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Chapter 101: Performance of the Magic Sword.

The next day, Tauro visited Bob’s house in the morning, bringing the “Magic Sword” with him.

Bob welcomed Tauro and invited him into the house.

“Oh, is this it? You had a blacksmith friend make it for me right? It has a different feel than a sword.”

Bob accepted the sword Tauro had given him.

“It’s called a katana. It’s single-edged, and unlike a sword, it’s sharp.”

Bob nodded and pulled the katana from its scabbard.


Bob’s eyes lit up when he saw the blade.

“… this … is the blade covered in flames !?”

“Yes! It’s a magical sword with fire magic power thanks to Bob’s magic stone, and the scabbard is also specially designed to resist fire!”

“….. “Magic sword” …? … Isn’t this … a first-class item …!?”

Bob panicked and quickly put the sword back in its scabbard.

“I don’t know if it’s a first-class item or not, but you gave me your bow in the dungeon and it’s a replacement for your broken sword, so please accept it.”

Tauro replied with a smile.

“….. Oh, Tauro. Anything with “magic” attached to it is a very expensive item in this world. The blacksmith who struck this must be some kind of master. …Are you sure you want me to take this?”

Bob asked back, dumbfounded by Tauro’s smile.

“Yes, of course. I’m sure the person who made it (me) is happy with it.”

Once again, Tauro answered Bob with a kind smile.

“I understand. I’ll take it. Thank you, I’ll take good care of it!”

Bob answered Tauro’s smile with a smile and shook his hand firmly.

“If Tauro wasn’t underage, I’d have had a drink with him. Hahaha! Momo! Can you get me a drink?”

Momo poked her head out of the back room.

“What are you talking about this early in the morning? Tauro-kun, if you haven’t eaten yet, would you like something to eat?”

She started to prepare the food.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I already have something ready.”

Tauro said and took food out of the “magic storage”.

“After all, “magic storage” is very convenient… Eh? Wait! Isn’t that white bread?”

Momo was thrilled.

That’s because white bread was a luxury food.

It was food that ordinary people couldn’t afford, so Momo longed for it.

What Tauro offered was a sandwich made with it.

“Yes, this is also my way of saying thank you, so here you go!”

“That’s very thoughtful of you! Thank you.”

Bob thanked him and took a big bite.

Momo poked it with her fingertips then took a bite, marveling at its softness.

“This is delicious!”


Tauro was so happy to see them happy that he couldn’t help but smile.


Later that day.


With a burst of energy, Bob sliced the orc into two.

Fire spewed out from the cut and the orc, cut in half, died in flames.

The blade was so powerful that it bit into the rock beside him.

In a panic, Bob quickly pulled it out, but the tip of the blade was slightly chipped.

“Oh no! I promised I’d take good care of it, but I overdid it right away… haha…”

Bob looked at the edge of the “Magic Sword” and wondered what he should do.

“I guess I have no choice but to get the blacksmith who struck it to fix it…”

Bob thought he should have asked Tauro for the name.

“It’s no use. I’ll apologize to Tauro and ask him to introduce us.”

Bob changed his mind and decided to return to the village.

“Hey, Tauro!”

Just as Tauro and his friends were coming back from their quest, they ran into Bob on the way back to the village.

“Oh, Bob-san. Good work.”

“Sorry, Tauro! I got carried away with the sharpness of the blade when I was slaying Orcs, and I cut a rock and chipped the tip of the blade. Can you introduce me to the blacksmith who made it so I can fix it?”

“Oh, really? Can I take a look?”

Tauro took the sword from Bob.

When he pulled it out, he saw that the edge was not chipped.

“huh? It’s not chipped at all.”

Tauro said.

“Of course it is… Huh? No, it was definitely chipped, but…”

Bob looked at the tip of the blade, puzzled.

“How many orcs did you slay?”

“Hmm? …Seven?”

“…That didn’t chip it, did it?”

“Yes. I could even cut their bones in half! The sharpness was amazing.”

Bob replied, nodding his head in response.

“Maybe this ‘magic sword’ has ‘recovery and regeneration’ in it.”

“Recovery and Regeneration?”

“Katanas are very sharp, but not very durable. I think that explains why the blade hasn’t chipped after so many cuts. It also explains why Bob confirmed that the blade was chipped, but it was fixed.”

As Tauro explained, to himself he thought that he might have created something extraordinary.

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