Chapter 35 part 2

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Chapter 35: An Elf Named Jerukku [before] (Part two)

The monster that appeared was a worm about several times the size of the horse they were riding.

It cracked open the earth and appeared, and attacked with its scissor-like mouth open to the left and right.

“Yes. Leave it to me.”

Ren, however, is unmoved, and he extinguishes the wooden magic sword and summons his iron magic sword.

He gripped the sword with his unbound hand, and without hesitation, he rode right in front of the worm.

Then, as they passed each other, he unleashed a sword flash.

The wind pressure from his swing reached the demon beast master who was at a distance.

“What ……” ”crazy ……!”

Licia gasped, as did the astonished beast master.

In the face of Ren’s overwhelming strength, which he had never shown in a spar fight.

“…… haa,”

The worm’s body breaks in two as it stops moving with a single swing in passing.

The worm fell to the earth and made a small but earth-shaking sound.

“Ren is much stronger than I am.”

“I’m honored by your praise.”

“I’ll make sure we duel again when we get back.”

With a wry smile, Ren replied “Okay” immediately.

—- But there it was.

“Ki! 』\


The maneater squealed as if rushing the demon beast master.

The beast master, laughing, stroked the two monsters lightly.

“It’s about time.”

The beast master’s voice echoed through the wide hills.

The reason why he started to move here is obvious.

He waited until Ren and Licia are exhausted and then he wanted to decide the fight with his maneaters. That’s why.

But Ren and Licia don’t seem to be in despair.

Ren and Licia’s eyes that reflected the maneaters who began to move still had courage in them.

“Tell me, don’t hide it. Do you think you can win the fight as it is?”

Licia asked in the few moments before the monsters approached.

“I’ll do my best.”

“…… I didn’t mean that, you don’t have to hide anything. What’s the truth? My standing depends on your reply!”

“Your standing ……?”

“Just tell me! Can you win or not?”

Ren didn’t want to waste time either, so he decided to be honest and tell the truth.

“To be honest, if those two come in, victory is as far away as possible.”

Then again, I recall that the maneater is equivalent to a D-rank.

But Licia didn’t despair when she heard the reply.

Even though her life was in danger, she murmured,

“Do you remember Ren? I’m a saint.”

“I’ve never forgotten…..”

“Well then. I’ll begin.”

Then, a number of small balls of light arose from her hand.

The light spheres melted into Ren’s body, causing him to undergo a physical transformation.

(This is……)

“I’ve never used it on anyone other than myself before. But It looks like I got it right.”

This must be the power that Ren remembered when he met Licia for the first time.

“Is it sacred magic?”

Cockily, Licia nodded quietly.

(—- this is amazing)

The buff generated by sacred magic increases the status of his body in a different way.

Ren’s body is lighter than on days when he’s in good shape. It’s like something else. The power that pervades his entire body is unstoppable.

All of these things make Ren feel a sense of versatility that he has never experienced before.

In the midst of all this

“Hunt. You can fight without restraint today.”

The beast master begins to hunt Ren and Licia.

“KiKikki! 』\

“Kikki! 』\

Two monsters of the same rank as the Thief Wolfen spread their wings and fly into the night sky.

The maneaters’ movements seemed sluggish to Ren as they approached him in flight.

(If that’s the case—-!)

I can fight. No, I can win.

Ren now had the strength to be sure.

“I’m sorry. May I concentrate on sacred magic?”

“Yes. I will definitely defeat them!”

At this moment, Ren didn’t realize that Licia’s body was burning up.

Licia’s body was running a high fever and she was sweating profusely, just like the other day when she was sick. Also the fact that her voice was slightly muffled.

He was too preoccupied with the beast master to do the checks he normally would have done.

“Gururu! 』\

Monsters in the form of beasts jumped from right beside him.

However, all of them are easily cut in two by the iron sword in Ren’s hand.

The scene looked the same as before, but Ren, wielding the iron sword, felt a clear difference.

It was not only his physical strength, but also the sharpness of the iron sword itself.

Now, he was confident that he could cut anything.

“…… crazy. What’s that power?!”

The beast master marveled.

The figure of Ren, fighting on horseback, appears to be a gigantic being that doesn’t fit into his petite frame.

His fighting style is not that of a boy.

The figure approaching him, overwhelming all the approaching monsters, caused the beast master’s legs to involuntarily retreat. 


Still, he was confident in the strength of the maneaters.

The maneaters, descending with the force of a bird of prey, approaches above Ren’s head, maintaining a blinding speed.


The Maneaters opened their big mouth and roared.

It’s an attack of the highest speed and timing, which he cannot react to with certainty.


“Stay back.”

Ren muttered coldly and waved his iron magic sword above his head.

It was hard to see in the night, but the maneater’s wing membrane was sliced open and jet-black blood danced in the air.

The maneater circled erratically in midair and finally fell to the hilly earth.

Meanwhile, the horse driven by Ren doesn’t change its momentum in the slightest and heads straight for the beast master.

The maneater who fell behind came crawling back, but Ren didn’t seem to care.

“Burn ……! Burn them down!”

Hearing his master’s voice, the other maneater breathes fire.

The night winds momentarily turned into heat waves and poured down on Ren from far above.

(Run away ……!)

The only way to escape the heat wave is to go to the side of the beast master.

The power in the hand that pulls on the reins is strong.

“Kuhahaha! I hope you burn up!” 

“This is…..!”

We won’t make it in time. The heat wave is too fast.

Just when I was about to give up.

“Run …… I’ll protect you ……!”

Licia held one hand up to the heavens and covered the horse’s head with a veil of white light.

The veil was soon cracked, though the fire that arrived at almost the same time was blocked by it.


Then Licia’s body shook violently.

Soon the veil shatters like thin ice covering a winter puddle.

The fire was contained just in time.


The beast master marvels once more.

In the air, the maneater was shaking his shoulders in pain.

“Licia! Thank you very much —-.”

That was when Ren finally realizes everything that has happened to Licia’s body.


She used too much magic and she wasn’t in the best condition.


Licia, perhaps noticing Ren’s anxious look, turned around suddenly. She looked pained, but smiled stoutly.

“Never mind. Don’t worry about me….!”

Even so, it is dangerous to continue using magic power.

But Licia herself has no intention of stopping.

If she stopped using her sacred magic, they would both die.

“I see…. the power of the saint, sacred magic! Is that what caused Ren Ashton’s change……?”

The large rock where the demon beast master was waiting approaches.

Ren clenched the iron sword and stares intently ahead.

“I’m convinced that’s the case! Fufufu …… I’m surprised!”

“Keep being amazed! I’ll finish you off!”

Soon, the horse kicked the earth and leaped.

Reaching the top of a large rock, Ren raised his iron magic sword and —-

“This is the end—- beast master!”

The iron magic sword flashed from the neck of the beast master to his chest and then to his abdomen.

But it was shallow.

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