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Chapter 14: The determination of a certain cat tribe

 Time has passed since Brad began leveling in the labyrinth.

 It was as expected

 The Orichalcum Snakes are so good that my level increases as soon as they’re defeated, they even drop valuable items, and endlessly respawn in this labyrinth. It was only natural that Brad, a lifelong gamer in his previous life, would lose track of time and become immersed in the hunt.

 And although this world is very similar to the game “Final Quest”, it’s not a game but a real reality.

 Levels are directly linked to your strength, and if you get a valuable item, it becomes your property. With that in mind, the addictiveness of Orichalcum snake hunting isn’t comparable to games. After all, the act of making my real self stronger and stronger comes with indescribable pleasure like that of becoming a millionaire.

 Brad was now in a constant state of adrenaline and hunted Orichalcum Snakes from morning till night.

 At first, I used the level scouter every time I hunted a few Orichalcum snakes, to check my level and immerse myself in the pleasure, but gradually I stopped doing so. As I continued to level, I entered a kind of zone state where I wanted to raise my level as much as possible, and not even the time to check my level was spared.

 Every day in the labyrinth was extremely simple.


 When my hunger reaches its limit, boil or roast the monsters to fill my stomach, when I reach the limit of drowsiness, sleep like dead, otherwise hunt and hunt Orichalcum snakes like crazy. That was it.

 And while spending such monotonous but irresistible days for gamers, I noticed that one month had passed.


<Mina’s POV>

“We’re almost at his stronghold nya! Is everyone ready?”

 When Mina raised her voice from the front of the raiding party, the others nodded vigorously.

 Labyrinth Sky Mountain, 14th floor.

 A total of forty-eight cait sith warriors from the cat tribe formed a line and followed behind Mina. They were some of the best warriors of the Cat People who had gathered to defeat the Cyclops.

 After their one-month meticulous preparation period, today was the day of the decisive battle with the Cyclops, which would determine the fate of their race.

 Preliminary investigation revealed that the next level, level 15, was the Cyclops’ stronghold, so the tension in the team was already tense. All of the members of the subjugation team are fierce warriors, but even so, they all seem to be nervous and fidgety.

 This is understandable, considering the tragedy of the day the Cyclops arrived in their village.


 –That day, he suddenly appeared.

 Without any warning, just like a natural disaster, the monocular giant Cyclops with a thousand monsters under his control, visited the village of Mina and the cat race.

 He unilaterally said, “From today, the king of this village is me, and if you want to survive, give me a sacrifice for the Demon King.”

 Currently, the Demon King is in a dormant state.

 At the time of the previous war, he was defeated by the “seven heroes” including the “demon slayer” Glace Stresemann, and his power was greatly reduced.

 This is the reason why monsters under the Demon Lord’s command are now hiding in various parts of the continent in order to awaken the Demon Lord. The Cyclops’ demand for sacrifices is probably part of this, and he’s probably planning to use humans, who are a mass of highly pure magical power, as the foundation for awakening the Demon Lord.

 Of course, the Cat People didn’t want to be a part of the Demon King’s awakening, nor did they want to sacrifice their friends. So the village rejected Cyclops’ request and chose to fight the monocular giant.

 At that time, it was a young man of the village who lead the fight with the cyclops, he was Mina’s father, who was famous for being the strongest warrior in the village.

 However, her father, who was so strong that he was called the hero of the cat people, was completely outmatched by Cyclops, who was one of the executives under “Four Demon Generals” of the Demon King’s army.


Her father was instantly defeated by the overwhelming power of the Cyclops, and together with her mother, who was defending him, the giant easily took their lives.

 It happened in an instant.

 The overwhelming power of the cyclops wipes away her father and mother who protect each other like garbage. Even now, months later, Mina dreams of the tragedy of that day.

 And every time, she was struck by her powerlessness knowing she couldn’t do anything about it.

(… I can never lose)

 But that ends today.

 For the sake of my father, mother, and the people of the village who sacrificed their lives, and for the sake of the future of the village, I will not let the Cyclops do what it wants anymore. We must defeat it today and end this nightmare.

Mina takes a deep breath and regains her spirit,

“You can’t win if you don’t relax your shoulders.”

 It was Mina’s three years older cousin Yugurd who called out to her.

  After her parents died, Mina became the young leader of the village at the age of 15, and Yugurdo is a kind-hearted young man who assists Mina, who lacks strength, experience, and everything else.

“Don’t worry. we’ve talked and prepared carefully to subdue him this day. The best of the Cat People are here. If we work together, we can win..” (Yugurd)

“Yeah … that’s right nya.”

 Mina was always helped by him because he was so sensitive and caring.

 Encouraged by Yugurd’s smile, Mina manages to recover her smile.

 The worry hasn’t disappeared yet.

 But as Yugurd says, we’ve prepared as much as we can for this subjugation. And there are many reliable friends, including Yugurd with me. There is a gap in power between us and the Cyclops,  but there is a chance of winning.

(It’s okay … it’s okay)

 Mina told herself and struck her cheeks.

 I’m in command of this subjugation team. If I’m anxious, my anxiety will spread to my friends. I must be resolute.

 Despite Mina’s anxiety, the labyrinth capture went smoothly, and the subjugation team finally reached the 15th floor, which is the base of the cyclops.


 What appeared in their field of view was a solemn space that resembled a temple like that of the first floor.

 Most of the 15th level was made up of stones in ruins like this, and we already knew from our preliminary research that the Cyclops was using the depths of this space as its stronghold.

 The strike team was about to begin a careful search when…

“- What’s going on nya!?”

 Shortly after. Meena’s eyes widened at the sight before her.

 Immediately after entering the 15th level, there was a vast dome-shaped space. It was reminiscent of a Colosseum in Mungar, the empire of warriors, and a huge number of monsters were waiting for us.

 Goblins, Kobolds, Ogres-there were hundreds of monster swarms, centered around intelligent subhuman monsters.

“Why are there so many monsters? Aren’t they supposed to be out?”

 Many of the Cyclops’ subordinates today were supposed to visit the cat people’s village to pick up the sacrifices, and the security of this stronghold was supposed to be thin. That’s why I had purposely set today as the day to take him down, but I couldn’t understand why there were so many monsters.

Moreover, the monsters weren’t just there. They were armed and seemed to know that Meena and her team were coming.

 Just when Meena and her team were overwhelmed and confused by the swarm of monsters.

“–Gahahahahaha, you’re here! It’s late and I’m tired of waiting!”

 From the depths of the swarming monsters, a familiar, booming voice filled the labyrinth.

 On a throne-like seat, there was a monocular giant monster with a height of more than 10 meters, which boasts a huge body that Mina and her friends can look up at even when sitting down.

With a pale corpse-like body color, claws on its huge limbs, jagged and sharp fangs, a single horn protruding from the top of its bald head, all told us that it was not a human being, but a being belonging to the darkness.

“Thanks for the hard work… Did you think that you could outsmart me by dragging yourselves so far into the mountains to defeat me?”

 - a devil.

 Such words came out of its mouth. The monocular giant, Cyclops, gave off an extraordinary sense of intimidation.

  The mere sight of the huge monster was enough to make the team shrivel up, but Mina stepped in front of the subjugation party and spoke up bravely.

“How nya… how did you know we would be coming here today to defeat you? I’m pretty sure we didn’t tell anyone we were moving today!”

 Only some people with key positions in other countries who interact with the villagers know about today’s subjugation. I don’t think the cyclops has any ties to humans in the first place, so I couldn’t understand how the information was leaked.

 The cyclops laughed with his nose, glaring at the embarrassed Mina.

“Hmph, how stupid. I can see through all the shallow thinking of you stupid cats. You should have just sacrificed yourselves and become the foundation of the Demon Lord. But you decided to turn your fangs against this me, one of the four demon generals, what numbskulls,  I’ll have you open your eyes with some pain. “

“Ku … why”

 Mina clenches her teeth, but calms down.

 (I don’t know how the information was leaked, but it’s already leaked, and it’s pointless to think about it.)

 The only thing to consider now is how to overcome this situation. As the head of this subjugation team, Mina has to figure out how to overcome the desperate situation of being surrounded by the Cyclops and hundreds of monsters.

 But no matter how much I think about it, I can’t find such a method. It was because there was no other way that we set the date for today since there were supposed to be fewer monsters.

“Ku, if it was just the cyclopes … maybe it could be done.”

 When Mina grumbled regretfully, the Cyclopes burst out laughing.

“Idiot … what would have happened with this cyclops alone? Are you trying to make me laugh to death? If so, you’re quite the tactician. I didn’t know that the small and powerless cat people had such a sense of humor, Gahahahahaha! “

 The monsters under his control were also urged by the cyclopes to laugh, and an eerie laugh echoes throughout the labyrinth.

 “Not good!” Mina says noticing that the subjugation team is completely frozen by the atmosphere while being in the enemy’s land.

“… What’s so weird nya!? If  If you were enough alone, you wouldn’t be waiting with so many minions! You have such a big figure, but you didn’t have the confidence to win by yourself, did you?”

 Mina taunts him, but the Cyclops shrugs in a relaxed, composed manner, without getting upset.

“… Even if you’re strong, you should always prepare for irregulars. I don’t feel like losing to you little cats, but if you should bring one of the ” seven heroes “, even for this me, there’s a possibility of being defeated. I just kept that in mind. “

 Mina gulps in terror.

 She was reminded that the terrifying part of this monster is not just its mighty power but also its rationality.

(I can’t find a way to win …)

 There was no chance to attack it.

 Even though Cyclops alone was at the level of whether or not there was a chance to win, the Cyclops wasn’t arrogant in its strength and kept hundreds of subordinates at hand. If a large number of monsters attack, there would be no chance of winning for the subjugation team.

 As Mina clenched her teeth, wondering if all was lost…

“But……that’s fine, today I’ll deal with you alone.”

 The cyclops said as though he just thought of it, and wears an eerie smile.

 When Mina’s gaze turns suspicious about what he was saying, the Cyclops moves his gaze to her side in response.

  There was a ghastly eyeball – probably some kind of monster – floating in the air, looking around gloomily.

“Today, he is watching this place through the Evil Eye. It would be good entertainment for me to play with you.”

 The cyclops slowly rises from the throne, and the labyrinth shakes violently with just that movement, causing an earthquake.

 As the Cyclops snapped his jaws, and the hundreds of monsters under his command fell back in unison to make way for him.

 It seems that he really intends to fight alone.

(… Whatever the case thank goodness)

  I don’t know why the Cyclops suddenly showed such naivety. However, after creating such an overwhelming advantage, he dared to fight alone. I can only be grateful.

 When Mina put her hand on her sword and glanced behind her, her friends nodded powerfully as if they understood, and took up their weapons, ready for battle.

 A few seconds that felt infinite pass.

 The cyclops and the subjugation team glared at each other–

“–Come on, small fry”

 The ridicule of Cyclops signaled the start of the decisive battle that held the fate of the cat-human race.

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