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Chapter 143 – Confirmation of Current Situation

“Oh I see…”


I was told by Yug that she had asked for help from a high-ranking nature spirit, with whom she had always been close to and the spirit was strong. The spirit was also contracted to the elf queen. As a result, I came to the elf village alive. So I guess I have to say something first.

“Thank you, Yug.”


“If you hadn’t called for help, I would’ve died. Thanks to you, I was saved. Thank you so much.”

When I thanked Yug, she looked at me like, “What?” She knew that I didn’t want the elves to find out that I had made a contract with her, the Spirit King. So she must have thought that I would be angry at her for revealing it. I can’t do that.

“I’m glad you’re okay–.”


“Sorry I made you worry.”

Yug jumped on me, crying when she realized I wasn’t mad at her. I guess she was worried that I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t use spirit magic with her yet. I’m sorry that I’m just not good enough.

Everyone except Zeal was watching us with tears in their eyes.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this emotional scene, but I have something to say.”

“Well, please…”

I stroked the crying Yug as I listened to the Queen’s story.

Roughly speaking, the humanoid dragon I fought is still alive. And since they ran away, there was no damage to the city. At about the same time, a dragon attacked the royal capital. It was Sophie who killed it and there were no fatalities. And I’m supposed to stay in this elf village for a while as a foreign student. That was it.

I interrupted her a few times. I’m sorry I made her spend extra time because of that. At any rate, I’m glad that Sophie and the others are safe…. Of course, dragons and wyverns are stronger than Orcs, but I can’t help but compare Sophie, who defeated them well, to me, who was greatly injured.

“Your majesty, I would like to ask you a favor.”

I began to speak after I had sorted out the various emotions in my mind. I used the most formal language I could think of.

“Ze– Zeros-sama! Please don’t be so formal!”


“If the queen stops being formal, I’ll stop.”


I’m a nobleman myself, so I know what it means to be revered. If I’m in revered by the queen of elves, it’s likely I’ll become the elf king. Well… it’s bad enough that I don’t revere the queen, but they can let that pass by saying that I’m just a rude guy. I can get through like that, right?

“…… I understand. So what’s the favor?”

After comparing being formal and not being formal, she concluded that not being formal was better.

“If you don’t mind, could someone please teach me some spirit magic?”

In truth, it was probably not the right thing to say to these three, who were probably the highest-ranking elves in the world. However, there’s a possibility that they’ll agree due to the fact I have a contract with Yug. I don’t want Yug who is in my arms to feel responsible for me anymore. If I’m weak and I lose… well, that’s okay. But when I lose, I don’t want Yug to suffer because she’s too strong to use spirit magic with me. I want to be able to use Yug’s spirit magic to prevent such things from happening.

“Then I’ll teach you.”

“Then I’ll teach you.”

“Then I’ll teach you.”


The moment I said that, the three of them all said at once that they would teach me. And now the three of them are staring at each other. After staring at each other for a little while, the queen let out a sigh and then began to speak.

“Let’s teach him together.”

“Yes. It will be better for Zeros-sama.”

“If we make a mistake, we can correct it on the spot.”

“Well, thank you very much.”

I didn’t expect that all three of them would teach me. I may have underestimated the existence of Yug. The fact that I was able to make a contract with Yug might be one of the luckiest things in the world right now, to the point where it reigns supreme. If I hadn’t made a contract with Yug, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

After all this time, I know who the queen is, but who are the other two?

“Oh, let me introduce myself again.”

She seemed to know what I was going to say by the way I looked at them. I was tilting my head to look at them, so this would be obvious to anyone.

“I’m Emily Janet, Queen of the Elves and High Elf, contracted to Nei, the High Spirit of Nature!”

“Tiya Consigni, a hobbit elf and a member of the queen’s entourage, who’s under contract with Artel, the top spirit of shadows.”

“Judy Weil, a dark elf and a member of the Queen’s entourage under contract to Gran, the high Spirit of Gravity!”

“I’m Zeros Adolfo, a human who’s under contract with Yug, the Spirit King and Zeal, the high spirit of lightning…?”

I was about to follow the three of them and introduce myself, but I stopped halfway. The three here weren’t ordinary elves!??  Could it be that they’ve stopped being elves in the same way that I stopped being human, as I call it? I mean, Judy, says she’s a dark elf, but her skin is a normal color? What’s dark about it? What is going on here?


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