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Chapter 15: The Strongest Onmyoji Defeats the Boss (Part two)

Everyone looked up at it.

Flying above us was a lizard-like figure with wings.

But it was not a dragon.

It had no forelimbs, but instead had wings, and the way it flew was similar to that of a bird.

Monsters that look like dragons but are different from dragons are called sub-dragons in this world.

That one is a kind of ---- wyvern.

It is not a monster to be feared, although it is powerful by nature. Even the Imperial Army, which is not supposed to be a specialist in this field, has occasionally defeated them.

However, the size of this one was different.


It was huge, approaching the size of an adult dragon. Vine-like vegetation hung from its body, and the torn wing membranes at the edges told the story of how long it had lived.

Someone shouted.

“It’s the Ancient Wyvern! What my grandfather said was true!”

I pulled a face.

It was completely unexpected. The sign of power hadn’t even moved for a long time. ...... I didn’t expect the boss monster to have the ability to fly.

If it weren’t the case,, even the approach from the boss’s side should have been blocked by a painted wall.

But no amount of wall fairies can stand in front of a flying one.

Oh no, this is not good. ......

“All hands ready! That’s the boss! Ancient Wyvern will breathe!, Stay in one place!”

At the same time as that voice, the wyvern looked down at me and opened its jaw wide to reveal its red mouth. In the next moment, scarlet flames were spewed out. It wasn't a band of flame like a dragon, but a fireball similar to human fire magic. Above the fleeing adventurer's head――――However, the fireball disappeared without a hitch. After confirming that the fire has not spread to the trees, I scatter the human rattle that was the starting point of the barrier. It doesn't seem like a big deal compared to the dragon. But... what's going on here? The old wyvern must have appeared, clearly aiming at us. What moved the sub-dragon master, who had been quietly in the depths of the forest for a long time...whether it was a bad thing to put up a painted wall, or whether it was because this number of people approached the territory, I don't know. Anything is fine. Anyway, now I have to get her to return to the other side of the wall. Looking at the Ancient Wyvern, which began to descend to attack directly, I flew a single hitogata.

《Fire-Earth-Metal Phase――――Shintenko no Jutsu》

A light as intense as a small sun burst through the air.

Suddenly, everyone moaned and held their eyes.

“Shintenkou” is a technique that mixes gunpowder with metal powder and ignites it, creating a dizzying light and explosive sound.

Magnesia’s silver-magnesium powder burns out in an instant, creating this much light. It’s difficult to even stand up if you get caught up close, but on the other hand, it’s power is very low, and it’s also an exorcist technique.

Even the boss Wyvern would flinch.

If I fire a few shots at this rate, they will surely run away to their territory... thinking that, I put my arm away.

I opened my mouth wide.

“Huh...? Geh!”

The Ancient Wyvern was falling.

Its wings were flapping weakly and it was wobbling. It seemed to have been completely knocked back and forth by a single “Shinkenkou” shot.



I had expected it to not be too strong, even for a boss, since it could be beaten by a human,......, but I didn’t expect it to be this weak.

Oh no, it’s not good. ......

If i can manage to hit it back to the other side while I still can,----.

And then, just when I thought that.

I saw only one moving shadow among the group.

A large man with a battle axe in his hand.

The leader of the group, Zamlug, a heavy warrior.

Zamlug, whose eyesight may not have fully returned to normal, moved with an agility that did not match his physique, and ran toward the wyvern’s drop spot.

And then.

Zamlug, with his battle-axe in the lower position.


The battle axe, which was released as if swinging up, severed the neck of the wyvern that had ---- fallen, with a single blow.

He was yellng.

I exclaimed involuntarily.

Sure enough,----, the entire forest lost all sign of its power, as if a light had gone out.

The wyvern’s wings, which had been decapitated, collided with the momentum of the wyvern, and Zamlug fell down with a thud.

As it was, it did not move.

“Lea, leader ......?”

“Zamlug......, hey, are you okay ......?”

A few of the others who could move called out to Zamlug fearfully.

The big man put up his arms and slowly stood up.

He was dragging his left leg, as if he had been injured when he was knocked off the ground. But with steady steps, he approaches the head of the wyvern he dropped.

He then thrusts his battle-axe, which is covered in dirt and blood, at the wyvern’s side.

“Who defeated the boss...”


“Who defeated the boss!! Say it!!”

“ It’s Zamlug.”


“That’s not right. That’s not true... everyone.”


“Everyone defeated it. Because of you guys, I was able to beat the boss... Everyone here defeated the boss.”

“Oh, me, we are...”

“The boss in the south...”

“That’s right. We defeated them... We subjugated the boss! We’ve completely conquered the southern dungeon!! Rejoice!”

“Uh, oh, oh, oh!”


“Zamlug! Zamlug!”

Amidst the cheers, I was alone in a daze.

Why is this happening?

“We’ll celebrate when we get back, boys! I’ll buy you drinks till you drink out of the keg at the bar! Don’t let up until we’re out of the woods!”

The group cheers again.

It seemed that I was the only one who was not happy.

*The Shinkotenkou no Jutsu

The art of generating intense light through the combustion of magnesium. By removing charcoal from the ingredients of black powder and mixing in more easily combustible metal powder such as magnesium and aluminum, a gunpowder that produces intense light and sound instead of a violent blast can be created. The principle is similar to that of a flash grenade, and although the purpose of this technique is to incapacitate the user, the high-temperature combustion gases and other substances will not cause light damage if the user is hit at close range.

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