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Chapter 105: Representatives Round Day 1 3 pm



As soon as I got up on the stage and our eyes met, I was glared at with a terrible look. Is it because she can’t use spirit magic? Or maybe it’s because of Sophie’s previous match …

“Ah! Maybe she knows I have a contract with Ygg because she can’t use spirit magic!?? 』\ (Zeros)

If Elila knew that she couldn’t attack higher spirits, or if the spirit she’s contracted with told her that, then she would know that I’m contracted with Ygg, the Spirit King.

“Well, It’s probably okay 』\ (Ziel)

“Huh? really? 』\

“Yes. I don’t think such a young elf knows that. “


Elves are spirit absolutists, so they rarely fight each other with different ranks of spirits. And even if such a thing did happen, Elila would never know because she would never have met anyone who had a contract with a spirit higher than her’s.

“But what about her spirit telling her? 』\

“It’s okay because spirits can’t tell others who has a contract with which spirit! 』\

That’s good then…. So it was because she couldn’t say it on her own, the spirit didn’t tell her why she couldn’t attack during the survival battle.

“By the way, the great elves know which rank and which attribute of the spirits have already been contracted..』\


Does that mean they know an unidentified person has made a contract with the highest spirit of thunder and the spirit king? They wouldn’t know that they’re contracted to the same person right?

“Well with one exception, even the highest spirits can’t attack Ziel you know? 』\

“Huh? 』\

“Cause Ziel is my caretaker, the spirit king, right? Do you think he’ll be on par with ordinary highest-tier spirits? 』\

“So that’s it……”

After all I seem to have drawn the two top spirits. huh? But didn’t she say something a bit worrisome?

“Who’s the exception? 』\

“Ah, that’s … 』\

“Oi…. Don’t say it 』\

“Eh 』\

Unusually, Ziel stopped Ygg’s remarks. Maybe it’s someone he’s uncomfortable with?

“I was stopped by Ziel, and it’s bad to talk too much … Oh! I’ll tell you this much! She’s second only to me in strength and versatility among spirits! And the next strongest after that is Ziel! But Ziel isn’t very versatile is he?』\

“eh! ?? 』\

“You don’t need versatility as long as you’re good in one thing! 』\

“But you can’t win even if you fight that child. 』\


“…………” 』\

What? She’s stronger than Ziel, the caretaker of the Spirit King? Does that mean I signed with two of the top three spirits? No … this is more than enough.

“But then why didn’t that spirit take care of Ygg? 』\

“Ah … there’re a lot of reasons! 』\

“Oh, is that so? 』\

“Ah! Rather than that the match is about to begin 』\


I completely forgot that it was before the match. I raised my face up vigorously.

“Um … are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay”

Luckily It seemed the announcer just thought he has calming his mind. However, Elila in front of me looks at me with cold eyes.

“Then! Captains! Match begin!”

And when he confirmed my preparations were completed, the match began. I was expecting Elira to launch a quick attack once the match started, but both sides were looking at each other. We’re not going to get anywhere with this, so I’m going to attack first.

“Hey …”


With that in mind, I tried to take a step forward but then Elila called out.

“… Would you like to make a private bet between the two of us?”


“that’s right…”

“Um … what’s the bet?”

I didn’t expect an elf, who is said to be noble, to propose a bet. So I decided to listen to the contents.

“If I win, I’ll make you mine”


“If I lose, I’ll invite you to the Elven Village as a foreign student.”


Both proposals were unexpected. but first, there’s one thing I’m concerned about.

“Why do you want to get me?”


That’s it. There are many more things that bothered me, but that was the first thing that caught my attention.

“… I love you.”

“Huh …”

I can’t believe it at all when someone confesses their love to me while glaring at me like that. I can understand if she gets a little embarrassed and her face gets a little tense. But this is not a face that anyone would make for someone they love. It’s the face you make to someone you hate.

“Um … the elves have never taken in a foreign student, is that okay?”

“It’s okay. You can even add one or two people if you want.”

For now, I decided to leave aside what would happen if I lost and consider what would happen if I won. Elven villages don’t really invite foreign students from any country. The dwarves and beastmen do invite students from time to time. But even these dwarves and beastmen don’t invite students from humans.

“Are you sure it’s fine…?”

“It’s fine if I say it’s fine. I have a contract with a highest-tier spirit”

Is it really okay? But if she can say it so confidently I guess it is.

“You can learn more magic in the Elf Village than in any human country. It will be good for your sister right?”

“That’s true …”

She’ll be able to learn magic that we’ve never seen or heard about in the elf village where magic is well developed. That’s a big plus for us … But isn’t her wording bad for someone saying that she likes me? She doesn’t seem shy at all…

“… What would happen to me if I lost and became yours?”

“I want you to live forever in the elf village as mine”

“……I see…”

Even if I become Elila’s possession, it seems unlikely that I’ll be killed. Hmm … what should I do …

“…if I lose, can you make it being your property for three months? And can you also make it so you can’t intentionally hurt me during that time?”

I can’t make a bet that will risk being Elila’s property for the rest of my life. However, if personal safety is promised, then it’ll be all right for 3 months.

“All right. Let’s go with that. The bet’s on.”


And so the bet with Elira was made. It’s a delicate bet to make, but it’s unlikely that a supposedly virtuous elf would break it.

“Then here I come”

“Bring it!”

Then Elira came at me with great force, as if she was challenging me to a close fight. The crowd was about to start complaining about our lack of movement, so we’ll fight seriously from here on.

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