Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The King Moves

“I see…”

The Prime Minister nodded as he listened to Garfish’s explanation.


Garfish asked expectantly.

“It’s not that simple. It is an ironclad rule that matters within a territory should be resolved within that territory. I can’t interfere with the judgments of other noble domains, no matter how much I want to. If I could, I would send a petition as the Prime Minister personally. Honestly in my opinion, the viscount is starting to gain power because of the production of mithril over there. I hope he’s not getting carried away…”

“But I’m sure he won’t mess with the Prime Minister.”

“Yes, but there are factions within the nobility. The Viscount of Saisi is a member of the Marquis of Halagulla’s faction.”

“A faction that’s hostile to your excellency…”

Garfish bit down in bitterness as if he understood.

“When it comes to this, I have no other option than to ask His Majesty to make a move.”

“His Majesty?” 

“It’s not just my faction, there are many noblemen who enjoy playing Reversi. I will gather them together and have them write a petition. I’ll ask the queen to persuade them, and maybe even Prince Fleue can play a role…”

The arrest of a commoner, a ten-year old child, had turned into a matter of great importance to the noble class of the kingdom and now the royal family was about to be moved.

Prince Fleue was outraged by the report from the Prime Minister.

His friend was in danger.

He couldn’t stay like this.

However, his aide Sebas stopped him.

He said that it wasn’t a good idea to suddenly ask His Majesty for help.

He said that it would be better to involve his brothers and ask them together.

Each brother is supported by their own faction behind the scenes.

He was told that if he jumped over his brothers to make a request to His Majesty, he might incur the opposition of each faction.

“All right. I’ll go see my brother. I’ll also ask Mother.”

Nowadays, Reversi was popular among women, not only among the nobility but also among royalty as a form of etiquette.

This was partly due to the heated game between Prince Fleue and the Prime Minister, but it was also due to the boy’s mentor, Tauro Satou.

The pinch of the Reversi boy teacher soon spread quickly through the gossip of women in the royal palace.

The king moved.

There were a series of petitions from various quarters.

The king had been playing Reversi for a while, but he didn’t know much about the boy who played the role of teacher.

It was interesting to hear that the fifth prince, Fleue, was so passionate about the game that he defeated the Prime Minister, but it seemed that the boy was the one behind it.

It seemed that the Viscount of Saïsi knew that the Prime Minister and the prince were close friends with the boy before falsely accusing him and eventually getting him arrested.

If this was overlooked, it could lead to a war between the factions and he couldn’t just leave it at that.

Following that, The Viscount of Saisi was summoned to the royal palace.

“Viscount, are you aware of the reason why you were summoned here today?”

“No, no…”

The Viscount was prostrating, but his nervousness was clearly felt.

“I’ve heard that a boy who was an instructor of Reversi, the popular game among nobles has been captured and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and there is no end to the number of people who are distressed by this matter and they petitioned me. What do you think I should do?”

“Well, that…”

The Viscount was so panicked that he slurred his words.

“I don’t know how you punish people in your territory in the light of the law, but I can’t let it go unheard when so many people have pleaded so much for his innocence.”

Hah hah…

He was so tense that you could hear the Viscount’s uneven breathing.

“Yes, I’ve just found out that he’s innocent and am in the process of releasing him. I’m sorry for the worry and inconvenience this may have caused you Your Majesty.”

The Viscount lied in anguish, he had him arrested at his own discretion and could’ve released him with a single word.

“You’ve found him innocent? I’m relieved to hear it from you, you may step back.”


The Viscount hurriedly left the room without once looking up at His Majesty the King.

“Are you happy now, Gret?”

The Prime Minister, Gret Barriera nodded besides him.

“Your majesty just expressed his concern, It was the Viscount who made the decision, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Thus, Tauro’s release was decided far away in the royal capital.

Three months had passed since his capture.

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