Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: It seems the engagement to my crush was canceled

My mother in anger mode left the room, so I started muscle training immediately until mealtime.

If you think of it, do it immediately! With this ugly and fat body, there is no way I can subdue the evil god!

I started whipping up my aching body and doing push-ups.

“Hmm! Huh! Hmm! Zeha … Strength up! Oe ~~!”

After about 15 times, my arm shook and I felt sick … I feel palpitations.

Of course, I still can’t do sit-ups even once … Can I subdue the evil god with such a body?

The food was delivered shortly, but a little less … no, it’s a standard amount, but it’s not enough to sustain this giant.

I just swore on a diet … Wow ~~~!

Naturally, the royal family employs first-class cooks. He’s a so-called court cook. The food that’s being served now is also very delicious. It’s the first meal I’ve had in two days, so it was prepared to be kind to my stomach. The chef here may also hate Luke, who trolls ingredients in the middle of the night, but he seems to be proud to serve the food.

It’s a well-balanced diet, so you won’t get fat with just this.

Then why am I so fat … Luke’s [subspace warehouse] always contains some kind of food. I’m eating more than three meals … Especially a midnight snack is indispensable.

I’ve been in the dormitory of the Dragoon School since April, but even though I’m lazy, I buy food at food stalls on holidays and store it . Although he’s a person who doesn’t go out for the basics, he still goes out to buy food by himself.

The [Subspace Warehouse] itself does not have a [Time Stop] function, so it can’t be stored for many days, but it seems to last longer than with normal exposure to the air. It seems that I can’t take it out now because of the [Magic Bracelet].

Well, I swore on a diet so I can’t eat anyway.

If you die once, the contents of [Subspace Warehouse] get empty, but I can’t confirm it now because of the bracelet.

* * *

Two beautiful girls visited when the sun went down.

One is Luke’s sister and the other is Luke’s fiancée.

“That’s good … You look better than I expected.”

“Yes, I’m sorry I worried you nee san.”

I lost my beloved dragon, so she seemed to be worried i may be depressed.

“Lu-kun, I was worried cause you didn’t wake up for two days.”

“It looks like you came yesterday. I’m sorry I made you worried.”

My fiancé, Lulutier, calls me “Lu-kun”.

She’s surprised to hear me say “I’m sorry”.

She’s the second daughter of a Marquis family and is a childhood friend.

This girl’s Marquis family was originally a royal family and are close to our parents, and I don’t know how it happened, but it seems that Luke was engaged to her when she was about six years old. Even in this world, engagement at the age of 6 is quite early, but Luke has been happy about it since then.

Luke loved his childhood friend. I clearly feel his feeling that he’s glad she came to visit..

Lulutier C. Marrell (16 years old) Height 157 cm, weight 44 kg

With a light purple hair color, it is a rare short hair for girls in this world. It looks great and is cute.

Actually, I’ve been suspicious of the relationship with Lulutier recently. It’s been a month since we started going to different schools. I used to play with her until I was about 10 years old, but since I started to be called “Orc Prince”, I haven’t had many chances to meet her.

I may not be liked anymore, he kept on doing things that she hated.

Luke loved her … too much and stupid Luke’s actions were to catch frogs, snakes, and bugs in the royal yard and chase her around. There was a time he even crumpled her beautifully tied up hair … maybe because of that, it’s pitiful but she keeps short hair now.

The stupid elementary school bad boy who’s the worst, and wants his childhood crush to take notice of him.

Even if we talked, I was nervous and could only answer in a blunt manner, so from the perspective of others, it seemed like bullying. She’s surprised because Luke said, “I’m sorry to worry you.”

“Luke … it’s hard to say, but your engagement with Lulu has been canceled.”

“Eh !? What do you mean nee-san?”

Those close to Lulutier call her Lulu … Luke also called her that.

“I don’t know the details, but I’m sure this case was the cause …”

“Lulu, did you hear anything?”

Lulutier answers my question.

“Yes. This afternoon, the King himself visited my mansion and talked to my father about canceling the engagement. He seems to have been worried about Lu’s recent behavior. My father was happy to cancel the engagement. No matter how many times I asked for more details, he wouldn’t tell me … “

I … I can’t help it. Most aristocratic marriages are political anyways.

It seems that the son of an aristocrat goes to school for a grace period to find a partner during that time, if the person brings a partner who matches his family’s expectations, he can marry that partner. However, the age of 18 to graduate is a marriageable age. If you can’t find a partner in the meantime, the aristocrat’s view of marriage is to marry the partner of their choosing.

Parents also want the best for their children. They’re desperate to find a good partner. Even though it’s a marriage of convenience, there’s parental love there … well, I’m convinced of the person my parents decided on.

“Was my stupidity this time that bad …”

Normally, once an engagement is established between aristocrats, it won’t be dissolved unless there is a great deal of trouble.

The higher the family, the more disgraceful it is to break an engagement.

Since we requested the cancellation, they can’t refuse the royal family. However, it’s a disgrace for the daughter of a Marquis family whose engagement has been canceled. I see Lulutier looking at me with an uneasy face.

It’s probably due to Luke’s memory, but his emotions flowed in and my heart started beating faster …

“Lulu, I’ve put a disgraceful label on you just because you were involved with me. I’m really sorry … I’m sorry, but I understand your father’s feelings. Can you tell him that I’m going to….”

“Does Lu approve the canceling of the engagement !?”

“It can’t be helped if our parents agree. It’s better than Lulu getting married to ‘Prince Pig’ and pointing her back, right?”

“I’ve been waiting for a long time, believing that you’ll be back to the old Lu someday! You didn’t think of me at all … you’re terrible! Lu you idiot!”

Lulutier left the room crying.

What was that now? Eh ~~ !? I’m not the main character of Nibutin’s light novel, so I understand! Did Lulutier also like Luke?

If It was Luke in the old days … I think it was before he was 6 years old, we played a lot …

“Luke, you idiot! Chase her quickly!”

“But nee-san… I can’t get out of my room cause I’m grounded!”



I was struck by my sister as an idiot … Why do I have to be struck so many times because of “Prince Pig”! It’s unreasonable!

My sister glared at me then quickly left the room. If I leave it to my sister, she’ll take care of Lulu.

Luke’s emotions overflowed, and tears started falling from my eyes.

A knight on the lookout was smirking through the open door and looking at me …

“I was crying because of my fiancée and my sister! I wonder if it will be the rumour again.”

I closed the open door, and while thinking that I was unfortunate, I cried and did muscle training to vent my feelings.

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