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Chapter 11- Get on the Guardian Knight [3]

The next day, they enjoyed a leisurely journey on the ground, and the morning of the day after that.

It was a time when many people were still asleep, before the sun rose.

Ren, who had stayed up late reading a book, woke up and sat up in bed. He raised the blinds of the window he had closed before sleeping and saw the morning sun peeking over the horizon.

It was still too early for breakfast, but he didn't feel like going back to sleep.

Ren washed his face and tidied himself up before leaving the cabin. As he headed towards the dining car where he could have a light meal and drink some tea to wake up, he saw Fiona there. She was sitting alone at a seat next to the window, sipping tea.

"Good morning, Ren-kun."

There were only a few other passengers besides her. There were a few elegant young couples, and that was about it.

"Good morning. Fiona-sama is an early riser,."


"I always wake up at this time. But if you say that, you're also an early riser, aren't you?"

Fiona chuckled softly and elegantly. Invited by her, Ren sat down across from her.

Then, a service attendant appeared seemingly out of nowhere, prepared tea for Ren as well, and quickly left.

Ren, sitting across from Fiona, looked at the menu placed on the table. Seeing him contemplating ordering something light to eat, Fiona looked at the glass in front of her. It had been filled with fruit water until just a moment ago, but now it was empty. Droplets of condensation, chilled by the ice, were still clinging to the glass.

She saw her own reflection, small but shimmering, in the glass.

"...Isn't it strange?"

she murmured absentmindedly, touching her bangs.

Her appearance was well-groomed, but even so, if she had known that she would meet Ren like this, she would have spent at least five minutes... or at least ten minutes, tending to her appearance. Even the slightest angle of her bangs bothered her.

"Oh, did you say something just now?"

"N-No! It's nothing!"

Fiona released her hand from her bangs and gently stroked her silky hair that cascaded down to her chest before it fell back. The side profile of her face, illuminated by the morning sun that was finally showing itself, seemed to be adorned with a gem-like sparkle.

"We'll be arriving in Eupheim soon." Ren said.

"Did you enjoy your journey on the Guardian Knight?"

"Of course. I was thinking that I'd like to use it again on another occasion, buying the ticket myself this time."

"I'm glad to hear that. Please enjoy your time in Eupheim as well."

Tomorrow, Ren, Licia, and Lessard would visit Marquis Ignat's residence. There was a planned event that Ulysses had been looking forward to for some time—a gathering to express gratitude to their benefactors.

Their conversation continued, and gradually, the dining car also began to bustle with activity.

By the time the morning sun had fully appeared, the two of them returned to their own rooms.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

It was ten o'clock in the morning, a time when students would usually be busy with their first class at the academy.

The Guardian Knights which had departed from the Imperial Capital was finally approaching Eupheim.


As Ren and Licia witnessed the beauty of Eupheim, known as the "White Crown," which stretched out before them from the train window, they were astonished.

The cityscape consisted of white-painted houses and intricately intertwined waterways. There were boats floating on those waterways and numerous towering buildings that lined the city like a metropolis.

Eupheim, with its crescent-shaped bay overlooking the water, seemed to eloquently speak of the significance of being called the "White Crown" and the countless visits by the imperial family throughout history. The scenic beauty of the city rivaled that of the Imperial Capital.

The Guardian Knight stopped at the largest station in Eupheim. The appearance of the station, which resembled the white-painted houses, was a breathtaking architectural marvel.

Naturally, there were events being held even here. Ulysses complained about the troublesome greetings of the nobles that followed one after another.

After the scheduled event concluded, guests started leaving the station and heading into town.

"Licia, Ren."

Lessard called out to the two of them on the bustling platform of the station.

"The carriage to the inn is ready, so let's head there soon."



Today, they would first go to the inn and unload their luggage.

As the three of them started walking, Fiona approached them and spoke.

"Everyone, tomorrow our family will come to welcome you at the inn. Please enjoy your stay in Eupheim today. If you need anything, feel free to call for us."

She said so, curtsied gracefully, and then departed.

"Ren, see you tomorrow too!"

Unusually, she left with a cute wink as she glanced at Ren. She seemed to be looking forward to tomorrow with great anticipation.

Once they got on the carriage, the coachman began walking the horse without specifying the destination.

While looking out the window, Licia spoke to Ren.

"Eupheim is amazing, isn't it?"

"For now, I find it strange that I'm getting along so well with the lord of such a large city."

"If you say that, aren't you also very close to the Third Prince?"

"...You're right."

Although he was born in a village in the countryside, Ren realized that he had come a long way.

To think that he could also contribute to the village. Sometimes he couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

"Both of you, look over there. Something interesting can be seen."

Lessard smiled and said, prompting Ren and Licia to look in the same direction.

At the end of their gaze was a corner of the massive port situated along the crescent-shaped bay. It was the largest port in Leomel.

Several warships were moored at the port.

...It was awe-inspiring to think that all those warships not docked at the military port were part of Ulysses' forces.

Eupheim remained a historically and culturally important city, but more than that, it served as a crucial hub for trade. It boasted a first-class scale in both trade and national defense in Leomel.

After finishing an early lunch at the inn and taking a break, Ren's attendant from the Clausel family approached him.

"A visitor has arrived for you, Ren-sama."

The servant who had been dining with Ren as a matter of course at his room said so, causing Licia to voice her surprise, "Huh?"

"For Ren? Is it Marquis Ignat or Fiona-sama?"

"No, it's someone else."

"Who could it be?"

Ren stood up and moved away from Licia's side.

In the corridor, a knight was waiting. It was the master swordsman whom Ren had often encountered at the Lion’s Sanctuary.

"Greetings, Ren-dono."

"I see. It's Radius, right?"

"Yes. I came with His Highness on a magic ship from the Imperial Capital. I have come to welcome you on His Highness's orders."

The knight of the Lion’s Sanctuary nodded.

Radius had been too busy to accompany the Guardian Knight on its journey, but it seemed that he had arrived in Eupheim as well.

Ren returned to his room and told Licia about what had just happened, including his plans to leave the inn.

"I see. I'll inform my father, so go ahead."

"Thank you. Well then, I'll be going."

"Okay. Take care."

Ren left the room again and walked with the knight in civilian clothes. They proceeded to the inn's elevator and headed to the first floor.

While inside the elevator, the two of them conversed.

"How was your journey in the Guardian Knight?"

"It was enjoyable. It was my first time spending a night on a train, but I had a valuable experience during the two nights and three days."

"Oh, I see!"

The knight's voice was full of life.

"Do you have an interest in the Guardian Knight?"

"Absolutely! I plan to ride one on my day off and I was thinking of getting a first-class ticket!"

The first-class ticket referred to the carriage assigned to Ren and the others, but the high price of the ticket was the only drawback.

However, the knight continued as if it didn't concern him.

"Haha... As a single knight, my salary keeps piling up. If I don't enjoy myself on occasions like this..."

"Please, have a wonderful journey."

The Guardian Knight project was led by Ulysses. The unprecedented land journey seemed to have caught the interest of the master swordsman.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Now, in Ren's guest room, the attendant who returned spoke to Licia.

"Will the young lady be returning to her own room?"

"Well, let me think."

Although she initially thought of immediately returning to her room, she showed a moment of hesitation. She quickly stood up and said, "Just kidding," but the attendant was slightly surprised by her uncharacteristic gestures that seemed to be conscious of Ren.

As she left the room, she heard her friend's voice from the other side of the corridor.

"Oh, Licia! I've been looking for you!"

It was Sarah who appeared from the other side of the corridor. And a little behind her was Vane, who arrived a bit later.

Licia approached Sarah, who had arrived in front of her.

"We haven't seen each other since morning. Were you staying here too, Sarah?"

"Yes. So we just finished lunch and were planning to go outside. What about you, Licia?"

"I finished eating with Ren a little while ago."

Sarah carried a sword at her waist, and Vane, who arrived a bit later, was the same.

"Why are you both wearing your uniforms?"

"As I mentioned earlier, we're planning to go outside. It's more convenient to wear clothes that allow us to move freely, right?"

"...Is that all?"

"Yes. Besides, we're still students, so we should make the most of it while we can. We won't be wearing these uniforms once we graduate, after all."

Sarah proudly puffed out her chest.

But Licia couldn't help but think that they didn't necessarily have to wear their uniforms even when they came to Eupheim. While she agreed that it would be more comfortable to wear something easy to move in...

"Since we're here, why don't you come with us, Licia?"

"Well... I'm not sure."

As Licia hesitated, Vane said.

"How about going together with Ren?"

"Too bad. Ren had something to do and went out just a few minutes ago."

"Really... That's a shame."

"Yes, just a few minutes ago."

Vane and Sarah sighed in disappointment.

Although Licia wanted to spend the day in Eupheim and go out at night with Ren, thanks to Lessard's kindness, both Ren and Licia were free today. So Licia had been thinking of taking it easy at the inn and going out to see the night view of Eupheim when Ren returned.

But from the flow of the conversation, it seemed that "outside" referred to somewhere outside the inn, likely the town.

To confirm, Licia nodded.

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