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15. Magic engraving

 I quietly looked at Vell.

 Kill Erad? No, from our point of view, it’s a pretty good deal. The problem is we don’t know if we can trust her or not.

“… You may trust us, but I don’t trust you.”

“Ah, you suddenly got defensive? Then I’ll change the wording.”

  She furrowed her brow and clearly seemed to be troubled.


“Nigris. You guys are behind right now. At this rate, everyone will die.”


“I’m saying we’re on the back foot.  We have to beat Erad before he can finish his preparations.”

“Wait, wait. What do you mean preparations?”

“… It’s a hassle to explain.”

“Do it … I need to understand.”

 Erad is getting ready?

 What is he preparing for?

 I can’t predict it at all. Isn’t Erad just a noble?

“I’ll explain it to you from the beginning. First, Jeanne, the head of the Holy Knights Order, has disappeared.”

“What did you say?”

“And the last time she was seen was in the slums. In addition, her sister has been missing for several days now…”

 I knew Jeanne intended to do something alone. She had a determined expression.

 …… I should have stopped her back then.

 Even if I regret it, what’s done is done.

 Considering the time when Altera was saved by the adherent dragon, it all adds up.

 Was it a coincidence she lost her memory …? No, the timing is too unnatural.

“I had asked Jeanne, that idiot, what happened to her sister?”

“Was Altera targeted?”

“Well, yes. It was difficult to prevent it when Erad’s control over the kingdom is in full swing. My superiors were too busy with other things to do anything about it.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a guild master. But the only difference is I’m also the sage of the west.”

 Sage of the west?

 It was written in her status earlier.

“That’s amazing! But I can’t believe it …” (Alisa)

“Yes, It’s too surprising.” (Fels)

“Hideena (That’s cruel)”. (Vell)

 There are four wise men in the north, south, east, and west, each belonging to the Adventurer’s Guild. However, their details are completely unknown and few people know who they are.

 Their abilities and capabilities are unknown, and they’ve even been called the final weapon of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Such a secret existence is in front of us.

 There’s no way we won’t be surprised.

“… Can you reveal this?” (Nigris)

“You know anyway right?”


 I’ve seen it.

 However, it’s outrageous and I don’t know the details.

 I feel that the appraisal skill is a little useless recently. I wish I could do something about it.

“Erad is aiming for something in the library located in the slums. If it’s taken away, then it’s our defeat.”

“What’s in there”

“It’s a magical engraving. You’ve seen one right? It was also engraved on Jeanne’s holy sword.”

 The one on that holy sword?

 At first, I thought it was a magic circle, but then I realized it was a little different.

 Speaking of magic, I think of Alisa, but when I look sideways, she’s tilting her head.

    Seems she doesn’t know.

“The magic you’re using. It’s a forgery in a sense.”

“Forgery, that’s quite a term.

“I can’t help it, because it’s true. The origin of magic, as it were, is that magic engraving.”

 The origin of magic?.

 I was able to withstand the attack of the holy sword, but I would have lost in a long-term battle.

 It’s a power that surpasses Heavy clothed Layered heal.

 No wonder he wants it.

“So I’m saying you’re behind.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to say it over and over.”

“I’ve explained this much, so I hope you can trust me.”

 Vell crossed her arms and looked at me as if assessing me. 

“I want you to get the Magic engraving of innocence before Erad does.”


“It has to be you Nigris. Because of that healing power and what you have here.”

 She points at my left chest.

 …… Is it my heart?

 I’m not a saint though.

 I only have a normal heart.

“Guild Master! It’s bad nya!”

“I’m talking about something important right now.”

“But the leader of that B-rank party was seriously injured!”


 We hurried from there to the adventurer’s guild hall.

 At the center of the crowd was the guy who had been demoted earlier.

 There were many adventurers around, but I can’t afford to worry about that.

 I run up to his side to heal him.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry … I was suddenly slashed by a strange woman in the back alley, and almost killed.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll heal you”

 The wound is brilliantly cut.

 This couldn’t be done by any average adventurer.

 But it’s okay.


 It should be fine for… what?

 When I cast magic to heal, a magic circle appears.

“Nigris-sama …! This is”

“Leave it to me. I don’t know what this magic circle is, but I think it says  ────Nig・ris・ healing・magic・ineffective・!?? ” (Vell)

 What does that mean?

 I certainly healed him.

 However, he hasn’t been cured.

“It’s a countermeasure. It’s terrible that he did all this just to see if it works.”

“What do you mean, “countermeasure”? Nigris’s magic can make things like they never happened!” (Alisa)

“In the first place, a magic circle is upward compatible with the magic we use. If the quality and feelings are equal to or better than Nigris’s, he will lose. Moreover, it’s specialized against Nigris. This is a specialized magic circle that’s immeasurably stronger than others.”


 Wasn’t it just strength of feelings that count?

 ….. He’s sent out something troublesome.

“But can’t Altera break it …?” (Nigris)

“She can’t. She’s wearing gloves because she can’t control the rate of disintegration.”

 ……That’s right. If we could break only the magic circle cleanly, we could end the current situation at once.

 But if we’re not careful, we could end up disintegrating the person.

 It’s too dangerous. 

“I’m not really good at this but…”

 Vell sits next to him and touches the magic circle on Guy’s arm.

 It seems she was rewriting the six-pointed star in the magic circle.

“I tried to extract only the part that targets you … How is it, are you able to heal?”


 The healing goes through as Vell said. I was able to heal him without the magic circle activating.

 …… Is it possible to rewrite the magic circle?

 She seems to have taken a little time but it seems impossible if you don’t touch it.

 Her being a sage is no joke.

“Do you understand now Nigris, if you continue as you are, you won’t be able to heal and you’ll lose all your companions.”

 Believing what Vell was saying, I wondered if I should go get the magic engraving.

    I can’t lose my precious companions.

 Fels and Alisa are too important.

 My ‘Heavy clothed Layered heal” Was defeated by Jeanne, and my healing was just nullified.

“The Magic engraving of Innocence has the ability to copy and counteract a target’s magic circle in its entirety. It also has a huge reserve of magic power, so it can erase a magic circle like that in an instant. Its quality of magic is also much higher. …… What are you going to do?

 I was struck by the reality of how useless I was now.

 …… I can’t stay like this.

“… where should we go”

 I don’t know what the innocence magic engraving is, but I’m going to get it.

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