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  • Chapter 213

    Chapter 213: Individual Training “Let’s see… the length of the blade is this, the weight is this, the thickness is this, the grip is this length, this thickness… and the left hand is …….” After spending about three hours, I was finally able to choose the shape I liked for both hands. I could have … Continue reading Chapter 213

  • v2c40

    Chapter 40: Interview Result 《Keith side》 The interviews, which began at the suggestion of Phoenix, lasted three hours. After each summon finished his or her self-appeal, the summons smiled confidently. In front of them, who were raising their hopes of passing the interview, Miss Charlotte let out a single sigh, “hah……” What kind of decision … Continue reading v2c40

  • Chapter 183

    Chapter 183: Where To Go Afterward Ren and Chloe’s move was helped by Tauro’s Magic Storage. Because waiting for them to put things away one by one would take time. In an instant, Tauro collected the items from their rooms, and the duo was stunned by the sight, but he ignored them and quickly removed … Continue reading Chapter 183

  • Chapter 182

    Chapter 182: Is The Team Dissolved? When we arrived at our house, sure enough, there were those two women living there. “What are you guys? Have you come to make false accusations again?” “We don’t want to make accusations, this is our house.” Before Aeris could get too riled up, Tauro spoke up for them. … Continue reading Chapter 182

  1. He probably fits the Hard Sword Technique~

  2. Diana Kurosawa on v2c3

    So… it’s like Guilty Crown but magic stones~

  3. what a fucked up DLC~ welp, I’ve seen worse~

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. when are you guys gonna post your next chapter of Prince Kurobuta Who Reincarnated as a Villain Character Remembered His Previous Life and Was Changed?

    1. We’ll post at least one chapter today

  2. Are you guys Okay?

    1. Thanks for the concern, we’re back now

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