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Chapter 49: Younger Sister's Perspective 3

"Wait ... your ... ..."

I don't want to listen to her. I just know she’s the one who killed my brother. This is where she stops breathing.

"still alive……"


It seemed like she said something important, so I relaxed my grip.

"Hah ... ha ... ha ... Reiji Sato is alive ..."

"Then let me see him, quickly"

She said he was still alive. And is she smiling? Disgusting…


"Reiji Sato is reincarnated and alive"

"Then let me reincarnate to where my brother is as soon as possible."

"I can't do that! It’s against the rules!"

"Do it now!"

However, I realized this wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn't have enough information, so I changed the subject.

"Why did you kill my brother?"

"Because a person's lifespan is fixed and that day was the end of his lifespan."

As I listened to that my head was spinning. First I thought about why I was called here. It's too convenient to also call me just because I happened to want to reincarnate. And if the lifespan of a person is fixed ... that means ...

"You called me in a panic because I died today when I wasn't supposed to."

"What! No! No!?"

"... I'll kill you?"

"Really ... Thank you ... Wait no! I'm sorry ... That's right."

She told the truth when I tightened my hands again, which I’d loosened, because of the obvious lie. My guess was right after all. If my brother had died to the first flowerpot, I would have killed the woman who dropped it and sent a lot of souvenirs for my dead brother so that he would have plenty to talk about in the afterlife. And yet, my brother died by the unnatural power of a god. And because of that, I, who had never planned to kill myself in the first place, did. In other words, the plan of the goddess, which had become a little unstable during the time of my brother's death, completely collapsed with me. That's why she called me here, for fear of being discovered.

"Reincarnate me to my brother now"

"I can't do it, It’s against the rules!"

"Wasn't it a violation of the rules when you called me here?"


I was guessing, but it seems to be the case. It's a good thing she's so easy to read with her responses.

"It doesn't change much if one of rule violation becomes two, right?"

"But ..."

"It’s all good, do it quickly"


"Guh ... yes!"

She should’ve said that from the beginning. That way she wouldn't be strangled. Is she stupid? Or does she just want to get strangled?

"But ... I can't let you choose one skill like Reiji Sato ..."

"If so, would I have no skills?"

I read all the novels of different worlds in my brother's room when I visited without permission. I also know what kind of girl my brother likes. His preference was for girls who were younger sisters. It was worth the effort to introduce him to a large number of novels and manga that had a reputation for being particularly cute.

"You can’t have zero skills because what was done in life remains as a skill."

"If so, there’s no problem at all."

I have mastered everything for my brother. With this, even if I reincarnate, I can completely support him.

"Do you have any hope for when you reincarnate?"

"My brother's sister ... No, make me a twin sister"

An ordinary younger sister cannot support her brother for at least a year. Besides, if the school was in a different world, we would be separated by age. This time, I want to be able to do my best only for my brother without leaving his side at any time. And again, since a younger sister cannot marry her brother, I can atone without being confused by my love for brother.

"What else do you want ...?"

"The rest is this"


With that said, I hit her face with all my might. I also learned martial arts such as karate, so I hit her hard.


"I’ll forgive you with letting me reincarnate this time. But... if you ever do anything to my brother again, no matter where you are, I’ll come after you and kill you.

"Wow, you’re serious...

"Reincarnate me to my brother quickly."


Thus I was reincarnated as my brother's twin sister. If there’s one miscalculation, it was that even siblings by blood can get married if they met the right conditions. And I and my brother had met that condition.

Chapter 50: Entrance Ceremony

"Zero ni-san ... please get up"

"Hmm ... Sophie?"

"Yeah, it's Sophie."

"Is it already morning?"

"You want to be late for the entrance ceremony?"

"I’ll wake up now ..."

It’s been three days, the entrance ceremony's already here. I changed into a brand new uniform that had just arrived. The uniform is similar to a blazer with a black base and white lines all over. Of course, this uniform is an ordinary uniform that’s never been magically processed. However, it seems that they’re made stronger than ordinary clothes.

"We'll be late!"

"I'm ready!"

"Then let’s hurry!"

It’s no good to be late for the entrance ceremony. And Sophie’s kind of happy today, was she looking forward to enrolling?

"Please come here if you’re a new student!"

I moved to the venue according to the guidance of the teachers.


"Good morning Shana"

Shana was already there when I sat down in the designated seat. One of the seats is vacant on my left side, I’m followed by Sophie and Shana on the right side, so maybe it's in order of grade.

"Well, uh ... um ..."

I didn't want to get in trouble by making a fuss, so I kept quiet and the person to my left came over. The girl had short peach-colored hair, large breasts, large, clear eyes, a slightly frightened and cautious look, and large breasts.

"Hey." (Zeros)

"Where are you looking?"


Sophie pinched my thigh. This can't be helped ... it's like a man's habit. It's really unavoidable to look at something so big and bouncy.

"I am very honored to be enrolled in this school ..."

And the girl was practicing her speech without looking at me.

"We will now hold the entrance ceremony "

And while I shrank being exposed to Sophie’s cold eyes, the entrance ceremony began.

"First, the new student representative's speech, Claudia Aleora who broke five targets in the magic section of the new student representative practical test"

"Ha hahi!"

Then she went up to the stage while seeming a little awkward.  I, Sophie, and Shana looked at each other at the same time. Yup…. Let's all go apologize later.

"I, I, I, I'm very honored to be able to enroll in this school ………………………

............However, I would like to work hard with my classmates and grow even further in the future. "

At first, she stuttered, but at the end, she was able to read more firmly than at the beginning and finish the speech well.

"Thank you. Next, a greeting from the school director. Director, please."


Then a large wild handsome man with a dandy beard went up on the stage.

"First of all, I would like to say. The most prominent part of this entrance examination is the young lady who broke five targets."

I took a moment to see the reactions around me. The surroundings became a little noisy.

"Did you guys not notice one more thing? The second place score was also weird?"

At this point, I thought to myself, "Stop it, shut up," but the voice of my heart did not reach him.

"He was the first to finish the written test with a perfect score and smashed the simple arena into pieces in the weapons section of the practical test. Did you see the arena that was shattered?"

Then the surroundings became even noisier. Like I said! I'm not the one who broke it! !!

"I'm happy that there are many excellent students this year. I am looking forward to further growth."

After saying that, he went down the stage. What was this guy trying to do? After that, the ceremony finished without delay. There was an orientation for each class. It seems that our classes were posted just after leaving the venue. Since there were a lot of people, we decided to go after there were few people and stayed here for a while.

Chapter 51: Class

You three over there, can I have a minute?”


As I was looking at the crowd of people, the school director spoke to me.

"Ah, I'm not familiar with magic, so please take over."

"If so, you could have let me call out first."

The school director said this to a man with dark dark circles wearing glasses right next to him. Or rather, there were glasses in this world. It’s my first time seeing them.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Flip Montein, vice-principal of this school."

The person next to the school director was the deputy school director. By the way, the name of the school director seems to be Ivan Gorky.

“I'll get right to the point, I'm afraid that Aleora's maximum magic power wouldn't have been enough to break the target in the target test. However... if the target was originally on the verge of breaking, it would be possible. And the maximum magic power of the three students who took the test before Aleora exceeded the target's endurance limit.”


I could already guess what he wanted to say when he said that much. Therefore, I bowed my head obediently.

"There’s no need to apologize! It's our fault for preparing a target too soft to withstand the power."

I thought that he was angry with me. Or rather, anyone would think that he was in this situation.

"I don't know if it was on purpose, but please apologize to Miss Aleora, who finished first."


I originally wanted to apologize.

"If possible, could you teach Miss Aleora magic?"

"Teach her magic?"

"Yes. She's getting a lot of attention now due to her magic score. I want you to teach her magic until it no longer weighs on her."


Certainly this time we’re totally at fault so there’s nothing wrong with teaching.

"And Miss. Aleora is not very good at attack magic, but she’s very good at recovery magic, so it would be nice to learn recovery magic from her."

"Got it"

I haven't been able to acquire recovery magic, so she may be able to teach me. However, since Sophie has already acquired it, the priority of recovery magic is low.

"I'm sorry for taking your time."

"No, it's okay."

"Then we’ll be going."

After saying that, he left with the school director. And when I looked, there weren't many people anymore, so we went to check our classes.

"We didn't need to check it ..."

"That's right"


Classes are decided from A to G in order of grade, the 20 people from 1st to 20th place are A class, 30 people from 21st to 50th place are B class, only A class has 20 people and from B class, it’s a class of 30 people. I don't know why there are only 20 people in A class.

"It looks like we’re a little late, so let's hurry a little."

There was no one here anymore, so we hurried to the class.

"I'm sorry, we’re a little late."

"It's okay. Please sit in your designated seat."

When we arrived at the classroom, everyone was already seated. It seemed that we were seated in the order of our attendance numbers, and our attendance numbers were in the order of our exam scores. So the seat in front of me was Claudia's, and the seats behind me were Sophie's and Shana's.

"Then we’re all here, so shall we start the orientation."

And when we got to our seats, the orientation started.

Chapter 52: Orientation

"This is the end of the orientation."

The orientation ended in less than an hour. As for the content, there are many coming events. I’m particularly passionate about the park battle and the inter-school battle.

In this world, there are four different places to live for humans, beastmen, elves, and dwarves. If the place where humans live is north, there are beastmen in the west, elves in the south, and dwarves in the east. 

There are boundaries for each race, and it’s difficult to move to a place where another race lives. And there’s a huge deep forest between the four races, there are rumors that there are demons and dragons there, but the monsters that appear deep in the forest are at least A-ranked and there are so many of them that no one has ever gone deep into the forest and returned, so we don't know if the rumors are true or not.

And in the territory of humans, there are four countries, including the one we live in. However, unlike the movement between races, it's easy for humans to move from country to country.

Back to the topic at hand, the park battle is fought within the school. It seems that you can choose to participate in it. And in the inter-school battle, the person who comes out on top in the park battle will represent this country and fight against the representatives of the school students from other countries.

By the way, it seems that this country is always fighting for 3rd or 4th place in the battle against other schools. However, when Andrei was in 4th grade, he was able to reach 2nd place. So it seems they want us to aim for second place, such low ambition …….

"Let's finish with introductions."

It was decided to end the day with introductions.

"Then, please give us your name, special magic, weapons to use, etc. in order of attendance number from Miss Claudia."


And Claudia started to introduce herself.

"Um, my name is Claudia Aleora. My specialty is recovery magic. The weapon I use is a shield. Thank you ..."

Is a shield a weapon? I was thinking about that, but people around me are talking about how great her magic is to be able to break the target even though her specialty is recovery magic. Did they make friends with the neighbors while we were late?

"I'm Zeros Adolfo. My favorite magic is fire magic, and my favorite weapon is a sword. Nice to meet you."

It's plain, but this is fine, isn't it?

After that, Sophie and Shana introduced themselves safely. And everyone's self-introduction was finished without delay.

"Today's orientation is over. Don't forget to come tomorrow as it’s a school day."

Today is a fire day, and there’s school on water, wind, and earth days, light and dark days are free. Since we go to school for 4 days and take a rest for 2 days, it’s better than the original world.

"Miss Claudia"


"Sorry, can I have some time?"

"Yes, yes ..."

I talked to Claudia to apologize as everyone was about to leave.

Chapter 53: Apology

"Sorry for taking your time"

"No, no, no, it's okay ..."

I still don't know which classroom we’re allowed to use at this school, so I asked her to wait till everyone left the classroom.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you about the target practice test.”

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Please forgive me! I'll do anything!”

"Wait, slow down! Hmm? I'll do anything so please calm down."

"Why are you also panicking brother? And I won't let you say those words.”

Sophie told me to calm down. She was almost crying when she suddenly apologized, so I was in a hurry.

"You don't have to apologize"(Zeros)

"Eh...? Because of me, you went down in the rankings, so weren’t you trying to lynch me in class when nobody is around?"

"No ... I won't!"

I wonder how she sees us...no one would do such a thing right after entering school...

"The targets were on the verge of breaking right?"

"Feh !?" (Claudia)


The three of us bowed our heads and apologized. When we looked at Claudia, she was frightened, as if she didn't understand the situation. So I explained in detail from the beginning.

"Um ... that means it broke because it was on the verge of breaking?"


"Hah ... that’s good ..."

Claudia stroked her chest in relief.

"What's wrong?"

"If my magic really had the power to destroy a target with a single blow, it would mean that I couldn't control its power, so I was wondering what to do in a mock battle.

"Um ... I'm sorry"

"No! You don't have to apologize anymore!"

I found out that Claudia was a very kind girl.

"If you want, I can teach you magic until you can break the target with a single blow.”

"You can break that target with a single blow?”

"We can break it, right?"

"Yes" (Sophie)


I know because I played with It, but I think that if I release magic with all my might, I can break it easilly.

"Are you really going to teach me?”


"You won't say later that it's too much trouble?”

"I won't."

I've been thinking about this since she talked about a group lynch, but what kind of environment did she grow up in?

"Then please teach me"


I'm really glad I was able to apologize. And it seems I can teach her magic.

"Thank you. In return, I'll teach you restorative magic and holy m... oh! Purification magic! I'll teach you recovery magic and purification magic!"


"I’ll teach you recovery magic and purification magic!"

"Oh, thank you"

"No! Thank you"

I wonder what she said earlier. By the way, purification magic is magic that breaks curses. Even Sophie hasn’t acquired it, so it would be helpful if she could teach me.

"Thank you for today! See you later!"

"Yeah. See you later ..."

And with that, she hurriedly left the classroom? I made eye contact with Sophie and Shana, but they also didn't understand the situation. For now, we're done with our business so we're going home.

"Shana see you tomorrow"

"Goodbye Shana"


I broke up with Shana at the school gate and went home with Sophie.

"That time ... what was she trying to say?"

"Maybe ... could it be holy magic?"

"No! It shouldn’t be."

Holy magic cannot be obtained unless you have acquired the title of saint, and the effect is completely upward compatible with recovery magic and purification magic. And recovery magic can’t replace missing parts, but holy magic can cure everything in any state as long as it’s not dead. Moreover, holy magic can perform stronger dispelling than purification magic. 

      Furthermore, the most amazing thing about holy magic is that you can buff others. I've only seen it in a book, so I'm not sure if it's true, but if it is, it would be amazing. Can I be a saint by collecting the [Title]? Is it really impossible since saint is a female-only skill? No ... If I do my best, maybe?

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