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Chapter 22: The Strongest Onmyoji Gets Busy (Part one)

Then, sure enough, I got busy.


In a room at the guild.

Mabel, who had been writing at the desk next to me all morning, said without even looking at me.

“We’ve become adventurers, ...... why are we doing this?”

After a few moments of silence, I respond to her resentful tone.


From one of the reception tables, I can hear the voice of Ifa talking with a customer.


“Oh, I see......... in the north cave, such a ...... ah-ha-ha .......”

The voice sounded slightly tired.

The guest, an old woman who used to be an archer, has already repeated the same story three times, so it may not be unreasonable.

A month has passed since then.

By the time the stampede was cleaned up, word had spread among adventurers that a book on adventure know-how would be produced for ...... newcomers, just as Zamlug and Lloyd had predicted.

And with my name as the author. It was even called something simple like  a book on “how to conquer the dungeons of Lakana.”

From then on, it was a disaster.

I was a well-known face because of my role in the stampede, but as word spread, I was talked to more and more often.

The topics of conversation were all about the information on the attack. I had to run for cover every time I was confronted by a large number of idiots on the side of the road who wanted their names to be listed and started talking about hidden passages in dungeons and the weak points of monsters.

Already an adventurer with a strong desire to show off, he is now unable to dive into the dungeon and has too much free time. It was natural for this to happen.

To make matters worse, the brunt was also aimed at Amiyu and the others, and they were told that they had to do something about it.

To top it all off, a guild official came to the inn and tried to leave us a large amount of gold coins, claiming they were for immediate funding. I hurried to turn him away, but the next day he even brought a member of the Council of Free Citizens,---

I had to shake my head in resignation. I did manage to get them to retract their delusions about erecting a statue in honor of our contributions to Lakana.



I was given a room in the guild and was busy compiling materials.

Incidentally, outside the room, there was a line of adventurers who wanted to talk to me.

I wonder how long it will take.

“How did it come to this ......?”

“Well, it’s not that bad.”

Amiyu, who had put down the bundle of papers she was carrying with a thud, said,


“We’re getting paid, aren’t we? We’re not busy anyway, so it’s better than doing nothing at all. But you’re going to make a book......, can you do that?”

“......, in a manner of speaking.”

In my previous life, I had written several books, both for pupil instruction and just as a hobby. I still remember how to bind books.

The binding method here seems to be a little different again,...... but I guess I can manage.

Amiyu said in dismay.

“How do you know all that? You can do anything, can’t you?”

“I don’t know when it will be finished. Unless that line disappears.”

“Ah .......”

Amiyu stuttered.

“But ...... if I were in their shoes, I’d have caught you and told you everything I know.”

“Yeah, ...... you too?”

“You know those guys at the bar who talk loudly about their adventures? People are hungry for a chance to tell their stories. It’s your fault for creating an opening.”

“What’s the opening? They’re a real pain in the ass.”


Amiyu laughed and then said, 


“They’re not the ones you saved.”

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