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Chapter 38

“A private school ……?”

I asked in response to Ys-san’s words. In the capital, there are people who teach various things to the nobles, but it’s rare to hear them teach anything to the commoners. It’s not a good way to make money, and the nobles might stare at you and tell you not to do anything unnecessary.

But it’s possible in Asgard, where the power of the nobility is still not so influential. And wouldn’t it be quite amazing if my “World Library” could nurture and develop the strengths of those who have talent? I mean, it’d be helpful if other worlds had something similar.

“Schools and cram schools would be a good example.』

The “World Library” answers my question and information about schools spreads in my brain.


A school is an institution where educators provide education to children, students, pupils, etc., in an organized, systematic and continuous manner for a specific purpose and in a fixed place, using certain teaching materials. It may be compulsory education, etc., and all children may attend.


I see…… so in essence it’s a facility where one teacher teaches a number of students and in some cases all the children, so it must be a state institution or something. If that were possible, the level of knowledge of the Asgardian citizens would go through the roof. On the condition that it can be done, though: 

“Having said that, there are many challenges. First of all, we’ll need personnel who can teach things, wages for those people, and teaching materials. And if we don’t show the usefulness of a private school, there’ll be no one who will enter. Because it’ll be taking away labor force…..”

Ys-san must have anticipated my point, because she nodded her head in agreement.

“Yes, you’re right. As for the teachers, I’ll be teaching on my days off at first, and I would be grateful if you would lend me your office space. Of course, I promise that it’ll not interfere with your original job offer of teaching magic.”

“I think that’s realistic. Also, there are a wide range of subjects to study, aren’t there? Ys-san, I’d like to ask you to teach general education such as reading and writing. I’ll also check with the people in the area to see if they can teach agriculture, carpentry, and other specialized subjects.”

We’re going to create opportunities to learn. It would be better, then, to create opportunities to learn about a variety of fields. Some people have the potential to awaken their skills, and some people are good at what they do.

If you increase the opportunities to be exposed to what they are good at as much as possible, the possibility of awakening their skills will increase. This country has a good education system for soldiers and other combat positions, but the rest of the country is completely inadequate. That’s why Asgard can gain an advantage over other countries if it starts education.

“Thank you very much. That alone would be very helpful. Of course, I’ll bear the cost of the educational materials and the rest, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Are you going to throw away your personal fortune? Fortunately, the Asgardian economy is booming at the moment, so we’ll bear the costs as an upfront investment. Of course, we’ll determine if it is suitable for your education.”

“Oh, Really…. thank you.”

I’m the one surprised by the unexpected words. No, no, no, we’ll at least bear the initial investment. …… Why is this person so eager and putting so much enthusiasm into education? 

I may ask her when we get to know each other better. With the conversation settled, I hand her the materials I had prepared.

“I’m glad to hear that you’re convinced. Then, I’ll ask Ys-san to first teach magic to the guards who have an aptitude for magic.”

“Yes, of course. But I’d heard earlier that there were no nobles….. how did you narrow down the candidates?”

“Oh, there are many ways to do that……”

I’ll muddle through Ys-san’s most obvious question. You generally don’t know your aptitude for magic until you’ve done some traning. How do you know that when you haven’t even trained? It’s natural to wonder.

I’m not going to tell her that my “World Library” targets humans as well. This is kind of a secret I have.

“Grace-sama has a good eye for people. He saw through a lot of things about me too.”

“No, I don’t think that’s the problem…..”

While looking dubious about Noah’s weird follow-up, Ys-san seems to be willing to not pursue the matter for now. And so the story goes on.

I wonder if all the preparations are done.

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