and eyes spoke. So, Looking in the mirror, I didn’t notice because my hair and eyes were exactly the same color as my father’s and my sister’s was exactly the same as my mother’s.


When I thought carefully as the goddess said, my status appeared.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo
[Race] Human race
[Age] 0
[Level] 1

[HP] 40/40
[MP] 40/40

[Attack] 14
[Defense] 10
[Agility] 14
[Magic Attack] 14
[Magic Defense] 10
[Intelligence] 14

・ Arithmetic Lv.6 ・ Etiquette Lv.2 ・ Crisis detection Lv.2
・ Swordsmanship Lv.1 ・ Martial arts Lv.2 ・ Throwing Lv.1 ・ Lightning resistance Lv.1
[Unique skill]
・ Thunder magic Lv.1 ・ High-speed reflection Lv.5 ・ Disguised Lv.MAX

[Extra skills]
・ [Title] Collection

【 title 】
・ Reincarnated
・ Rare magic acquirer
・ Nine deaths

Is it like a nickname for my parents to call me zero?
And it’s definitely that goddess’ fault that I acquired thunder magic, thunder resistance, and nine deaths? Thanks? No way.
I’m sure I got it because I kept escaping from the murder attempts of that goddess. The basic effect is that it becomes easier to escape the abyss of death. No! Too vague! Or rather, I don’t want to go to the abyss of death!

And although rare magic acquirers can usually acquire three rare magic, it seems that I already have one due to the effect of [Title] collection. Rare magic is the magic of lightning, ice, light, darkness, time, space, and such unique skills. The effect is to ease the difficulty of acquiring other rare magic and increase the power of the magic by up to 1.2 times. Yeah, subtle …


When I looked sideways while thinking, my sister hugged me. I mean, I’ve been hugged almost all day … I don’t know if it’s because she’s a baby, but it’s hot when she sticks to me because her body temperature is high … If I try to leave she won’t let go. And it’s not just this one …

“I’m back from the bath !!”

Done! Isn’t it just a little over 5 minutes? Did you wash properly?

“Come on you two! come in!” (Dad)

Then 2 boys, about 3 and 5 years old came in. The eldest son and the second son. It seems that my wish to be the third son was fulfilled. Did the two inherit the blood of our father and mother evenly? The eldest son had red hair and green eyes, and the second son had green hair and red eyes.


“” Oh! “”

The two didn’t seem sure what to do, so when I called out to them, I was picked up carefully.

“Ogya …”

“Aw, you love Zeros so much ~” (Mum)

But my sister doesn’t like being separated from me, she doesn’t cry, but she’s grumpy!.

“Next time, let me hold him too …”

“You can’t!”

“Che …”

When my dad hugged me for the first time, he threw me high because he was so moved. My dad caught me easily since his status was high, but my mother who saw it was really angry. Seeing that, I was so scared that I decided not to offend my mother in the future… My dad hasn’t hugged me since then.

“Okay, okay! If we play with them too much they’ll get stressed, so let’s go ~”(Mum)


“I’ll leave it to you.”


Then they left the rest to the maid and went out of the room. Considering we have a room for just the two of us, it’s definite that we’re nobles.

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