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Chapter 144- What is Evolution?

“High? Hobbit? Dark? ...... Eh?"

I was in a state of utter confusion. Who would even think that these three are not ordinary elves while in front of them.

“You can evolve when your level reaches 100.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“That's right. I guess you didn't know.”

I've never heard of a human being evolving after reaching level 100. Do many elves evolve due to the relationship between elves and human life-span?

“What is your current level Zeros-sama?”

“Oh, I don't know..."


I hadn't checked my level after the orcs. I wonder what my current level is. Let's look at the status and check.


[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human

[Age] 13 (1UP)

[Level] 65 (20 UP)

[HP】 1421/1421 (585UP)

[MP] 1421/1421 (585 UP)

[Attack] 640 (229 UP)

[Defense] 579 (254 UP)

[Agility] 845 (352 UP)

[Magic Attack] 581 (241 UP)

[Magic Defense] 425 (191 UP)

[Intelligence] 484 (201UP)


-Arithmetic Lv.7, Etiquette Lv.6, Riding Lv.3, Demolition Lv.6

-Crisis Detection Lv.8 (1UP), Swordsmanship Lv.MAX (1UP)

-Martial Arts Lv.8 (1UP), Throwing Lv.3, Stealth Lv.7 (1UP)

-Stealth foot Lv.7 (1UP), Night Vision Lv.4

-Deadly Lv.2 (New), Provocation Lv.6 (1UP)

-Fire Magic Lv.8 (1UP), Wind Magic Lv.8 (1UP)


-Water Magic Lv.8 (1UP), Earth Magic Lv.4 (1UP)

-Recovery Magic Lv.4 (2UP), Magic Manipulation Lv.MAX

-Magic precision control Lv.4 (2UP)

-Magic detection Lv.4 (2UP) ・Chanting omission Lv.7 (2UP)

-Fire resistance Lv.4, Wind resistance Lv.4, Water resistance Lv.4

-Lv.4, Earth resistance Lv.4, Lightning resistance Lv.3, Ice resistance Lv.4.

-Strike Resistance Lv.6 (3UP), Telepathy Lv.6 (2UP)

[Unique Skills]

-Lightning Magic Lv.MAX (2UP), Ice Magic Lv.5

-Spirit Magic Lv.5 (2UP)

-Light Magic Lv.2 (1UP), High-speed Reflection Lv.MAX (1UP)

-Lightning Absorption Lv.4 (2UP), Raiden Armor Lv.3 (New)

-Disguise Lv.MAX - Enchantment

-Double Enchantment, Magic Slash Lv.8 (1UP)

-Shrinkage Lv.4, Parallel Thinking Lv.6 (2UP)


[Extra Skills]

[Title] Collection.

[Selection title]



-Late Maturity

-Beast armor

-Former child prodigy


-Dual Wield(Two swords)

-Lightning rod

-Nine lives

-One thousand in one(Ikki Tousen)

-A hundred battles.


-Heart to heart

-Lightning Flash

-Lightning Stone Fire

-Gale and Lightning

-Purple Lightning and Frost.

-Electric lightning

-Green Cold lightning

-Purple Flash

-Bird's eye view

-Rare magic user

-High level spirit user

-Spirit king user

-One loved by spirits

-One who houses a spirit in his body.

-Sister Complex

-Slow down

-Dragon slayer (New)

-The natural enemy of Orcs (New)

[Excluded titles]

-Goblin Killer, Wolf Killer, Natural Enemy of Insects

-Insomniac, Skill integration (New)

-Death flag first class architect (New)


My level was higher than I expected. And I didn't expect the Dragon Slayer to have the effect of multiplying all status by 1.2. But it was quite depressing to think that I had doubled this status when facing that demon concentrating it all in a single strike and yet I was completely helpless... At any rate, I removed the orc's natural enemy and set up Insomnia. Huh? If I hadn't removed the Insomnia, I wouldn't have had to sleep for three days, would I?

“So what's your level?”

“It’s 65."

I was looking at my status for a long time and now Tiya asked me my level. There was no inconvenience in telling her my level, so I told her honestly.

"...that's fine.”

Tiya-san said and looked at the elf queen and Judy. Then they both nodded their heads. I didn't quite understand what she meant and I was the only one left out.

“You can evolve while you're in the elf village.”


I don’t know if Tiya-san understood that I was left out, but she explained it to me. I was surprised by what she explained. Since I came here, I've been surprised all the time.

“There are a lot of high ranking monsters in the elven territory, so it's good for leveling up."

And after a little discussion between the three of them, she said that I would be raising my level so that I could evolve within at least six months. And during that time, they'll also teach me how to use spirit magic and once I evolve, there's a good chance I'll be able to use Yug. When I heard that, I felt motivated.

“There are a lot of monsters that look like insects, are you okay with that?”

"It’s okay!"

Judy asked me so, but it wouldn't be a problem. This is because the title 'natural enemy of insects' is likely to be effective against insect type monsters, considering that the 'Orc killer' has evolved to become 'Natural Enemy of Orcs'.

“Oh, by the way, where's the dark element in Judy-san If she’s a dark elf?”

Judy spoke to me and I asked her something that had been bothering me for a long time. I don't see anything different about her than the other two, even though she's a dark elf.

“Some people say black is bad luck for elves. That's why I use my skills to make my skin a normal color only where you can see it... see?"

When she rolled up her clothes to expose her stomach, her skin had turned black. But it wasn't pitch black, it was more like a very tanned brown skin with a little black added. She had a slender belly that was so beautiful that the color of her face was quickly pushed out of my mind.

“The only people who think black is bad luck are old people who care about the fact that thousands of years ago, dark elves under contract with dark spirits ran rampant in their villages. Dark elves are good at close combat."


I hadn't really paid attention to it, but I wonder if their status changes depending on where they evolve from?

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