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Chapter 9: The Strongest Onmyoji, Negotiations (Part two)

“You said he was your brother, but that’s a lie.”

“Oh. Why would you say that?”

“It’s strange not to think so. The appearance is too different.”

Herman’s hair is dark brown, but Neg's is blonde. His eye color is also different. His body and features don’t look alike at all.

And most of all...

“In addition, you are a former aristocrat, and you were born into a Marquis family.”

I had heard of the family name Rod Trivas. Although it is in the frontier, it should have been a distinguished family that governs a large territory.

If you’re a prestigious aristocrat, you naturally place importance on education.


I couldn’t believe that Neg, who didn’t seem to know even one of the rules of etiquette, was born like that.

Herman exaggerates.

“I see. Did you know the name of Trivas’ family? I usually speak with self-deprecation when chatting, and I use my name to gain the trust of the nobles. No, I don’t know. Already……”

Then, the middle-aged man makes a troubled face.

“Since many nobles have half-brothers, it’s not uncommon for them to have blood ties with different appearances, but……as you can see, there is no blood connection.

“Brother-in-law, right?”

“When I had just left my parents’ house, I had a hard time. I was having a hard time making ends meet. Neg and I met and worked together during that time, yes.”

Herman spoke in a suspicious manner, but there was some truth to his ...... story.

The actuality that the two of them are brothers-in-law is also a lie, but it might be more true than you think.

“However, when I think about it again,......, it would not be surprising if Seika-dono knew about my family. We are in a similar situation.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“I have heard rumors of you for some time. Seika-dono.”

Herman said with a smile.

“Seika is the second first-class adventurer in Lakana, after Chancellor Silas. The one who achieved victory over the greatest stampede in history was a boy genius who ran away from a prestigious count’s family,......says the rumor.”


Apparently, he had known about me from the beginning.

Well, that’s understandable. I was aware that I had done something so spectacular that it had become the subject of rumors, and it was only natural that a merchant would know that much information.

“What? Oh, you .......”

For some reason, Rurumu looked at me with a surprised expression, but I ignored her for the moment and replied Herman.

“What, so you know about it?”

“Of course. If I remember correctly, your family was a master of magic research”



Herman showed such concern, whether because that is how it is with nobles who have run away, or because i had only written my name on the accreditation form.

It wasn’t that i didn’t have another name, but ...... on second thought, maybe it’s better not to publicly declare the name of the family.

I’m a  fugitive now. I don’t want to cause trouble for Luft and Blaise.

I made a sour face and said to Herman.

“You’re right. You can gossip all you want, but don’t mention the name of the family. It’s not nice.”

“Yes, I understand. Yes, of course.”

The slaver nodded with a smile, as if he did not see my frown.

He then continued on in a cheerful manner.

“We’ve gotten off topic, haven’t we? Let’s get back to our business meeting. And now, Seika-dono. What kind of slaves do you want from us?”

I snorted as I slumped on the couch.

“It’s too much trouble to explain. I’ll decide what kind of slaves to buy. Show me what you have.”

I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, so I tried to deceive him with a pompous attitude.

I wanted to see all the slaves of the divine-demon anyway. I don’t want to see just a few random ones.

“No, no, that’s not how it works.”

Herman persisted.

“As you can see, our association owns only a small trading house, and the management of slaves is entrusted to several different slave traders. Our warehouses are located all over the city, and it would be a bit of a pain ...... to have to visit all of them. But don’t worry. We have a wide variety of high-class slaves, and I am confident in my ability to select slaves. I am sure that I will be able to meet your needs, Seika-sama.”

“....... That’s right .......”

When he told me this, it was hard for me to ask him to show me everything.

I had no choice but to come up with a suitable condition.

“I need a strong slave.”

“A strong slave, sir?”

“Yes, I need a strong slave. As you know, the dungeons around Lacana are now dead because of the stampede. I’m bored out of my mind. I came all the way here because I heard there was another dungeon around here, but it didn’t have what I expected.”

“Huh. That’s it?”

“That’s it. If there are no monsters, I can deal with people. I want a strong slave who can be trained as a training partner, who won’t break even if I hit a little magic. It seems that these guys are also dulled.”

“Ummm, that is ...... a difficult problem.”

Herman twisted his head.

“Certainly, our society also handles former adventurers and slaves with knowledge of martial arts.”

“Don’t be presumptuous, Herman.”

So, I decided to press the issue.

I lifted the corners of my mouth and said, 

“I’ve heard rumors that you’ve purchased demon slaves in  your trading company.”

At that moment, Herman’s expression froze for a moment.

“...... Excuse me, Seika sama. Where did you hear that rumor?”

“I don’t know, I forgot.”

While paying attention to the two nervous-looking demons on either side of me, I continued on in a matter-of-fact manner.

 “I don’t remember who I heard rumors about, but it wouldn’t be surprising if information leaked out. It is not just one or two people who were involved in the transportation of these people.”

It seems that Rurumu had heard about this from one of the guards who had changed the cargo at a town along the way.

“The fact is, the customs will also have to pay for the transportation of a large number of slaves, and it will not be possible to hide them.”

Herman said as if he had given up.

“... It’s just as you said. No, before I came here, I didn’t know what the situation was, so I wanted to keep it secret as much as possible until I brought it to the Imperial City.”

“So you do have them?”

I ask without hesitation.

“You were going to bring them to the Imperial Capital and put them up for auction anyway, but even if you don’t do that, I’ll buy it here at the asking price. If you can avoid transportation costs and the risk of being attacked by thieves, it would be where you want as well.”


“Well, except for the useless demons. It’s useless for races weaker than humans.”

“Fufu... No, no, no way.”

Herman said with a quiet smile.

“Our company only deals with high-quality slaves. It doesn’t change even if they are demons.”

“Then they are here.”

“Do you have time after this, Seika-dono?”

When I nodded, the slave trader stood up, straightened his collar and said,

“Then, I think it’s time for you to actually see it.”

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