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Chapter 106: Representatives Rounds Day 1 4 pm


"I give up"


"Winner! Zeros Adolfo!"

"" Waaaaa! ""

"So! On the afternoon of this first day! Winner! Kingdom of Lingalia !!"

"" "Oh !!!!" ""

In the end, the fight went almost the same as in the survival battle, and I ended up playing with Elila’s rapier attacks. However, this time she never used spirit magic. I feel like she didn't have much intention to win the bet. She gave up as soon as she dropped her rapier ...


"When the tournament is over, I will officially send an invitation for foreign students to your country."

"Ah, yeah"

With that said, Elila got off the stage as soon as she was done. Elila's attitude is a bit worrisome, but in the end I can't help it for now, so after that I got off the stage without calling out to her.

"Thanks for your hard work, Zero-niisama."

"Good job"

""Thank you very much…""

"Ahaha ..."

I was thanked by the two losers for my win, because once someone other than me loses, I have to win. In case someone loses, Shana and Sophie would give their all in fighting against the foreign students so we can all win. There was a suggestion that Sophie and Shana shouldn’t be paired with the foreign students, but they both said “it won’t be a problem cause I won’t lose” so this order was set.

"This is the end of the first day of the Representatives round! We'll see you on the third day of the preliminary round!"

Then, an announcement was made to announce the end of today, and the first day of the representative’s round was over. So we also went back to our inn.

"Let's think about how to deal with the dwarves the day after tomorrow."

And before I went to sleep, Sophie and Shana came to my room and had a meeting for the day after tomorrow. Isn't it fine tomorrow? I also thought, but tomorrow there’re a lot of things to do, so it seems that she wants to decide on a strategy today.

"But aren't the three of us relatively good matches for the dwarves??"

Dwarves prefer to use huge weapons with their own power, so they’re not so agile. So I think it goes well with our style of avoiding too many attacks in the first place.

"Yes. I'm sure we can win without planning a strategy."

"What? Then ..."

"But I'd like to talk about what to do if that powerful attack should hit. Otherwise, you could panic when it does and get sent off with another hit."

"Oh I see…"

Panic may be an overstatement, but if you eat such an attack, your head will turn white for a moment. Perhaps it’s to be able to do something even in that state.

"The first thing to remember is that if you take that hit without protection, there is a high possibility that you will be kicked out of the game or have difficulty continuing the fight, so even if you do take the hit, please take some form of protection."




"after that……"

Then, a meeting started, such as what to do when it hits from here and what to do to avoid getting hit first. Well, it's not a meeting to discuss, it's just to listen to Sophie's proposal unilaterally and ask questions if there are any questions.

"... And this is a concern for Zero-niisama ..."


And when I thought we were about done, Sophie paused a little. I wonder what it is?

"That explosion today seems to be the ability of the weapon ... so it's possible that they could use a weapon with a different ability than explosion ..."


"Furthermore, he has a skill with similar abilities."


Then why is he using a weapon that has the ability to explode? Is it really just to increase the explosive power?

"So it's possible he’ll start out with a different weapon and use the skill explosion, making people think that the weapon has the ability to explode... but it doesn't."

"OK ... I’ll be careful"

Then we disbanded the meeting and Sophie and Shana each went back to their rooms.

Anyway, I'm glad I heard that story from Sophie. If I hadn't heard it, I would have determined that it had only the ability to explode. But how did Sophie find out? Maybe Sophie has appraisal skills?

And the next day, each of us trained again for the third day's representative competition.

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