Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: The Village of the Dragon People (3)

Tauro and the others were invited to the chief’s mansion and were amazed by the items on display inside the house.

Ankh was amazed at the rare magical tools, armor, magic swords, and holy swords, all of which were on display.

Aeris was used to seeing the magic tools that Tauro makes, so she was not surprised, but Tauro was quite surprised because he could see the value of the items with his “true eye”.

I think that the magic sword, magic spear, and great magic sword that I made with creation magic are not inferior in terms of performance, but the items here are all very valuable…. Perhaps the ones I make are also of high value….

Tauro pondered a bit and decided to revise his evaluation of the appraisal-inhibited weapons he made.

When Tauro and the others were invited to take a seat by Chief Ryuga, Chief Ryuga once again thanked Tauro.

“We owe our lives to you, Tauro-dono. You saved us, my wife included. At the time, she was wandering between life and death, and was about to give up. So many lives were literally saved by the medicinal herbs  Tauro-dono provided and the potions made by the recipes you taught us. Thank you so much…!”

He bowed his head deeply, probably in gratitude as a husband, not as a chief.

Oryo, his wife, also bowed her head.

“Please raise your head. I didn’t do anything serious. If Ragune here had not come all the way to the distant village of Dansas to look for a cure, nothing would have happened. I think Ragune is the biggest contributor.”

Tauro praised Ragune’s achievements.

“I was only one of the companions who set out to help the Dragon People. If not me, I think others would have come. It was by chance that I met Tauro, and it was you who reached out to me. It saved the lives of many people of the Dragon People, so it is only right that we thank you.”

Ragune bowed her head with everyone else as she said this.

“That’s why I asked you to raise your head! I’m grateful that Ragune has become our companion, so I can’t have you keep bowing to us anymore.”

Tauro gave a wry smile and said so, making everyone raise their heads.

“I’m sorry about that….Let’s change the subject.  I heard that today’s visit was an experiment with ‘spatial transfer’?

Chief Ryuga asked about Tauro’s visit.

“Yes, actually—”

Tauro explained why he came.

“…I’m surprised. I didn’t know it could be used in that way. To begin with, Ragune’s ‘dimensional corridor’ is also a very rare and useful ability, so I sent her on a journey to search for a cure, even though she is still in her infancy. It was a miracle in the first place that Ragune, with her special ability, met Tauro-dono, who possesses the “spatial transfer” that we all crave. In such a situation, the idea of crossing the two special abilities would have never occurred to even us, the Dragon People.”

Ah, Ragune was proud of being chosen as a representative, but…she was called immature…. Oh, she’s depressed…!

When Tauro looked at Ragune, she was drooping.

“Is ‘spatial transfer’ that rare?”

Tauro was still in the process of learning how to utilize “spatial transfer,” so he asked Chief Ryuga, who seemed to know a lot about it.

“Yes. Even among the heroes of the past, those who have learned it are rare. And for those of us who have been aiming to conquer dungeons for many years, “spatial transfer” is something we want to have at our fingertips. After obtaining the “Dimensional Corridor”, I was able to see the path, so I was about to organize a large-scale dungeon capture team, but just as I was about to do so, the current epidemic made me think twice about it. It seemed to prove that even the dragon tribe, who had sent out many heroes, could not win against disease. Thanks to Tauro-dono, we were saved, though. Ha-ha-ha.

“I heard that ‘spatial transfer’ is most effective in dungeons, but what does that mean?”

“In dungeons,  after you go down a certain number of levels, a “transition room,” which is also a safe haven, is created next to the descending stairs. The “spatial transfer” allows you to freely go back and forth from the room to the room below, so you can get to the level where the “transfer room” is located in a matter of seconds. In other words, it is easier to conquer. However, “spatial transfer” is a rare ability. Until now, one had no choice but to continue to dive and return, dive and return, all on your own. However, a few months ago, we decided to organize a large-scale expedition that would dive for up to a year, since Ragune learned the “dimensional corridor”, the problems of food shortages and armor repairs were solved. The “spatial transfer” solves not only those problems, but also that of people coming and going. Furthermore, it is possible to move between distant dungeons. If that’s the case, there is no dragon tribe that doesn’t want ‘spatial transfer’!”

Chief Ryuga’s explanation was filled with enthusiasm.,

However, something else caught Tauro’s attention.

Isn’t it too dark to keep diving for up to a year!?

Tauro was taken aback by the stoicism of the dragon people, as well as the torturous six-year training period.

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