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Chapter 5: The missing element (Part one)

—- However, when the proposal was made, Ren wasn’t surprised with joy.

(…… not interested at all)

He was surprisingly uninterested.

I’m interested in the fact that the visitor is from Order-sol, and even more so in the fact that there’s a commanding officer level.

However, as someone who has received sword instruction from Weiss from time to time, he didn’t see much significance in receiving instruction from a regular knight.

“Hmm… I didn’t expect you to look so uninterested.”

It might have been rude indeed.

Ren, feeling bad that he had put too much on his face, cleared his throat.

“As I’ve said many times, I’m the son of a country knight.”

Weiss laughed and put his hand on Ren’s shoulder.

“Then how about watching the young lady’s lesson? Perhaps you might learn something.”

“Oh, if that’s what you mean.”

Ren nodded in agreement.

(And it’s a good thing too.)

But why did they ask to see Licia’s swordsmanship?

When Ren was curious and asked Weiss about it, he was told that, in fact, Licia had been scheduled by Lessard to improve her skills for some time.

The Order-sol were on an expedition nearby, and the commander of the group stopped by to see them.

“Is it a famous knight who came to visit?”

“He has the ability to lead the knights, so he’s quite good. I heard that his school is called “The Holy Sword Technique”, have you ever heard of it?”

Ren nodded at his words.

“I remember it was a sword technique founded by the hero Lauren.”

“Oh, you even know about that”

“I remember it was written in a book. As I recall, it was a sword technique that many knights learn……”

“Yes, that’s right. You are very diligent.”

In addition to the basic sword technique, knights often learn a technique that is suited to them.

Among them, the holy sword technique is preferred.

It seems that the reason for this is because it is the swordsmanship spread by the brave Lauren, and there are many knights who learn this regardless of their faction.

The information is, of course, something I learned from the legends of the seven heroes.

(The holy sword technique was a useful one…)

There are a number of factions, but if you are proficient, you can learn the art of warfare, which uses magic power at a cost. It’s one of the important means of combat for those who weren’t born with skills.

In other words, it’s an acquired power that substitutes for skills.

Ren still remembers the stances and movements of those fighting techniques.

(How could I possibly activate  war skills by imitating my game-era moves?)

“I, for one, am glad that both the young lady and the boy are learning as much as they possibly can.”

Suddenly, while we were on our way to the garden, Weiss said.

“I‘ve learned nothing but imperial swordsmanship and I was always devoted to it. I’ve never thought about learning other sword techniques…”

“I think that’s good. Imperial swordsmanship is a defensive sword technique, and it’ll serve Lessard-sama well.”

The imperial swordsmanship that was mentioned in the conversation just now is the basic sword technique that knights learn.

It’s highly versatile and, as Ren said, is focused on defense.

As such, it’s a reliable technique for those who are escorts.

(Personally, I think it’s a more suitable technique for a knight like Weiss.)

It’s natural for a knight to emphasize defense.

But this doesn’t mean that attack power is downplayed.

“If it’s okay with you, boy, I’ll teach you imperial swordsmanship next time.”

“Oh really? I’d be very grateful!”

“Haha If you’re that happy, then it’s worth teaching you.”

Seeing Ren’s joy, Weiss relaxed his cheeks and felt better.

(Speaking of which.)

Saint Licia in the legend of the seven heroes was a talented person who had mastered the holy sword technique.

The protagonists were on the heroes’ side in the first place, so they were very familiar with the Holy Sword Technique.

Incidentally, the characteristics of the holy sword technique is all-round. It’s not limited to offense and defense, but also supports and makes the most of skills if you have them.

If Licia, who has the skill of a White Saint, can master this skill, it’s natural for her to be powerful.

(There are even better swordsmen out there.)

—- There’s a rating system for all schools of swordsmanship.

Licia, among them, stood one rank below the highest, called a sword saint.

The highest ranking person in any school is called the King of Swords, and there are only five of them in the world.

They are ranked by the God of War, and the order is called the Sword King Order.

(Well, it’s not really relevant to an ordinary person like me.)

The Sword King is an entity that has little to do with the main storyline.

Thinking it was irrelevant anyway, Ren turned his attention back to Weiss.

“By the way, what about that other sword technique Weiss-sama was trying to learn?”

“Mm-hmm. You mean the hard sword technique.”


“It seems you know this too. It goes without saying, then, that the hard sword technique cannot be mastered without talent of its own, which is why its users are extremely few…. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that talent.” 

Beside Weiss, who smiled bitterly, Ren dryly laughed.

(Hard swordsmanship, huh)

Its founder was the founder of Leomel, the Lion King.

In the legend of the seven heroes, it’s a sword technique used exclusively by the enemy, those belonging to the opposing imperialist faction.

The performance itself is harsh both offensively and defensively, and boasts unreasonable power.

However, the swordsmanship itself is a separate skill and cannot be learned in the second week of play.

Yet, there’s no opportunity to learn it even in the storyline, which made players sad in two ways.

(Oh, it brings back bad memories.)

Equipment destruction and status reduction, not temporarily, but permanently.

The ultimate result was an attack with almost instantaneous damage that was impossible to avoid.

The hard sword technique, which is a parade of irrationality, is a privilege allowed only to the bosses.

Therefore, the holy sword technique is an all-rounder in battle.

On the other hand, the hard sword technique was often called an expert in battle.

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