Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Prince Kurobuta meets his nemesis.

A “villainous character” is one who opposes the protagonist in a story and becomes a hated character.

There are a wide range of variations, such as an alien with a fighting strength of 530,000 who boasts extraordinary fighting power {TN: A dragonball reference}, or a good-looking character who makes you wonder if you’re truly the hero. They can be as good-looking as the protagonist, or they can even have a sob story to tell.

In “Final Quest”, villains are also given great importance and are explored with great care.

Lionetta, one of the “Four Demon Generals,” is such a villainous character.

In “Final Quest”, Lionetta used her powerful illusion magic to manipulate Brad and other important people in various places, causing many tragedies. Considering her actions, she is certainly a diabolical person.

However, there was actually a reason for her to join the Demon King’s army.

To put it simply, it was for the sake of her sister.

Lionetta’s sister is currently in a state of suspended animation, under a powerful curse due to some complicated circumstances, and is in a state of eternal sleep.

Lionetta knows that only the Demon King can lift the curse, so she is cooperating with the Demon King’s army under the agreement that the curse will be lifted after he awakens.

In fact, she doesn’t even know that the curse that’s destroying her sister is a deliberate plot by Beelzebub to take advantage of Lionetta.

Of course, Brad is also aware of Lionetta’s background.

This is why he chose to track down the werewolf lord and contact Lionetta, even though he knew he would not stand a chance in a direct confrontation.

To try and negotiate with his nemesis, Lionetta.

(…… is she here?)

Brad frowned as he followed the werewolf lord Uru, with his excellent stealth skills.

It was at the royal palace that he arrived.

Normally, there are many court nobles and servants in Brad’s residence, but since it was the day of the Sword Dance Festival, the place was deserted.

Uru ran like a gale through the palace grounds and made a huge leap onto the main building of the palace with such lightness that it seemed as if he had wings.

Brad too, maintained a safe distance as he ascended to the roof.

(There she is…)

As expected, he found his nemesis there.

The royal palace, already on a high hill, on its tallest main building, Lionetta overlooked the arena towering over the castle town.

It was a long way from here to the arena. Normally, she wouldn’t be able to watch the fight, but she must be using the sight-enhancing spell Eagle Eye.

The amount of vision that can be enhanced by the spell is proportional to the amount of magic power of the magician. For example, it is said that a wizard as powerful as Merlin, the “Great Sage,” can even see what’s going on in the neighboring town. I’m sure Lionetta can see a distance of that magnitude.

(…… Is she watching a match?)

Brad also strengthened his eyesight and turned to the arena, it seemed they were in the middle of Carol’s match.

It’s a sword fight with terrible destructive power.

Carol’s swordsmanship was so strong that it couldn’t be imagined from her beautiful and delicate body, and she throws the players off the stage one after another as if it were a runaway train.

(Just as expected…)

It’s not as if she’s a threat now that she doesn’t have the power of darkness in addition to being in the Demon King’s army, unlike in Final Quest, but she’s still a head taller than the average person. I’m sure she’ll make it through the qualifying round without a problem.

It was when I returned my gaze to Lionetta with such thoughts in mind.

“Oh…… you’re still alive?”

 Lionetta notices Uru and makes an astonished expression

“I’d like to ask you a few questions about that…”

Uru stood on the spot with a rugged face and knelt down.

“Is it true that the reason why my brother went on a reckless rampage in this town is because you used illusion magic to manipulate him?”

After being thrown a straight ball by Uru and being silent for a while, Lionetta sighs annoyed “What’s that?”

“that’s right?”

And then she said so, with no hesitation.

Uru’s shoulders shivered.

“Was it part of some operation? Was it part of a strategy to get rid of Brad von Pistel and the Seven Heroes?”

His brother didn’t die in vain, there was a meaning to his death, as if he wanted to believe that, Uru asks with an earnest expression.


“If anything, your strength was just right. The only ones who could defeat were you were the prince and that demonslayer. I just wanted to know if there were anyone else strong enough to defeat you guys in the royal capital. See, you don’t want my plans to be interrupted, do you?”

“So you’re saying that my brother was just bait to expose an enemy we haven’t seen yet?”

Uru quietly asks.

His voice which sounded like something that was being squeezed out began to tremble.

“Oh, so you do understand. You’re pretty smart for a beast, aren’t you. But your brother was really incompetent, wasn’t he? The Prince took his head with just one sword swing. Thanks to him, I couldn’t even measure the enemy’s strength. Well, it wasn’t a bad show for a pathetic clown considering the way he died.”

At the moment Lionetta chuckled in amusement,

“You!!! Aaaaaaah!”

The werewolf’s roar of rage echoed through the air.

A huge amount of magic power exploded from Uru’s body and the air trembled due to its influence.


Immediately after, Uru takes full advantage of his beastman strength, jumps like a bullet with almost zero preliminary action and attacks Lionetta.

However, when he thought that his sharp claws had caught Lionetta, Lionetta’s figure became a shadow and disappeared like a phantom shadow.

“Oh, don’t you think it’s terrible to attack me out of the blue like that?”

When such words were uttered from Lionetta’s lips, She had divided herself into a total of ten and completely surrounded Uru.

“Multiple Shadow Avatars”.

This is a type of illusionary magic of the seventh rank that creates many alter egos using shadows.

In the battles of Final Quest, there are several patterns to Lionetta’s attacks. One of them is the attack pattern where she develops her shadow alters. I remember it well because I’ve played the game many times.

“Don’t you dare say that!”

Uru roars again and at the same time attacks Lionetta’s alter egos, kicking and slashing them one after another with his sharp claws.

With a single blow, the alter ego turned into a shadow and disappeared, its number gradually decreasing. However, when the number was reduced to half.

Each of the remaining alter egos created countless shadow blades in the air, shaped like daggers, and pointed their cutting edges straight at Uru.

“Shadow Dagger Rain!”

Immediately after. A total of over 100 shadow blades are fired at Uru.

Uru quickly notices and takes evasive action, but the number of blades is too large to deal with. Some blades cut Uru’s body.

 Roaring Screams

Uru bleeds fresh blood from his whole body, which was struck by the blades, and almost falls to his knees.

But somehow he managed to hold his ground and look up.

“The four demon generals are no big deal. I once had a fight with my brother and was beaten. This is nothing compared to it.”

 Brad narrowed his eyes when he heard Uru’s bold and strong words.

(…… No, it’s not the end.)

In the case of this attack pattern, Lionetta’s attack should still have one move left in it. 

That follow-up attack is the decisive finishing blow in this attack pattern. Engage the target with an alter ego, shoot the 7th level magic “Dark Dagger Rain” from all directions, and then attack from behind.

That attack is the decisive finishing blow in this attack pattern.

In the next moment, the girl doll on Lionetta’s shoulder suddenly appeared behind Uru, and with a dagger in her hand, she approached Uru from behind.

A moment later–

(……I can’t let that happen)

Finally, Brad jumped out of the shadows.

Then he came between Uru and the doll, deflected the sword that was thrust just in time, and it bounced away.

Both Lionetta and Uru looked at Brad wide-eyed

“Why are you here?”

“Oh, you scared me. I’m surprised you’re here. It’s not every day that a target shows up on his own, is it?”

The moment the two of them said their words, Lionetta dispelled her alter egos and became alone, and the doll returned to Lionetta’s shoulder.

After all, Brad was Lionetta’s target in the first place.

“I’m not sure if I should say it’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I don’t feel that way because I’ve been watching you from afar.”

“I don’t feel like I’ve never seen you before either.”

Brad glanced at the doll on Lionetta’s shoulder and shrugged.

I’ve fought Lionetta every time I’ve played the game. She was a character I liked, both her appearance and background.

 In my previous life, she was my favorite villain character. In this life, she’s my sworn enemy. It was the first time I met Lionetta, and I stared at her for a while.

“Even so, isn’t he a fellow member of the Demon King army? That last attack was meant to kill, right?”

Brad asked casually, and Lionetta shrugged, narrowing her eyes with a somewhat amused expression.

“I think you are misunderstanding something, but it was this beast that bared its fangs at me. He can’t complain about being killed. It shouldn’t matter to you if the enemy splits up. It’s more like a win-win situation, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Brad von Pistel… it’s none of your business. Stay back until I kill this bitch.”

Brad shakes his head while Uru, who is full of scars, tells him to stay out of it.

“I’m afraid you’re no match for Lionetta now.”

Uru and Lionetta are literally too different in level. In this world that closely resembles the Final Quest, the difference in level is directly related to the difference in ability. Unless you have special knowledge like Brad, the result of the battle will be the same as your basic level.

Uru wanted to deny it but in the end, he stayed silent, depressed bitterly.

If Brad hadn’t stepped in when he did, he would have undoubtedly been killed.

“Ara! You said that beast was no match for me, but you can defeat me?”

“I don’t know, it’s a close call.”

Brad replied with a generous smile, and Lionetta narrowed her eyes in disapproval, but then quickly smiled wryly.

“Then let’s try ……, shall we?”

Lionetta’s voice was quiet, but the terrifying magic power that could kill people by itself rose like steam from her whole body.

Even as the magic power washes over him, Brad does not falter.

“I try to refrain from fighting as much as possible, I actually want to talk to you regarding the deal you made with Beelzebub about your sister.”

I went straight to the point right away.

Lionetta then looks at Brad in shock with a quizzical face.

“What… what are you saying?”

She asked as though she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Your sister is now in eternal sleep by a powerful curse. That’s why you’re cooperating with the demon king’s army to awaken the demon king so he can lift the curse on your sister. That was the deal you made with Beelzebub right?”

When Brad clearly strikes the core, Lionetta’s eyes widen, but immediately responds with a calm voice.

“So what if there was such a deal. What about it? Are you saying you can help my sister?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Brad immediately affirmed.

“I will help your sister. So stop assisting the Demon King’s army.”

Brad was able to say this confidently because he had already completed “Final Quest” including the sub-quests.

However, because it was so sudden…

Lionetta looks astonished again, but immediately shakes her head.

Then, with a lonely smile that seems to have given up on everything, her body immediately overflows with terrifying magical power.


Immediately after. A myriad of shadow hands, which stretched from Lionetta’s feet with tremendous force, entwined Brad’s entire body and restrained him.

“Help me? Can you please not say that? I hate hypocrites who irresponsibly say what they can’t do. I’ve already prepared a show for you and I’m going to kill you.”

When Lionetta oozes murderous intent, the squeezing by the shadow’s hand suddenly increases.

The force was stronger than he had ever felt, and if he were an ordinary person, his bones would have shattered and the internal organs would have burst.

(I can’t believe it)

Lionetta tried every way in the past to save her sister and failed at everything. As a result, she is relying on the power of the demon King.

Even if he offered to help, she had no reason to believe him.

“It’s natural to doubt. But as a prince, I’m responsible for the words I speak. Can you just listen to my words first?”

A bewitching smile spread on Lionetta’s face as she begins to laugh loudly. Then she suddenly stopped laughing and looked straight at him.

“Ignorance is a sin. You may not understand it as a child, but there are things that can and cannot be done in the world.”

She continued with a cold expression、

” In the first place. don’t you think you should worry more about the people of this country and the people you care about than others?”

“Worry about the people and loved ones?”

Lionetta laughs happily when she sees Brad frowning.

“Yes. As I said earlier, I have prepared a fun show for you today. The whole country will be dyed in beautiful crimson red… Such a wonderful show. It’s a special festival. After this, please enjoy the show. “

After saying so, Lionetta loosened the restraint on the shadow’s hand..

And it sinks into her shadow.

It seems that the few people who remained in the palace are beginning to notice the commotion and it will be difficult to escape if reinforcements come by.

“Well, if you can protect everything, then I will listen to your bullshit. But that would be impossible.”

“Wait! I’m not done talking…”

Lionetta completely sunk into the shadows before he could finish his sentence.


(Seems it’s not going to be easy after all)

After Lionetta leaves, Brad takes a deep breath.

I had barely taken measures before meeting her due to the whole situation being urgent. But maybe I’m just lucky to be alive.

(But … what is she planning?)

If Lionetta’s words are true, my loved ones are in danger today. If so, I want to avoid it somehow.

(What can I do?)

I recall the behavior pattern of Lionetta in “Final Quest”.

While running her schemes through my head, one possible thing came to mind. It’s the one with the highest probability.

(I’ve been dealt a strong hand, but there aren’t enough pieces for countermeasures)

While I was still thinking, I saw Uru standing up with his body still bloody. He tried walking but ended up wobbling around. He seemed to be alive for the time being but had suffered considerable damage.

Brad spoke with a calm voice.

“If you’re going to confront Lionetta again, I suggest you don’t. No matter how hard you try, you can’t beat her.”

“Then what do you expect me to do? I’m not going to run away with my tailed tucked between my legs.”

Brad shut up, receiving the hateful gaze head-on and feeling Uru’s hatred and determination to fight Lionetta.

Then he suddenly came up with an idea.

“Then… will you cooperate with me?”

I said.

“Cooperate… with you?”

Uru tilted his head in confusion.

“Yes… Hopefully I can give Lionetta a run for her money.”

Brad grinned.

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