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 Chapter 109: The Past of Our Friend

The struggle between the “Black Golden Wings” and the “Jet-Black Sword” in front of the guild had come to an end.

But surprisingly, the “Jet-Black Sword” did not try to leave the village.

Originally, they had heard of Aeris’s reputation and had only come to recruit her, so they had no reason to stay.

First, after the dispute with Aeris, the “Jet-Black Sword” asked for a meeting with Chloe, the head of the guild, then tried to bribe their way up to E-rank, but were flatly refused, and told to get out of the guild if they didn’t want Chloe to find out about the bribe.

Normally, they would have turned tails and leave the village of Dansas, but the great thing about those four was that their rebellious spirit was ignited.

Iratuk took the place of leader.

“We’ll show them what we can do!”

They left the guild and stayed at Chloe’s guild-managed “Resting Pavilion”.


Or was it just ignorance?

The next day, the “Jet-Black Swords” auspiciously began taking the F- rank quests seriously.

But then the flirtatious guy with “mage” skills started saying that the herb gathering quest were uncool and dull, and he easily left the team and left the village of Dansas.

The rest of the team members were so shocked by the unexpected departure that they didn’t come out of their inn rooms for the rest of the day.

The adventurers gossiped to each other that the team would probably fall apart.

This was often the case among low-ranked teams.

It was a common pattern among low-ranked teams, where the difference between the ideal and the reality leads to quarrels among friends and the team collapses.

The next day.

Nasirus gathered his friends in the dining room of the “Resting Pavilion”. He began to make a speech.

“Can we continue to be unjustly mocked by the “Black Golden Wings” and the head of this guild? No, no, no! We must overcome this ordeal to clear our names and climb the stairs to heroism! We may be down a man, but we can do it, now it’s time to join forces!”

Iratuk and Vichina were so moved by this speech that they hugged each other with tears streaming down their cheeks.


“…..Was there a part to make them cry?”

“…They’re just making fools of themselves .”

Tauro and the other three who were present at the scene were not satisfied with the fact that they had been used as an excuse, but they decided to let it go and continued eating.

The other adventurers were either sympathetic with “Black Golden Wings” entanglement in this cheap three-people drama or laughed and made fun of them as a snack.

That night.

Aeris knocked on Tauro’s door with a serious expression.

“Do you have a minute?”

At the sound of Aeris’s voice, Tauro immediately came out of his room.

He sat down on a chair at the table where they usually ate, then Aeris sat down too and started talking.

“There’s something I want to tell you… I come from a noble family.”

“I’ve had a hunch about that for a while.”

Tauro was not surprised when he replied, as though he had already realized it.

“Since when?”

“I knew you were a noble or someone related to a noble when you were so familiar with the dungeons controlled by the state.”

“…I see.”

“So you see, just because you’re a noble doesn’t mean i’ll treat you any differently. Aeris is Aeris, you know. …Do you want me to treat you better?”

“No, I don’t want that! …Thank you, Tauro.……please keep bearing with me”

Aeris said sullenly.

“Yeah, no problem. But why did you become an adventurer?”

Tauro was curious about that.

Aeris was only fourteen years old, and at that age she should still be having fun and going to school.

“My father disappeared in a dungeon, and since I was the only child, my mother brought in my fiancé to protect the family name, but to make matters worse, he was my mother’s lover. So I ran away from home.”

“…That’s …a terrible story…”

She must have wanted to protect her current position very badly to assign her daughter to her own interloper.

Maybe she was trying to protect the family’s name while having a child with the fiancé so that he would inherit the family.


I didn’t want to imagine it, but I could see how heartless she was when she made that man her daughter’s fiancé.

“I had heard a lot about adventuring from my father before he died, so I figured if I was going to live, I might as well live as an adventurer! That’s what I thought.”

“I’m sorry I asked you something you didn’t want to talk about.”

Tauro apologized.

“No, I feel better now that I’ve talked to you. Thank you for asking.”

Aeris thanked Tauro and bowed deeply.

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