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  • Chapter 175

    Chapter 175: Impossible “What’s your name?” “Zeros… Zeros Adolfo.” “My name is Ryu. Zeros, I’m counting on you.” “Eh…?” She asked me my name as she walked slowly, and I answered honestly. Since I was in a position where I couldn’t refuse in case she’d change her plans and kill me for not answering, I … Continue reading Chapter 175

  • v2c13

    Chapter 13: Consultation A week has passed since the spectacular hand-to-hand combat between His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo and His Royal Highness Prince Grayson. Thanks to His Highness Prince Grayson’s good sense, the practice of magic is over and now they are devoting themselves to their respective studies. I would like to say that … Continue reading v2c13

  • v3c25

    Chapter 25: At the Royal Capital The rest of the way was smooth. It was so smooth that I wasn’t prepared for it…. I could feel my tension dropping as we approached the royal capital. “I can sense the extreme tension in Master. It’s okay. The results you have achieved in Asgard are real. If … Continue reading v3c25

  • Chapter 145

    Chapter 145: At the Inn Tauro and Aeris decided to stay at “Bacchus Pavilion” an inn recommended by the Garfish Trading Company. At night, Aeris went to Tauro’s room. She seemed to want to talk, so he let her in. He sat Aeris down on the chair provided, offered her some water and sat across … Continue reading Chapter 145

  1.  It read, “Start a special story. Seeing this, Ren pressed “Yes” without hesitation. What the heck is this —-?”  Then…

  2. I’m loving this! It’s really interesting!! Thank you for the awesome translations!!

  3. Why the f would he take her recommendations why

  4. Who will kill that irritating goddess ? Sophie or Zero ?

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  1. when are you guys gonna post your next chapter of Prince Kurobuta Who Reincarnated as a Villain Character Remembered His Previous Life and Was Changed?

    1. We’ll post at least one chapter today

  2. Are you guys Okay?

    1. Thanks for the concern, we’re back now

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