Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The Quest to Defeat Bandits

A week later, a large number of adventurers from each branch were called together.

It was just before dawn on the day of the attack on the bandits.

The 80 adventurers who had gathered were divided into three groups and marched to the forest before the bandit village, where they received reports from the reconnaissance team.

According to the reconnaissance team’s report, the bandit village was also the hideout of a bandit group, with a total of 152 people, including women and children.

When Tauro and his team explored the village, they didn’t notice it because of the heavy rain, but there was a fenced-off area at the back of the village with a watchtower. It seemed to be a little like a fort. 

About fifteen women, who seemed to have been kidnapped as hostages, were sequestered in a hut inside the fort.

So the plan was like this.

Two units would swoop in from behind and their first priority would be to secure the fort and take back the hostages.

It would be troublesome if they were holed up.

Fortunately, the bandits were not holed up in the fort and were sleeping in the surrounding village area.

The fort seemed to be for emergencies.

The rest of the troops would raid the village and take out the bandits quickly.

As for those fleeing, the troops stationed at the rest stop on the road should be on their way here by now.

If they joined Tauro’s group at the beginning, they might detect their movements, so they’ll join late and block all the main roads.

Tauro was assigned to the fort raiding team because of his skill with the bow and arrow.

Therefore he was at the front line.

His mission was to shoot the guards through the openings in the watchtower.

He made eye contact with the other archers and approached the fort from behind.

They didn’t notice him at all because of his presence blocking.

The rest of the troops kept their distance in case any of the enemies had spying capabilities.

Tauro checks the soldiers in the watchtower and draws his bow.

The other archers also set their sights on the other soldiers.


The arrow shot from Tauro’s bow was sucked into the forehead of the soldier in the watchtower with a sound that cut through the wind and the next moment, the figure collapsed.

The sound of arrows firing came from the surroundings one after another and the soldiers on guard fell.

The captain of the “Blue Guardian” Roy, waved his hand down and all of them started to charge the fort without a sound.

Tauro’s hands were trembling slightly.

It was because the feeling of killing someone for the first time was still in his hands.

When he slayed the unicorn rabbit, goblins and other monsters, he hadn’t felt anything. But even though they were enemies, these were still people.

Captain Roy, sensed this and stood beside Tauro and patted him on the back.

“You want to step back?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Tauro replied, drawing his small sword and joining the attack on the fort.

The raiding party, those with the ability “Nimble”, jumped over the fence with ease and opened the gate from the inside.

The adventurers flooded in.

Tauro did not go in the direction of the gate, but reached the side fence.

There was something he wanted to try.

“Storage ‘fence’.”

Tauro mumbled, and part of the fence disappeared.

A part of the fence was stowed in Tauro’s magic storage and disappeared.

For a moment, his allies were startled by this scene and said, “Eh!?” But they followed Tauro as he made his way through.

With the adventurers gaining momentum, they were able to take the fort in the blink of an eye, and as the guards escaped they secured the hut where the hostages were being held.

The raid on the fort ended in a great victory.

At first, the troops who raided the village pushed forward in a chaotic situation, but as soon as the bandits, who outnumbered them overwhelmingly got into position, they began to be pushed back.

Among them, the one who fought the hardest was Mina, who belonged to the Saisi branch.

She was a C-ranked adventurer, although she had refused to be the leader.

Her sword skills were overwhelming the bandits.

The “Five Arrows”, the team she had become the leader of, fought hard as well.

The Five Arrows had a female wizard.

Again and again, she blew up the houses with fire magic, reducing the will of the bandits to fight.

The leader of the bandits, who was leading the village side was getting impatient as their numerical advantage was being reduced.

“Don’t go at them alone, we have the advantage in numbers, surround them and take them out!”

Then a report came from a subordinate coming from the fort.

“Head! The fort has been taken!”


Just as he was thinking of escaping while he let his men fight.

“What’s their number?”

“I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”

“Damn it! The number of enemies on this side isn’t a big deal, I’ll defeat them and escape.”

The bandit leader had underestimated Mina and the others.

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