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Chapter 13: The Strongest Onmyoji, Cooling Down

Two months had already passed since I began my life as an adventurer in an unavoidable way.


In a corner of the tavern installed in the guild.

Amiyu slumped down on the table and groaned.

“It’s still early summer, why is it so hot...”

“Uh, yeah... I wonder what will happen next month,...”

Ifa also weakly agrees while fanning her chest.



Only Mabel is drinking fruit water with her usual face... but she speaks less than usual.

Apparently, she is also feeling weak.

As Amiyu said, despite the fact that full-scale summer had not yet arrived, the heat wave continued every day here in Lakana.

Having lost the will to dive into the dungeon, we ended up spending the day at the guild. Similar adventurers can be seen here and there.

“Lakana is a basin surrounded by mountains.”

I say as I tilt the slightly citrus-scented fruit water.

“I guess the air will stay. It can’t be helped.”

“How can you be so calm?”

Amiyu glared at me from below with a cool face.

“It’s not too humid. It’s still comfortable.”

Compared to summer in Japan, it’s better. It’s not unbearable as long as you keep out of the sun.

Amiyu says it incredulously.

“Aren’t you lying...? Was it that hot in the Lamprog territory?”

“It wasn’t like that... I don’t really understand Seika-kun’s standards...”

Ifa answers weakly.

I have no choice but to make excuses.

“I don’t mind the heat. If it rains here, I’ll be very tired of it. ......”

Then I add.

“I thought, but Amiyu and Ifa can use water attribute magic.”

“Huh? Uh, yeah”

“What happened?”


“Can’t you make ice and cool the room?”

Most of the magic learned at the academy was theoretical, and the rest was either offensive or, at best, used for healing.

Although useful spells called magical tools are used occasionally, I have not seen many examples of magic itself being used in daily life or in industry.

I had thought that in a world where there are so many sorcerers, there should be more of that kind of thing,......, and that was my comment.

Amiyu replies in amazement.

“You know, if it’s this hot, a little bit of ice will melt quickly, and if you use magic until it cools down, you’ll run out of magic and collapse in no time. If you’re going to use effort, it’s better to fan yourself with a fan.”

“Is that so…Ifa is no good?”

“Uh-huh...if you ask too much, people won’t listen to you. That’s why I think it’s no good.”

That’s right. The magical power of a spirit is not inexhaustible.

“I did some of that kind of work at the company.”

Mabel interrupted.

“Chilling raw fish from a city by the sea, and transporting it without it rotting…”

“Oh, that kind of thing!”

“But it seems that it was quite expensive because it always uses two or more magicians. It’s a job that a wealthy aristocrat asks for their hobby.”

“Ah... you have to go that far. Or rather, you’ve been doing a lot of things, Lugrok Company...”


Apparently, there is no culture that uses magic in daily life or industry.

It seems a shame that, with all this development, magic is only used to kill monsters and to give authority to the nobility, but I guess it is difficult to convert it to other uses.

So, I guess we have to be patient for now.

“Well, according to what I’ve heard, it’s rare to have a day this hot even in the middle of summer. It should calm down in a few days.”

“It’s getting late now~”

“... Ha, it can’t be helped”

As expected, I didn’t want them to get sick.

I took out a few sheets of hitogata from my pocket and released them into the air.

I lightly made a mark.

Soon after, the air around us began to feel cool as the heat from the shadows stole away the heat from the surroundings.

The women started to get excited, so I'll just say something.

"It's just a little bit. If you rely on this too much, your body will become weak."

"Ahahaha! Awesome!"

“Thank you Seika-kun! I knew Seika-kun was amazing!”

“I want to sleep here. Can I sleep here?”

“Don’t get all cheerful all of a sudden.”

It was hard to believe that these creatures had changed so drastically from the limp creatures they were a moment ago. They are totally fine, aren’t they?

“Oh, my goodness, folks. What’s up? Something ......”

As I looked at the three of them with a puzzled look in my eyes, a guild employee, perhaps hearing the commotion, came up to me.

It was the young receptionist who had been at the purchase counter sometime before. As we exchanged payments, we became acquainted with her and I learned that her name was Airia.

“What? Why is it so cool around here!”

Airia approached the table and put her hand on her mouth in surprise.

“No, that’s...”

“Seika’s keeping it cool.”

“What about Seika-san? Huh... you must have a wonderful talent for magic.”

Airia said so and didn’t move from the table.

Wasn’t she going somewhere...?

“Airia , what’s going on there?”

Another young guild official passing by looked suspiciously at Airia, who was standing there in a strange place.

He was the appraiser who had broken the shell of a magic stone deer with a hammer and chisel. I learned that he was Airia’s senior and that his name was Wallace.

“Mr. Wallace, over here, over here!

“What are you calling me for? What the ......, cool!”

Wallace said, exactly as astonished as Airia.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? I heard that Seika is doing it.”

“Really? I’d like him to be an employee of the guild.”

“Please don’t recruit me for this one trick.”

Wallace also doesn’t move from where he stopped.

Are these people idle...?

“Huh, What are you guys doing... so cool!?”

“Come on, it’s already hot... it’s cool!?”

“Wow, cool!?”

Familiar adventurers who were exhausted at the tables around them were astonished when they approached. Gadoru, Nido, and Ricken from the party of three had similar reactions, probably because they were all similar.


“What do you mean it’s cool?”

Adventurers and guild officials came up to the table one by one.

In no time at all, a crowd had gathered around the table.

I was taken aback for a moment, and then shouted out.

“It’s too hot!”

Are these guys cats  gathering in the shade.

‘You could make it cooler, couldn’t you?’

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Heh, can I get you something to drink?”

“Who the hell are you guys?”

Before I knew it, even people I didn’t know at all were standing there, looking like acquaintances. I am not at all surprised that adventurers are so friendly.

I think I’ve had a lot of friends like this in my past life, too.

Is it perhaps a matter of my personality?

“Uncle, it’s cool here!”

Unexpectedly at that time. A high-pitched child’s voice, unbefitting of a guild, resounded.

The adventurers who were unfamiliar with handling small children were startled and moved away from the source of the voice.

The person there was a white child.

She has fair skin and razor-sharp platinum hair. She looked like she was five or six years old, but she was very good-looking.

His ears are a little pointy. By any chance, half-elf?

“Oh, my God, she’s so cute! What’s the matter, little girl? Are you alone?”

“I’m a man!”

Yelling back at the crouching Ifa, the child shouts to the back of the guild.

“Oh, okay, okay. Let’s play over there for a while.”

The man who peeked out from the stairs replied.

He had a familiar face. He is Eik, who sells goods to the guild.

Mabel nods her head and calls out to Eik.

“Is this Eik’s child?”

“Is your wife a forest elf?”

“Haha, I'm afraid the woodland elf is my sister's husband. I'm looking after my nephew for a moment.”

“Then take him quickly. This place is already full.”


“Yeah... don’t entrust your precious nephew to an adventurer.”

“My name is Tio.”

He said unilaterally to a reluctant Amiyu, and Eik went up the stairs.

“Onee-chan, are you a swordsman?”

Tio said, looking at Amiyu’s cane sword.

“that’s right, but?”

“Fight me!”


“I’m a swordsman too! I won’t lose to my friends anymore. Let’s compete outside, okay.”

Amiyu was staring at Tio who was pulling the hem of her clothes as if she was looking at a troublesome kid.

I burst out laughing.

“Isn’t it fine? Let’s play.”

“Huh? No, in this heat. I won’t leave here!”

“Ah, I’m sorry, but it’s about time for the magic power to go out.”

I say this deliberately and retrieve the hitogata.

The air is immediately hot, and people around me complain, but I ignore them completely.

“It’s absolutely not a lie, it’s like running out of magic!”

“If you get used to this too much, you’ll actually get sick.”

Saying this, I handed over two long wooden sticks.

“Where did this thing come from?”

“Onee-chan is fast”

“Ah, now I understand!  In exchange, we’ll all gather in Seika’s room at night. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately.”

“Huh? Don’t be silly.”

“Come on! Show me how good you are, kid!”

“Okay, let’s go Tio-kun! It’s hot so wear a hat.”


“If Amiyu loses, I will be your opponent.”

“I can’t lose!”

Amiyu and the others rush out.

The adventurers and guild staff who had gathered in the remaining cold air soon dispersed, one by one, perhaps realizing that it was hotter to be stuck together.

“――――! ――――”


The half-elf child can be seen playing with Amiyu and the others from the window located away from the table.

I drank the fruit water that had completely warmed up.

Strangely, I felt terribly nostalgic.

“I’ll disturb you.”

At that moment, the body of a large man sitting across from me blocked my view.

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