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Chapter 41: The Power of the New Weapons

We were walking through the dimly lit mine. There was something noisy about the sound of crying bats and the steam cars. The members were five guards who had learned to use simple magic, Neil in the steam car, and one assistant. Finally, there was Vigna, who was in command, me, and Galatea.

Actually, Noel also wanted to come, but as expected, I declined. If we’re up against a wyvern, we never know what might happen if we’re not careful. One of the guards with a torch shouts out, as if he has discovered something.

"This is the corpse of a goblin, probably preyed upon by a wyvern.”

“Hmmm... I wonder if goblins taste good?”

"No, we don’t usually eat them...... but it had some effect when we made it into fertilizer.....would you like to try cooking it next time?"

Vigna and Galatea admonish me for my words, as if they were a little taken back.

“What are you talking about? You must be joking.....”

“I don’t think you should be doing that, Master."


Ugh... Somehow, living in Asgard makes me want to find out all sorts of things.

After I calmed down, I remembered you can't eat a monster that’s walking on two legs.

“Master, it looks like we've come to the territory. Please be careful."

The air, which had loosened a little, tensed up with Galatea's word. For a while, the development of the mine stopped because of these guys. We have to show them that Asgard is scary so they won't come back. 

“We'll do as we were trained to do. First, shine the light.”

"Light, on my arm!" 

With that single word, several feeble lights illuminate the mine. Oh, it's basic magic, and the skill level is still low, but I can't believe that a guard who’s not from the nobility of our territory can use magic! Ys-san's education is amazing! 

I can see about five wyverns lurking around, attracted by the lights. Then, at Vigna's command, the guards begin to move.

“Now, scatter the bait!”

The sudden light and scattered raw meat from the dragons' favorite livestock brings the wyverns that have been lurking toward us. I guess they've been hiding for a while and are starving. There are no good animals in the mine. And then, a shot rings out at once, signaled by Vigna's hand sign.

The wyverns are quick by nature, but they probably couldn't show their strength in the mine. The number of bullets was reduced rapidly because of the faster and more powerful bullets, and as an added bonus, a flower gun was released from the barrel of the steam car.

A Wyvern was struck with a roar and writhed on the ground.

“One more shot!”

“Roger that, sir. Let the battlefield bloom with blood! Flower gun!”

A guard sitting in the passenger seat immediately stuffs a round into the barrel, and a second shot is fired as a finishing blow. I mean, did you think of that snappy line?

Neil takes aim and is supported by a loading guard. This is Noel's idea of a shotgun for actual combat, which can fire continuously. They are wearing earplugs, by the way. I heard that the sound of firing inside a steam car is so bad. Which is worse, Bowman's snoring?

This was the final blow, and the wyverns were all killed.

“Good job everyone. Now I want you to take turns for a while and search for the rest of the wyverns!”

With these words, a shout of triumph rang out. The flower gun was performing reasonably well. If it hits, it will hit the mineral ants in their vital spots. Even if they’re still alive, we can shoot them at close range at their weakest point.

“You did it, Master. Will this work on the mineral ants?”

“Yes, I think it’ll work. It's just that there weren't as many of them this time. But I'm sure we've got a powerful force. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the Dwellers have to say. How are those two doing?"


“Well, they feel hopeful along with excitement. It's not a bad feeling, so I don't think we'll have a problem."

As I look at Vigna, who is happy with the soldiers. I ask how Ein and the others who have been secretly observed by Galatea are doing. Well, if Galatea says there’s no problem, then it must be fine. I couldn’t tell if they were spies for my brother when I checked them out at the World Library. They seem to have some ideas. 

All we have to do is ask Chris for some food and other goods for the expedition and we'll be on our way. I hope it works out like this against the mine ants.

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